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Newfoundland Home School Laws

Newfoundland & Labrador Code For Homeschooling

This is not intended to be legal advice and is distributed for information purposes only. Check for updates at your public library.


Compulsory attendance – 6 (on or by December 31) and on September 1 is younger than 16 years of age.





SNL1997 CHAPTER S – 12.2








1999 c34; 2000 c32; 2001 c14





Compulsory attendance

4. (1) A person who

(a) is entitled under subsection 3(1) to an education program in a school year;

(b) on December 31 in a school year is 6 years of age or older; and

(c) on September 1 in a school year is younger than 16 years of age

shall attend a school for the entire school year.



Excused from attendance

5. Notwithstanding section 4, a student is excused from attending a school where the student,

(c) with the prior written approval of the director, is under instruction satisfactory to the director, at home or elsewhere, for a period specified by the director;

(d) has the written permission of the principal to be absent from school for a reasonable period because, in the opinion of the principal and in accordance with the policy of the board, the student will be exposed to other experiences of significant educational and social value;



Home instruction

6. (1) A parent of a student may provide, at home or elsewhere, instruction for that student where the student is excused from attending a school under paragraph 5(c).

(2) A student who is excused from attending school underparagraph 5(c) shall be enrolled under section 15.



Home instruction approval

7. The period for which a student may be excused from attending a school under paragraph 5(c)

(a) shall be valid for no longer than a school year; and

(b) may be renewed upon application to the director each school year.



Compulsory enrolment

15. (1) A parent of a child required to attend school undersection 4 shall present that child for enrolment in a school.




16. A parent shall ensure that his or her child attends school unless the child is excused from attendance under this Act.



It appears to me that it may be possible for families to form small private schools, especially if one parent holds a teaching certificate or license, or such a teacher runs a cottage school or independent study program with other homeschool parents as helpers.

Private schools

43. (1) A person may, with the prior written permission of the minister, establish and operate a private school in the province.

(2) A person proposing to establish a private school shall provide to the minister

(a) the name of the person who will own or operate the private school;

(b) the purpose for which the private school is to be established;

(c) a description of the classes and education programs to be taught in the private school; and

(d) additional information that may be requested by the minister.

Also read the sections following this one and see if you think you could meet the legal requirements. I am not a lawyer and may not give legal advice.



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