1. HotDiggityDogz

    If you’re looking for a reason why homeschooling spikes in 2013, look no further than Common Core. Some parents are upset about the data mining, others have kids who have completely tanked in math when they used to be good at it, and a whole lot of parents are unhappy with how high stakes testing has significantly reduced or eliminated things like recess and the arts. (or anything that’s not on the test)

    I’m on an anti-common-core group for our state on FB and there are a lot of folks pulling their kids to homeschool, and more starting to ask about it.

    • The “extra” classes all went away with “No Child Left Behind.” Common Core started to be adopted in 2010, a good 4 years ago.

      I’m finding it sort of interesting that visitors to my site are clicking through my Amazon links and then buying books that are obviously Common Core curriculum-based.

      I think that the rise in homeschooling has more to do with a rise in income stability. When families feel their income is stable enough to homeschool, yet they still aren’t rich enough to afford private schools, then homeschooling seems like a good option.

      There also is a correlation between the number of homeschoolers and the traffic to my site. Which is the cause and which is the effect is up for debate. When Google is kind to my site, and it shows up well in search, then potential homeschool families can find the information they need, and begin to homeschool.

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