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Garden Projects For Kids – Homeschooling botany

Botany and environment projects for children and youth.

For kids to learn to love gardening, working in a garden shouldn’t be a chore but instead a quality time family project.

A Beginner’s Vegetable Garden
If you’re a beginner vegetable gardener, remember this: It’s better to be proud of a small garden than to be frustrated by a big one!

Alphabet Garden at Hayes Valley Farm
As you plant your garden, label each plant with their names and see if you have the full alphabet there. Take photos, and make a blog showing each.

Sleepy Cat enjoys napping near herbs.Best Gardening’s Kids’ Pages
Garden projects for kids who live in the Southern Hemisphere, as this site is in New Zealand.

Bottle Composting
Build a see-through compost pile in soda bottles. Easier to watch what goes on than in a bigger compost pile.

Camp Internet Global Garden Project
Understanding the Spring Equinox. Planting your spring garden. Planting by phases of the moon and more.

Canadian Gardening – Gardening with Kids
All sorts of projects and things to study while out in your garden.

Children in the garden
At the end of the day, (even though Mom had done 99% of the work…) we would always stand back, together, to admire how beautiful “OUR” garden looked!

The Edible Schoolyard: Culinary Lessons
Use our garden and kitchen, and classroom lessons and recipes to plan activities with students at home or at school. Download and print the Lesson Toolkit, which contains all the lessons in one document, or select individual lessons from the list.

Fibonacci Numbers and Nature NEW
Probably most of us have never taken the time to examine very carefully the number or arrangement of petals on a flower. If we were to do so, several things would become apparent. First, we would find that the number of petals on a flower is often one of the Fibonacci numbers.

Flower Pots With Ice Cream & “Dirt”
Perfect for that garden party when your garden is all in bloom and you’ve invited your friends over to see, serve them this treat!

Fun Projects
Long list of project ideas for young people with what they can do with their gardens and the plants produced there.

Gardening in Containers
With some creative thinking and recycled materials from baskets to old shoes, kids can design special theme plantings, entice butterflies and other insect visitors, or create products such as hanging fragrance gardens or “patriotic” baskets to sell or donate.

Great Corn Adventure
Fun Flash site that will help you learn more about this abundant food crop.

Great Plant Escape
Six mysteries of the Green Life to solve while you acquire a green thumb.

Growing Bulbs
Fall is the time to get spring-blossoming bulbs in the ground. You’ll know for sure that spring has arrived when the bulbs turn into flowers.

Hotbeds and Cold Frames
Have some old windows around? Turn them into a hotbed or a cold frame with directions here provided by the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service.

How to Build a PVC Hoophouse
An unheated PVC hothouse can be a useful addition to the garden. A young girl and her parent show you how easy it is.

How To Grow A California Avocado House Plant
The seed of the avocado makes a lovely house plant. It will never bear fruit. The leaves are poisonous, so keep this away from pets and small children.

How to Make a Butterfly Garden
Offer them flowers with the nectar they prefer, provide the females with a place to lay eggs, puddles for drinking water, and warm rocks on which to sun themselves.

The Jug Heads
All it takes is a little water and sun to entice this family to put down roots in your backyard.

Miniature Garden for Children
How to make a little scene with living plants and toy house, fences and toy animals.

My First Garden
Giving your child his or her own miniature flower garden provides the right balance of big dreams and little tasks.

Plant Projects with Kids
Parents who want to develop kids’ interest in gardening can begin with some plant projects that are just plain fun.

Soda Bottle Terrariums
Here’s a fun messy project that will delight you for many days.

Stepping Stones
This is an activity that is tons of fun and a great avenue for creativity, but adult supervision is definitely needed.

Sweet Potato Vine
Place the sweet potato in a container of water. Keep the top 1/3 of the potato exposed by placing toothpicks into the sides. The pointed end should be down in the water. In a few weeks a vine with several stems will begin to sprout.

Window Boxes
Plan out your window box with this interactive site. You’ll then knowhow it could look when you decide to build a real one.

Winter Gardening Activities for Kids
Here are some ideas from the American Association of Nurserymen to get you started thinking about indoor gardening projects for your family, scout troop, or other youth group. I’m sure you’ll come up with others.

Dancing Flower Graphic from Sunny Bunniezz flower page.


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  1. […] We are fortunate to have a backyard swimming pool we call our “chemistry experiment.” Scott has learned to do the water analysis and add the proper chemicals to “balance” the pH of the water so that algae will not grow. The reward is having friends over a lot for lazy afternoons swimming. The boys “pay me” by helping out with the garden surrounding the pool. Tired of the water? Clip away at the hedge for awhile! Always something needs upkeep outside in the summer, or other garden fun. […]

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