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6 Year Olds and Homeschooling

Homeschooling a six year old brings about many joyful memories, incredible milestones, and a sense that both of you have accomplished something as a team.

And you’re probably visiting this site because you feel apprehensive and maybe even a little intimidated by the homeschooling process. No worries – most parents homeschooling a six year old feel the same way. You’re also probably wondering what this year will bring, what other six year olds are learning, and if there are any dynamic online curriculum options.   

We’ll cover those topics but please remember, all children grow and develop at different rates. They don’t all fit neatly in a “six year old” category. So, use this information as a general guideline, keeping in mind that children mature and learn at a pace unique to them. And don’t forget, enjoy the school year.

Common 6 year old Milestones

Six year olds often feel conflicted because, on one hand, they seek more independence but on the other hand, they still miss their parents when they’re not around. Find a happy medium that suits your child — experiencing both worlds will help them adapt to different situations. Making friends also causes some stress. Six year olds don’t always take another person’s point of view into account. As a result, things don’t always work out in their favor. These conflicts are natural.

Other six year old milestones include:

  • trying to find reasonable answers to their questions about the world
  • obvious development in hand-eye coordination
  • a better sense of time (days, weeks, hours, etc.)
  • an expanded vocabulary
  • an increase in their competitive juices
  • lack of flexibility with others

Homeschooling your 6 year old

Even though six year olds desire independence, they still enjoy sharing almost anything with their parents. It could be catching a baseball, an art project, or an online homeschooling lesson that makes them laugh. And since you chose the homeschooling option, taking part in their daily ups and downs is possible. Parents who choose the traditional schooling route often miss out on the most joyous occasions.

Children at this age often start reading. If this is the case, don’t be surprised if your six year old loves learning new words and reading on their own one day, and then completely ignores reading the next. They also vacillate between reading on their own and having you or another adult reading for them. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. They have their own mind!

Their competitive nature starts taking center stage at six years old. It can show up at any time. For example, during art projects with other children or playing ball. They notice if someone else draws better than they do or catches a ball better and it bothers them. Find something they enjoy and let them focus on it. It could be fishing, riding a bike, or doing math problems. Your support gives them confidence.  

What 6 year olds learn about

Parents often worry if their homeschooling subjects match those that traditional schools teach. Subject matter and lesson plans vary for each homeschooler (a benefit that most homeschoolers appreciate), but traditional schools usually teach six year olds a standard variety of topics. The most common include:

  • telling time
  • interpreting words using phonics and sight-reading tactics
  • punctuation use
  • reading and printing numbers up to 100
  • organizing objects by size or mass
  • 2-digit addition and subtraction problems

Curriculum options for 6 year olds

Many homeschooling parents discover and enjoy online curriculum choices. Web-based lessons interact with students and, to the delight of six year olds, entertain like video games. These lessons also give children an opportunity to learn on their own, which appeases a six year olds wish for independence, and have fun.          

Parent also find them beneficial. Some online curriculum programs track your child’s progress, so you’ll know if your children are learning and remembering the material. Parents can also pick and choose lessons that range from core subjects to electives, which prevents your six year old from becoming bored. They’re great for additional skill building or as a full-time homeschooling tool.

Six year olds present many challenges but as a homeschooler, you have flexibility and cutting-edge resources on your side. Find the mixture that suits your child’s needs and enjoy making memories and creating a successful educational experience.