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11 Year Olds and Homeschooling

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first-time homeschooler or a veteran, you’re probably a bit nervous about your first year. That’s natural. Parents understand that this opportunity is a blessing that comes with an accountability factor.

And you’re probably visiting this web page because you have an eleven year old and are wondering what other eleven year olds are experiencing at traditional schools. You’re also probably wondering what challenges you’ll face homeschooling an eleven year old and what an online homeschool curriculum for an eleven year old may entail.   

We can’t tell you exactly what you’ll be facing, but we can provide some general information regarding developmental and learning milestones that 11 year olds often encounter. Keep in mind, children learn at different rates and grow and mature differently. Use this as a guideline.

General 11 Year Old Milestones

It’s not uncommon for eleven year olds to be self-absorbed. They basically march to the beat of their own drum. And don’t be surprised when they complain loudly about joining in with the rest of the world — meaning the world you’re introducing to them through homeschooling and activities.

But they also appreciate family time in their own way. Friends and socializing outside the home makes them happy. Finding the right balance might become a challenge but you won’t be the first parent faced with this happy dilemma.    

Other common characteristics of 11 year olds might be:

  • a competitive nature
  • a surprising interest in current and world events
  • a knack for collecting stuff
  • awkward moments and trouble “fitting in”
  • juvenile behavior, and a yearning for attention
  • brazen and sometimes obstinate behavior when communicating
  • jittery and bored when asked to sit still

Homeschooling an Eleven Year Old

Eleven year olds in traditional schools are mostly moving to middle school. And middle school isn’t easy for these young children. But homeschooling eases the daily stress that middle school brings. For example, switching to different classrooms after periods and dealing with older children aren’t a problem. But homeschooling presents its own challenges for 11 year olds.

Group activities are readily available outside the home. Enroll your children in team sports or perhaps other activities such as band, fishing clubs, gymnastics, painting and pottery classes, and more. Volunteer activities also present the opportunity for your child to expand outside his or her comfort zone. This helps them mature mentally and physically.  

Eleven year olds also appreciate taking part in choosing their homeschool curriculum and school projects. Any projects that invite independence, especially at this age, is welcome by them. But they still want their parent’s attention, so becoming involved in their daily schooling and activities makes them pleased. Another plus about 11 year olds is their ability to do more chores such as making their own lunch and cleaning up after themselves. Go ahead, you can smile.    

What Eleven Year Olds are Studying

Parents often worry if their 11 year old is keeping up with what traditional schools are teaching their children. That’s okay and perfectly natural. Just remember, homeschooling parents can offer a more dynamic curriculum. With that said, 11 year olds commonly learn about:  

  • biographies and autobiographies
  • early civilizations
  • more complicated word problems in mathematics
  • science labs
  • writing notes and/or dictation
  • recognizing the strengths and flaws in their own writing

11 Year Old Homeschool Curriculum Options

During recent years, homeschooling parents have discovered, and are using, online curriculum programs. Web-based lessons actually communicate with children like video games. Characters talk out the lessons and interact with children, making the lessons entertaining, educational, and exciting. And your children learn at their own pace.

You’ll appreciate the curriculum because some choices track your child’s progress. As a result, you’ll keep abreast of your child’s learning pace and the material they’re covering. You can also select the lessons you want your children to study. Many parents use online curriculum programs for skill building or as a full-time homeschooling tool.

Eleven year olds are challenging but they’re also fun. Their personality is evident and you, as the homeschool teacher, can bring out the best in them. With so many homeschooling tools, you are free to choose the best possible combination for your 11 year old and enjoy a great year.