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Art Curriculum For Kids

Sites to buy art curriculum and craft supplies for kids.

Advice about Art Curriculum
Curriculum for Learning Art at Home

Advice about Art Materials

Art Materials Guideline
There are unique factors associated with the use of art curriculum and craft materials by children that may increase health risks and should be considered in evaluating the suitability of products for use.

Hidden Hazards: Health Impacts of Toxins in Polymer Clays
These clays are not safe for children or pregnant women.

Curriculum for Learning Art at Home

Artistic Pursuits
We provide an art curriculum for children in grades 4-12. This curriculum varies from other programs because we encourage students to explore the creative process and work from direct observation rather than copying out of a book.

A sequential and interactive art teaching approach that supports 1 to 1:15 hours of video-based visual art training per week for ages 4 – 15 throughout the year.

Close Up J.Paul Getty Card Game
Discover art of the great museums of the world as you play 5 fun card games, including “Memory,” “Old Maid,” and 2 new matching games for children of different ages.

Creativity Express
At Madcap Logic, we create experiences that foster independent thought and self expression, using a unique blend of animated storytelling and activities that take complex concepts and make them fun to learn and easy to understand.

Draw to Learn
A series helps students internalize truths from God’s Word. Homeschooling families, art teachers, and Bible students of any age can develop their artistic talent while learning from the Scriptures.

Draw Your World
Combine drawing, elementary research and writing for your young artist through these lesson ideas. Free sample.

Gordon School of Art
New Masters: A revolutionary new art curriculum adapted from the drawing and painting methods of the European masters of the 17th and 19th centuries.

Henne’s Drafting and Art Supply
Discounted premium art products. Classes and art gallery available in their Ohio store.

KidsArt Store
Need a book on how to draw? Looking for some child-safe paints? Thinking about a unit on ancient Egypt or Rome? You’ve come to the right place.

Mr. McGroovy’s Box Rivets
Inexpensive plastic connectors that make building fantastic cardboard creations quick and simple. Check out the “how to” plans or create your own cardboard creations.

Songs in the Key of Art
Fun, kid friendly music about artists and art. I’m an elementary art teacher and I use them in my classroom all the time.

RAFT Hands-On Kits
Educational kits of recycled material to make a wide variety of craft projects related mostly to science, and math. Available in packages to make one or ten. Also available at their stores in San Jose and Sacramento, CA, and in Denver, CA. (Those in rural areas will appreciate this site.)

Teach Art at Home
Here at Masterpiece Art Instruction, we want to make learning to draw as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Visual Manna Online
Homeschool family offers ways to link art and other subjects through their online lessons, seminars, camps, and materials for purchase.

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