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Problems with Public “Homeschooling” Programs

The homeschooling community constantly debates on whether or not it is wise to participate in public school-sponsored programs, such as an ISP or charter school designed for homeschoolers. Are public ISPs a threat to homeschools? Should we insist on our rights as tax-payers to force the schools to let our kids participate in sports, drama and music? Does participation harm the rights of those who wish to remain independent? What about government funded programs masquerading as homeschool programs? Can we have our cake and eat it, too? Home School programs discussion page and find more about online home school programs here.

Cyberschool Problems

Fact Sheet: How Virtual Charter Schools Threaten Public Schools
Virtual charter schools undermine the funding of conventional public schools, take the public out of public education, increase the privatization of education at the expense of public schools, and turn state tax dollars earmarked for public education into profits for out-of-state corporations. Wisconsin Parents Association.

Homeschools, Private Schools, and Systems Education
Many homeschool parents are buying into Bennett’s K12® Virtual Academy program under the assumption that it is free from government control. That is an assumption they should not make. The K12® Virtual Academy program receives from the state coffers full-time equivalent (FTE) money. By Lynn Stuter.

How William Bennett’s Public E-Schools Affect Homeschooling
In his role as a key promoter of public e-schools, Bennett is acting in ways that disregard our interests as homeschoolers and undermine our homeschooling freedoms. By Larry and Susan Kaseman, HEM N/D 2002.

Problems With Putting Public E-Schools in Homes
Public e-schools (also called cyber charter schools or virtual charter schools) are public schools in which teachers communicate with students and their parents via computer. Larry and Susan Kaseman, HEM M/J 02.

Risks Public Virtual Schools Pose to Homeschools
It makes a difference how the state regulates public virtual school students in their homes. It sets a precedent of government monitoring and overseeing private citizens in their own homes. Larry and Susan Kaseman, HEM M/A 08.

Dual Enrollment

Are “Dual Enrollment” and “Running Start” Really Homeschool Options?
Barbara Shelton argues the point that if you send your homeschooling teen to a community college then you are no longer homeschooling.

What You Need to Know About Your Part-Time Enrollment Rights
How can you take advantage of these alt. ed. programs without giving up your home-based or homeschooling status under the Washington state law?

Government Plans for Charter Schools

Homeschoolers, Is Our Good Name For Sale?
Public schools and business people are increasingly trying to convince homeschoolers to enroll in their programs and use their services. At first glance, the offers may seem attractive. By Larry and Susan Kaseman.

National Charter School Resource Center
Official government site promoting charter schools and what the plans are. Don’t take it all from us homeschoolers! Find out how charters are linked to No Child Left Behind. Find out about lucrative grants available. Follow the money!

A New Charter for Homeschooling?
The appeal of home-based charter schools represents a threat to the independence of home schooling, Young said. “The most insidious of these offerings, in my opinion, are those specifically meant to be Trojan horse programs, aimed at ‘recapturing’ – a term used by their promoters – students ‘lost’ to homeschooling.” By Dr. Karen Palasek.

Seduction of Homeschool Families
Essay about the more subtle and dangerous tactic some states use to recapture homeschooling families ­ the inauguration of government homeschooling programs. By Chris Cardiff.

6 Reasons States Shouldn’t Balance Budgets with a Carrot to Homeschool
There are problems, big problems for homeschoolers, if these offers of tax credits become policy. I’ll get to the problems associated with homeschool after sharing some of the stories from three states. By Linda Dobson..

So What About That Free Lunch?
How can we trust the state? asks Peggy Daly-Masternak. I take tremendous exception to the “great chance” proffered in any discussion of sharing school services or using alternative public school programs.

Third Great Lie
Chris Cardiff explains why government “homeschool” programs hurt the homeschool movement in California and elsewhere.

Where Will That Leave Us?
What do policies written and developed for public schools have to do with homeschooling – a private effort which (wonderful field trips notwithstanding) takes place in the home amongst one’s own family? By Helen Hegener, HEM N/D 03.

Independent Homeschooling

In order to hang on to what makes homeschooling distinctive, we need to act in ways that will maintain these differences and prevent homeschooling from being reduced to schooling by becoming a small, insignificant part of conventional schooling.

Why I Will Not Sign the “We Stand for Homeschooling Statement and Resolution”
So why not sign this “We Stand for Homeschooling” statement? If I see government- or corporate-sponsored programs as close to worthless, what’s the problem? by Mary Griffith

Why Independence Is Essential To Homeschooling
This column will examine the strengths of homeschooling, emphasizing those that exist because homeschools are independent of public schools, and discuss contributions homeschooling makes to our society. Larry and Susan Kaseman, HEM S/O 02.

Wild pig and babiesThe Wild and Free Pigs of Okefenokee Swamp
A southern parable about the dangers of getting used to free handouts.

Your Homeschooling Decisions Affect My Homeschooling Freedoms
Why we need to be free from unnecessary state regulation, why it is difficult to do this, and what we can do to reclaim and maintain homeschooling freedoms, including situations when this means giving up something our family wants. By Larry and Susan Kaseman. HEM M/A 01.

Public School Programs

Government-Subsidized Home Schooling Programs
Will family educators dodge this bullet? By accepting funds from the government, home schoolers provide a strong rationale for government control of home schoolers. By Rodger Williams.

Home Education in Ohio: New Arm of Public Education?
This information was prepared by Ohio Home Education Coalition an open and inclusive coalition of interested homeschoolers who come together to raise awareness of issues facing homeschoolers in Ohio.

Home is where the school is
But should the public pay for it? And how much is too much? Three central questions emerged in the debate: How the Virtual School spends its $6,000-plus per student; how many of its students come from homeschool or private school backgrounds; and just who’s behind the Virtual School’s program anyway. By Jennifer Barnett Reed.

Homeschooling In Public Schools: A Dangerous Oxymoron
In some parts of the country, especially Alaska and California, programs have been established, coordinated, and funded by public schools for families who want their children to learn at home at least part of the time.

Home-based Instruction vs Alternative Learning Exp. Programs
Alt. Ed., Cyberschools, “Homeschool” Centers, etc. What you need to know. From the Washington Homeschool Organization.

Labeling Publicly Funded Programs for Homeschoolers
What about Public School “homeschool” programs? It’s more than a matter of semantics. By Christine Webb, HEM.

Public Independent Study Programs
Enrolling your child in a public school independent study program is the legal equivalent to enrolling him in public school. These are the “home study” programs offered by many school districts. Public ISPs vary widely from school to school in the level of control they exert over their students and the services they offer. By Debbie Schwarzer, Esq., Linda J. Conrad, Esq., and Elizabeth Bryant, Esq.

Public School Programs and Our Community
The question before us now is this: how should the homeschool community respond to these government controlled “homeschooling” programs? Janie Levine Hellyer, HEM.

Sports & Activities

NCAA Bans Coursework Completed by Athletes in 24 K12 Inc. Virtual Schools
The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) won’t accept coursework completed by student athletes at two dozen virtual school programs operated by K12, Inc., as of 2014-15, at any Division I or Division II college or university.

Why Can’t Homeschoolers Play on School Sports Teams
Years ago there were major problems with ringers, or players who weren’t qualified, playing on teams in league sports.

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