Writing Process For Kids

The Writing Process by Kim Kautzer 1. Brainstorm Brainstorming gets your ideas flowing so you can write. Never skip this important step! There are many ways to brainstorm. Make lists, mind-maps, charts, Venn diagrams, writing clusters, outlines, etc. 2. Write a rough draft It does not have to be neat—just make sure it’s readable. Be … [Read more…]

World Trade Center Crumbles

Dateline: 9/19/01 by Richard W. Schmertzing, Ed.D and Lorraine C. Schmertzing, Ed.D The dramatic and tragic events of the last few days are so horrible that we might like to shield our children from them. But with an event of such magnitude, it is impossible to do so. Though we may not be able to … [Read more…]