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5 Year Olds and Homeschooling

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a veteran homeschooler or a beginner, everyone shares the same nervous feelings mixed with anticipation and enthusiasm. The reasons are simple: you’re accountable for your five year olds education and you realize each year is a new adventure!

These feeling probably brought you to this website because you, like many other homeschoolers, have questions. Questions such as what are a five year olds milestones and behaviors, what are other five year olds learning about, and what curriculum options are available.

There are no perfect answers that will cover every five year old. That’s because every child is different. They learn differently, study at their own pace, and have their own personalities and interests. But there are some general guidelines you can use to measure you five year olds development. But remember, this is only a general guideline.    

5 Year old milestones

Five year olds in general aren’t comfortable when they’re not with their parents. They get nervous and feel less safe. Fortunately for you, your child won’t be driving away in a yellow school bus leaving you behind. But your five year old still needs the chance to branch out on their own and experience life without their parents nearby. This helps them to adapt and figure out problems and unusual situations on their own.  

Other traits that five year olds share include

  • Less likely to be unreasonable
  • Physical activity such as climbing, sliding, and dancing
  • Remembering their full name, birthday, and address
  • Figuring out if their right-handed or left-handed
  • participating in make-believe and dress-up

 Homeschooling a 5 year old

Many parents feel fearful when they fully realize this is the year their five year olds starts kindergarten. It’s the real deal! The burden of the task sometimes gives them second thoughts. You may ask yourself:

  • Am I qualified to teach my child to read?
  • Do I remember how to do all the math problems?
  • How should I schedule out the day?

These thoughts and questions are natural, especially if you’ve never homeschooled before. But think of this new endeavor as an adventure you and your five year old will share. After all, your child won’t be confined in a classroom with other kindergarteners, he or she will be with you in your new classroom, outside at parks, and any other place you decide!   

You can set your own schedule or have no schedule at all. And there won’t be a “right or wrong” way of doing things. You make the decisions. But don’t forget, make room for fun activities. This is the first year you and your child will customize your own educational experience with a framework your imagination constructed. Take advantage of the flexibility and the time you’ll share together.   

What are other 5 year olds learning?

Many new homeschoolers and veterans often wonder how your teaching and your child’s learning materials and subjects compare with traditional schools. And why not, this curiosity is natural for homeschoolers.

Here are some examples. Other five year olds learn about:

  • recognizing the letters of the alphabet and their sounds
  • having patience and being observant when a story is read aloud
  • guessing what happens next in a story
  • comprehending patterns using blocks and shapes
  • simple addition
  • arranging objects by their similar features
  • American holidays
  • Fair play and making friends with peers

 Curriculum options for 5 year olds

Children of all ages have embraced computers, I-pads and other electronic devices. And over the past decade, homeschooling parents, even parents of five year olds, have introduced computers to their curriculum through web-based lessons. These lessons interact with the students and mimic video games, which children relish. These dynamic lessons also give children a chance to learn on their own, at their own pace, and have fun.          

They’re great for you, too. Some online homeschool curriculum choices track your child’s progress, so you’ll know if your children are learning and remembering the material. Parents can also select the lessons they want their children to study. In a word, online curriculum choices are flexible – just like homeschooling!

Five year olds love learning and experimenting. The educational world is a blank sheet to them. Why not populate it with diverse resources and tools that are readily available? Once you do, you’ll enjoy a remarkable and memorable homeschooling experience that lasts a lifetime.