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12 Year Olds and Homeschooling

The Twelve Year Old Homeschooling Experience

Welcome to the wonderful world of homeschooling. Regardless of your status as an experienced homeschooler or rookie homeschooler, you’re here to learn about what to expect this year from your 12 year old.

And you’re probably visiting this site because you have questions. All homeschoolers do, so don’t sweat it. The main questions most parents of twelve year olds ask are:

What are the common characteristics of twelve year olds?

What is it like homeschooling a twelve year old?   

What are other children learning at this age?

What are some online homeschool curriculum ideas?

Every 12 year old has their own personality, learns at their own pace and reaches milestones at an individual rate. The following information is a general guideline, which will answer some of your questions. But remember, each child develops differently. Please keep that in mind.

General 12 Year Old Milestones

You’ll notice generally that 12 year olds have more confidence, are more decisive when they make decisions, and their level of curiosity has increased. But they sometimes value their friend’s opinions and judgements more than their parents – which gives them the opportunity to express opinions on their own.  

Some parents use the word “stubborn” when describing their 12 year old. So, don’t be surprised if your child pushes you a bit this year as they struggle to become their own individual.

Other common things 12 year olds share are:

  • Puberty and the transformations it brings
  • Turning their back on thing they now view as immature
  • The discovery of romantic interests
  • The interest in discovering new hobbies activities
  • Vanity when it comes to their appearance
  • Stepping out without their parents’ guidance
  • A greater interest in food

 12 Year Olds and Homeschooling

Homeschooling a 12 year old may get frustrating. As noted earlier, their stubbornness may materialize in the form of rebellion – refusing your assistance. Because, as you know, twelve year olds know it all! So, parents occasionally think about placing their child back in the public-school system. But in reality, 12 year olds probe the boundaries and struggle with their own thoughts of independence.    

One remedy for this situation is allowing your child as much participation as you can tolerate in the daily choices you make for homeschooling. Some parents even change up their homeschooling process altogether. They relax their schedule or try “unschooling.” The goal here is to ease the building tensions. After all, you’re spending a lot of time with your children and if you both make sacrifices the tension may settle down.

If you don’t relax or change your schedule, provide your 12 year old with ample independent study time. Online courses offer the opportunity for children to sit quietly and learn on their own and at their own pace. Look at the positives. Your child’s desire for independence creates an opening for an increase in their responsibilities. Have them do their own laundry, fold their clothes, make their lunch, clean their room. Make them aware that independence and responsibility walk together.   

What Twelve Year Olds are Studying

I’m sure you’ve wished for a peak into a traditional classroom so could see what those children were studying. Most homeschoolers do, even parents who’ve done it for years. Twelve year olds in classrooms are investigating a plethora of different information.

Some things they are studying include:

  • pre-algebra and a continued focus on geometry
  • the natural world and the human body
  • collecting data and using the scientific method to prove a hypothesis
  • American history
  • Enhancing their writing skills
  • health education

Online Curriculum for 12 Year Olds

Get ready for some good news. Most 12 year olds love web-based learning tools. It reminds them of their favorite video games and apps. They are interactive and have characters with personalities and voices that present challenging but fun problems to solve. Children enjoy learning!

You’ll appreciate web-based curriculum because some choices make your job easier. They track your child’s progress and help you monitor your 12 year olds learning pace and the material they’re studying. Many parents also choose online curriculum programs for skill building or as a full-time homeschooling tool.

Although 12 year olds present some frustrating challenges, homeschoolers find that mixing up or totalling changing their scheduling and approach, remedies the situation. Experiment and find out what works for you and create a gratifying and successful year.