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Results for: Math

Race Track Math Board – Worksheet for Practicing Math Facts

Printable worksheet for practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimal, and fractions math facts. Note that this worksheet game is handicapped so that right and left handers have an equal chance of having to work with their writing hand over the printed number. Click on image to get printable graphic. Generate random numbers within the...
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Elementary Math Games For Kids

Cool Math 4 Kids An amusement park of math and more — lots of puzzles, math games and calculators all designed for fun by Karen – the creator of Coolmath.com. Fido Puzzle A mathematical magic trick. Can you figure out how it is done? Line Jumper From easy addition to negative integers, this game...
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Math Lessons by Grade Level

Free math lessons & worksheets by grade level. Fun, interactive, easy math problems, games, exercises, questions, tests and activities for ages 3-17. Order best selling popular and elementary math books from Amazon.
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The Drowning Math Game

The object is to come up with the toy and the answer. Play until the child is worn out or you've run out of math problems. No drowning of children allowed.
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Fun & Interesting Math Lessons for Kids

Help Teaching Math Topics Integers Made Easy AN A TO Z ARTICLE Using a village carpet and a small car, you can get across the concepts of adding and subtracting positive and negative numbers. Benezet Centre Over 70 years ago in Manchester, New Hampshire, children learned no formal arithmetic until grade 6 (about age...
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Math Computer Programs

 Calculators Graphing Calculators Pacific Tech offers a demo of NuCalc 2.0 for Windows. Since a Mac computer comes with a Graphing Calculator, they offer a whole bunch of “secret features.” Just Math Descartes’ Cove This was created with generous funding from the AT&T Foundation and Toyota USA Foundation. The Cove includes six CDs, each launching a...
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Math Novels Books

The Adventures of Penrose the Mathematical Cat by Theoni Pappas Penrose, a cat with a knack for math, takes children on an adventurous tour of mathematical concepts from fractals to infinity. When the fractal dragon jumps off the computer screen and threatens to grow larger than the room itself, Penrose must find out if...
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Math Books For Homeschooling

Math books - Saxon, Harold Jacobs, Essential Mathematics for Life, Key to Math series, Life of Fred, Miquon, Singapore, math reference books, math books to prepare for contests, Standard Deviants. Advanced math topics for kids - calculus made easy, statistics, linear algebra. Math and another subject, too.
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