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Top 10 Best Selling Homeschool Books sold and kept during Q2 – April – June, 2017.

Here’s a list of recommended books about homeschooling, chosen by your Homeschooling Guide for their outstanding features and editorial excellence. VKidz is a participant in the USA and the Canadian Amazon Associates Programs.

Most also have Kindle editions, but not all. The Kindle links are usually for the US site, unless labeled otherwise.

Thank you for buying new homeschool books. The authors, usually homeschool parents, only get royalties for new books sold.

Best Books On Home Schooling

Writing Your Own Script, by Corin Goodwin

Writing Your Own Script, by Corin Goodwin

Does your gifted or 2e child have enough friends? What qualifies as “enough”? Whom should they be friends with and how can they keep those friends? Parents of gifted and 2e kids are often faced with these concerns. We want our children to have fulfilling social lives, as well as intellectual ones, but when...
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