Free Language Arts Curriculum

Take care not to spend so much that you can’t change course while you take time to plan for the future. Take advantage of these opportunities to borrow materials or to get some free supplies outright.

This page has links to physical materials you may send away for. Free material that is available online is under the relevant page elsewhere on A to Z Home’s Cool. Use the site index or search engine above to find free internet resources.

Free Curriculum and Field Trips
A sortable database for free curriculum and field trip ideas.

Free Spanish Lessons
Right here on A to Z Home’s Cool! 13 lessons in conversational Spanish, with pictures and sound to help you learn fast! Send for CD sample of more lessons.

Arthur Teacher Guides
There are a number of Arthur teacher guides available both online and in print.

FunFelt Storyteller Sample
Please click on “Felt Sample & Info” to request a small printed felt sample or other information from someone in my FunFelt Team of local Independent Story Teller Consultants.

Libraries on the Web
Directory of US public libraries with web sites. Often you can put books on reserve from the website.

Borrow books online before you buy. Catch is, you have to return them in two weeks, the software sees to that.

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