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Enki Homeschooling Curriculum


Enki Education
Enki Education offers a unique and innovative way to approach living and learning, parenting and educating.


And what about The Map Man?
See blog for November 19, 2006. He’s also turning into a homeschooling super-dad. Since we started working with Enki Education, he’s been following the same daily rhythms with the kids on the weekend that I do with them during the week.

Blissful Bee
Another thread that is really important to us and will definitely be included in our Enki Web activity is the importance of self-directed play and it’s roll in self regulation, calming, and introspection.

Jacob’s Journey
Jacob is 6 years old. He loves reading, music, sports, walking in the woods, riding his pony, and playing with his brother. He has a beautiful smile, a hearty laugh, and an appetite for adventure. He also has Autism. This blog is to document our journey on the road to remediation using the Enki methodology and philosophy.

Mama Muse
Get outdoors! However sleep deprived/ cranky/ irritable we are, things go so much more smoothly for us when we’re out in nature, and what better classroom is there?

Tina’s Realm
My children are my life and I am very committed to being home with them and doing whatever I can to enrich their lives and also to help bring in extra money for our family so I can continue to stay home, while at the same time feeding that strong need within me to make a difference in my community and the world.

Tree of Life Homeschool
We’re Enki homeschoolers and just beginning our journey. This is a personal scrapbook, a way for us to connect with other Enki homeschoolers, and most importantly, we figured this was the best way to keep doting grandparents and curious friends and relations involved.


Enki Education
Enki: teaching all academics through the arts in a Global Cultures Curriculum for the homeschool and classroom. A Facebook group.

Enki Homeschool Experience
Are you curious about what Enki Education looks like in the home? You’ve come to the right place! All homeschoolers are welcome to join us in exploring the ins and outs of fitting this wonderful method into our lives and enriching our families. Please come share your homeschool experiences, or ask questions if you’re still exploring.

Enki Speaks: Break Divisive Godspell: Ancient Anthopology Revised
Zecharia Sitchin’s revolutionary proofs of the history of our solar system and on hybridization experiments on Earth focus on the period 500,000 years ago until 2023 B.C.

Unofficial Enki Inspired Homeschool
This is a place for parents using Enki homeschool curriculum to share ideas and support one another. This is not moderated by an Enki developer or staff member and is unaffiliated with the company.


HomeSchoolReviews.com Enki Education Curriculum Reviews
We have been working with the Enki Kindergarten curriculum and are thrilled. We were first attracted to Enki because of its focus on movement and sensory integration but soon discovered that we love everything Enki!


What is Boredom?
.mov version. What could it be in a world of possibilities? Just another word for disconnection. Enki education is connecting to the world around us. [.wmv version]

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