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Virginia Homeschooling

Virginia Homeschooling Associations
Field Trips
Legal Information
Notice of Intent
Support Groups


Home Educators Association of Virginia
A statewide, non-profit, member-supported association which has provided information, legislation and resources to all of Virginia ‘s homeschooling families from a Biblical worldview.

The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers
(VaHomeschoolers) was formerly known as Virginia Home Education Association (VHEA). VaHomeschoolers is your fully inclusive, member directed, and volunteer driven state association. VaHomeschoolers is neutral in matters of religion and partisan politics; homeschooling is our only agenda.


Virginia Homeschool Demographics
Shows by Virginia school district. The demographics are usually updated in the fall for the previous school year.


Posted by People like You in our Homeschool-serving Community
Enter an Event you know about or control. Create and find notifications of homeschool events. Click here.

Colonial Williamsburg Homeschool Days Sept 4 - 24, 2017
September 9, 2017 - September 24, 2017. Williamsburg, VA. Category: History Come Alive

Civil War Lecture Series: The Many Faces of Preservation
September 9, 2017. Newport News, VA. Category:

Field Trips

Virginia Field Trips
Educational places to visit in Virginia.

Legal Information

Virginia Education Code For Homeschooling
Not intended as legal advice. Laws for your information only.

Home Instruction in Virginia
In Virginia, parents must ensure that a child attends school in compliance with the state compulsory attendance law as specified in 22.1-254 of the Code of Virginia when the child has reached his 5th birthday on or before September 30 of any school year and has not passed his 18th birthday.

Notice of Intent

The Notice of Intent is due to your local Superintendent by August 15th.

Filing Your Notice of Intent (NOI)
From VaHomeschoolers: you must:

  • File an NOI each year by August 15th.
  • Provide a description of the curriculum to be used (not as scary as it sounds).
  • Provide proof that you qualify for the option you are filing under.

Notice of Intent to Homeschool
You may print and fill out this form to provide notice that you are going to homeschool your children in Virginia.

Notice of Intent to Homeschool
Here ‘s a printable copy of this form, updated for July 2012 and beyond, from HEAV.


Changes in Standardized Testing Options for 2014
VaHomeschoolers has recently been fielding a large number of questions about changes to certain standardized tests Virginia homeschoolers use to provide their annual evidence of progress and would like to provide further information to help clear up some of the confusion.

FAQ – Testing and Evaluation
How will I know what my child is expected to accomplish for any given grade? If we choose testing to show evidence of progress, what must my child score in order to show sufficient progress? More…

Homeschool Evaluation and Testing
The Home Instruction Statute §22.1-254.1 requires parents to provide “evidence of progress” at the end of the school year. From VaHomeschoolers.

Preparing for a Homeschool Evaluation: Saving Work
There are things you can do now and throughout the year that will help you accumulate and organize the “evidence” that an evaluator needs at the end of the year to assess your child’s progress.

Testing Options
The Virginia homeschool law allows several alternatives in the area of testing. The state law uses the word “assessment,” which permits a choice of the following options: privately-administered standardized achievement tests, independent evaluation, or portfolio. Review by HEAV.


Appalachian Regional Cooperative is an inclusive group of homeschoolers in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Culture at Home
An African American homeschool support group in the Washington D.C., Maryland and Virginia area with an emphasis on the older homeschooled student.

Families News
This is a group of homeschool families who want to encourage each other and share information, events, curriculum, fieldtrip ideas and also to be in service to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Heathen Homeschoolers
A support group for Northern Virginia homeschoolers who identify with the heathen label. We are pagans, atheists, agnostics, Unitarian Universalists, secularists, and humanists — some of us defy labels altogether. Members required to have a sense of humor.

Homeschool Resources
This group is set up to inform all homeschoolers about local and current events that are happening in your area or surrounding areas in the state of VA, Maryland and DC.

This groups exists to create an online forum to share resources, activities, ideas, and support among the homeschooling community to include the Baltimore-Washington Metropolitan area, Virginia, Delaware and Pennsylvania.

The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers Blog
The blog is our way of giving you more of the great things that you love about VaHomeschoolers. Read interesting thoughts about homeschooling in Virginia and posts by favorite Voice authors. Receive timely legislative information and deadline reminders. Find out when new information has been added to the website and keep up-to-date on special VaHomeschoolers events and opportunities.

The Organization of Virginia Homeschoolers (VaHomeschoolers)
Facebook page for announcements from the VaHomeschoolers, an inclusive unschooling association.

REACH Homeschool Group
This information is for members of REACH that will help them in their homeschooling adventure. REACH will post a newsletter regarding events and so forth the beginning of each month.

Sankofa Homeschool Community
Sankofa is a community of homeschooling families of color, with members in DC, Maryland and VA, and as far north as Baltimore. We are religiously diverse and our members use a variety of homeschooling methods.

For in-depth discussion of issues affecting homeschooling, and for news about media articles and programs, proposed legislation, research, conferences and other information of interest to Virginia homeschoolers. [Note: this is their NEW link as of 7/05]

Virginia LDS Homeschooling
This group is a place to ask for ideas and advice, share information and inspiration. It is a place where members show each other respect for differences of perspective and opinion.

Virginia Moms Homeschooling thru High School
A group interested in High School level opportunities, curriculum, field trips etc. You must be homeschooling a HIGH School aged student or be in planning mode with a 13 year old getting ready to start high school to join this group.

Virginia Unschoolers
We’re planning to use this group page as an easier way to get unschoolers together for fun stuff here in Virginia. Please post any ideas you have.


Virginia Homeschool Manual
Revised in 2014. A Comprehensive Guide to Home Education in Virginia. CD included. Published by HEAV, from a Christian perspective.


Moore Expressions
The largest homeschool bookstore in Virginia, Moore Expressions currently operates out of a 3,000 square foot store front located at 6070 Indian River Road Suite 110, Virginia Beach, Virginia 23464.

Standards of Learning for Virginia Public Schools
The commonwealth ‘s expectations for student learning and achievement in grades K-12 in English, mathematics, science, history/social science, technology, the fine arts, foreign language, health and physical education, and driver education.

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