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15 Teen Year Olds and Homeschooling

Time flies; your child turned fifteen years old and now you’re preparing for an exciting homeschooling year. New homeschoolers have many questions. Especially when dealing with teenagers.  

The questions range from what should you expect from homeschooling a fifteen year old, what are other children in the same age range learning, and what are the different curriculum options available to you and your child?

There are no simple answers. A child’s development depends on many factors. Every child learns differently and at their own pace. The good news is, you know your child better than anyone else, so you can use this information as a general guideline for reviewing purposes throughout the school year.      

General  15 Year Old Milestones

Now that your child turned fifteen years old, you may notice that he or she yearns for more independent learning. It may seem like they don’t need you anymore – but that’s certainly not the case. And even as their relationships with friends and the media grows stronger, they still need their parents for guidance and reassurance. Friends won’t have the answers to all their questions, and they certainly can’t Google their way out of every problem. But you should let them become more independent, even encourage it. This boosts their confidence levels and stimulates the maturity process.

Here are some traits fifteen year olds share:

  • unwillingness to confide in you on certain topics
  • potential bonding with their siblings
  • admiration toward older children
  • stretching your boundaries – even ignoring your rules
  • thinking past their high school years
  • becoming more thoughtful and reflective

 Homeschooling a 15 Year Old

Homeschooling 15 year old children puts a lot of pressure on the parents. And, unfortunately, many parents ratchet up the pressure in their heads. Can you teach the curriculum? Will you understand their emotional and perhaps romantic situations? And are you providing them with the proper subjects that will prepare them for life beyond high school? Do you have the wherewithal to properly gather their transcripts and other records needed for graduation and college acceptance?

It’s a full plate for sure. But that’s why you visit certain websites and read articles such as this one. You won’t have all the answers – no homeschooler does, not even veteran homeschoolers. They need help, too. The good news is there are so many resources available. It doesn’t matter if your child wants to continue their education in college, a trade school, join the military, or find work right after high school. Advice and answers abound, not only on websites but from other homeschooling parents who have “been there and done that.”

Your duties expand in some areas as your child gets older. You may not hover over them on a daily basis as they study certain subjects, but your administration duties become more important. For example, signing up for the PSAT test, finding tutors for additional testing assistance, gathering records and transcripts, and exploring additional subject matter your child may find interesting.      

What Other 15 Year Olds are Learning

Parents often daydream about what other fifteen year olds are learning – especially those teenagers in traditional schools. You’ll probably do the same. As children grow older their education expands across many subjects. The most common include:   

  • algebra, geometry, or a combination
  • biology and life sciences
  • analyzing classic literature
  • civics, world events, and economics
  • physical sciences and biology
  • modern views on world history
  • computer studies

Online Curriculum for 15 Year Olds        

Online curriculum options hold an advantage over other choices because they’re web-based, and 15 year old children love the computer! And many curriculum programs act like video games. They’re dynamic with characters that interact with your children. Children learn independently, at their own pace, and at any time you schedule their courses. Some web-based programs also correlate with state standards.

Web-based courses offer you some great benefits, too. They offer scheduling, record keeping, and automatically save detailed progress reports on your children, which your state may require. This makes collecting the information your child needs for graduation and college much easier – or as some veteran homeschoolers say: headache-free!

Homeschooling 15 year olds brings new challenges and may test your patience at times. They’re more independent and less likely to rely on you for answers or even advice. But don’t worry, they’re simply growing up. Use this information as a guideline and to help you reach milestones. Enjoy an eventful and successful school year.