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Movie and Television Show Lesson Plans

Lesson Plans based on TV and Movies

Teaching Tip: We get Netfix and we turn on subtitles for everything. Then we turn the sound pretty low. It’s better for our hearing and great for reading skills. It’s a lot like reading a script. I also think it helps my son with social skills, since we use pause a lot, and he loves to repeat favorite lines. Also, sometimes actors mumble over something and with subtitles we always know exactly what they are saying and how to spell it.

My son also loves to draw pictures with titles. Certain movies, like “Lord of the Rings” or Dino documentaries have lots of strange words and I love to see how they are spelled. My son & I are very visual.

Chandra W.

Media Awareness

Comparing Real Families to TV Families
In this lesson, students learn how the media construct reality by studying the families portrayed on television, and comparing them to the real-life families they know: their own, and those of their peers.

Introducing Visual Literacy
This lesson plan introduces students to the idea that visual images can be read and interpreted, and that they can become literate in media as well as text. It is meant to be an introduction to approaching visual literacy, either as a separate unit of study or as an ongoing perspective on films and images viewed throughout the school year.

Free Lessons for Specific Shows

Crime Scene Investigation KIDS
Forensics is the application of science to solving crimes, and scientists are getting really good at it. A Unit Study.

Disney Movie Lesson Plans
Teachers have reviewed and rated over 250 lesson plans based on Disney movies.

Movies: A Resource for Homeschooling Parents
Some of the movies mentioned in this article are appropriate only for older students; others have uncut versions and family-friendly versions. Please preview any title before showing it to your family.

Materials for following along with Public Broadcasting System’s programs online or on your TV.

Resources to Buy

Teach With Movies
Your children will learn while being entertained by some of the best movies ever made. Watch films recommended by TeachWithMovies as a family and talk briefly about the events they portray. Your family’s set of shared experiences will increase. Screen time will change from a passive void to a learning experience.

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