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Results for: Massachusetts

Massachusetts Homeschooling

Your top source for Homeschool information in Massachusetts. Massachusetts Homeschooling Associations Events Field Trips Legal Information Online Social Networks Resources Support Groups Associations Advocates for Home Education in Massachusetts AHEM is working to foster a population of informed and active homeschoolers empowered to be their own best advocates. Massachusetts Home Learning Association MHLA is...
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Franklin County & Western Massachusetts Homeschool Groups

Join a homeschool group in Franklin County & Western Massachusetts. Organize activities with other homeschoolers. Share resources. Help new homeschool families. Create communities. Franklin Regional Council of Governments, Hampden County, Hampshire County - Pioneer Valley, and Western Massachusetts.
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Pilgrims for Kids

How much do you know about the Pilgrims? Check out these free online resources to learn more about Pilgrim facts and history. Perfect for a Thanksgiving Unit!
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Homeschool Support Groups

Homeschool support groups come in many shapes and sizes and provide helpful resources to homeschooling families. Learn more about local homeschool support groups near you.
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Public School Rankings By State

How well does your state perform in the national public school ratings? Learn more about the quality of education by state, which are the lowest performing states in education, and what you can do about it.
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Content Standards – Common Core and Others

Many homeschoolers use the Common Core State Standards to learn “educationalese” for filling out reports or required plans. While homeschooled students are not required to follow Common Core, they will compete in the future for jobs and college placement with students who have been educated to these standards. So, when homeschooling, try to do...
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Unschooling Mail Lists, Social Networks, etc.

Unschooling Social Networks Christian Radical Unschoolers It is a place for those who honestly want to re-think their fears, prejudices, knee-jerk reactions & beliefs about learning, teaching, “education”, & controlling parenting practices. Creative Unschooling Unschooling is a way of life, not just for (all) children but their parents, too. Creativity, on the other hand,...
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