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A2Z Homeschool Articles, Pages, Kids Lessons Beginning with “B”

Back to School
Does that phrase make you and your kids feel like there is a party and you aren’t invited?

Back to School or Not
It is time for High School. For those considering returning to public or private high school when kids hit the teen years.

Baseball for Families KIDS
How to make baseball easy enough for almost everyone in the family and neighborhood to play casual baseball/softball.

Be an Inventor, Become an Engineer KIDS
I want to be an inventor. How do I become an engineer? How do I get started? I’m just a kid.

Bees – Insects for Kids KIDS
Raising and observing them. How do they make honey? Are bees important?

Beetles – Insects for Kids KIDS
From helpful lady bugs to stinking roaches, here’s more about the beetle family.

Benefits of Dual Enrollment – 8/22/09
Dual enrollment the opportunity to challenge high school students with more rigorous college level courses for a dual benefit–they earn both high school and college credit.

Benefits to Moms by Homeschooling
Mothers share their reasons for deciding to homeschool.

Best Books For Kids Who (Think They) Hate To Read
Advice on how to choose books that are just right for your reluctant reader. By Laura Backes, author.

5 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make When Homeschooling High School
By understanding these mistakes, you can avoid making them, and your teen can succeed while homeschooling high school. A minicourse from Lee Bintz, The Homeschool Scholar.

Bicycling KIDS
Selecting and fixing your bike. Safe and fun biking activities.

Bilingual Education – 4/18/06
Mr. Rodriguez would have us believe that sacrificing a relationship with his parents to fit in made him a better person, but to me his words told a different story. By Susan Crawford.

Biographies of Famous People and Villains KIDS
Read the stories of famous people and villains who have gone this way before.

Biology Bookstore
Books through Amazon for studying anatomy, general biology, growing up, and natural history.

Biology Classes KIDS
Free biology lessons, lesson plans and games to help you master intermediate, high school or AP biology level.

Birds KIDS
Observe birds close to home or with a web cam. Help with counting them, take a quiz, or even pretend to be a penguin!

Blended Learning
Choose a homeschool program that combines digital materials with offline, hands-on activities to create a complete learning experience for your child. For blended learning and K-2 homeschool science, Science4Us is a program that provides the foundational science skills your child needs.

Blind Homeschoolers
Advice and resources for educating your visually impaired child at home.

Blogs ~ see Homeschool Blogs
Online journals, usually the thoughts, opinions and daily life of a homeschool family.

Blogs and Kids – 3/16/06
Blogs are an awesome tool. Just like any tool, you can take precautions to make it safe. By Tammy Takahashi.

Boating 4 Kids KIDS
Free dry land lessons in boating safety, techniques, boat parts, sailing, rowing, and paddling.

Bodie, California – Ghost Town
Homeschoolers haunt this historic gold mining town on a fine October day. An online field trip.

Bones – see Skeleton KIDS
Find out about your skeletal system or what happens when you break a bone.

Books Reviews By Kids For Kids KIDS
I want to share what I read with other children or teens.

Books, Bountiful Books KIDS
Books and literature online for children of all ages.

Bookstore Etiquette – 1/1/01
Here are some suggestions of how you can help so that the book you want can be found next time you go to the bookstore.

Botany – see Plant Science Projects For Kids KIDS
Botany is the science of how plants work, from the tiniest seeds and algae to the tallest trees.

Botswana Homeschooling
Resources, support groups and laws for homeschooling in Botswana.

Boy Scouts KIDS
Resources for homeschooling boys and their leaders. Help establishing troops for homeschoolers.

Boys And War Games – 3/20/03
Every night he’d line up his army just back a bit from our front door, ready for any invasion.

Brain & Nerves KIDS
How the brain and nervous system works.

British Columbia
Resources, support groups and laws for homeschooling in this province.

Bubbles KIDS
A soap bubble actually is a sandwich of air on the inside, a layer of detergent molecules, a layer of water and finally another layer of detergent molecules.

Buddhist Homeschooling
Sources for Buddhist educational material and homeschooling support. Articles by homeschooling Buddhist families.

Budget Shop
Send for free curriculum, rent materials, or make a bid on very low priced curriculum from eBay or sell it there. Find used curriculum swaps.

Budgeting for Homeschool ~ see Livelihood Issues
What are the cost issues of homeschooling? Can it be done inexpensively?

Bugs – Insects for Kids KIDS
Insects in general, with new pages for ants, bees, beetles, butterflies and spiders.

Building a Support Website – 1/26/99
Samples of styles used that get across essential elements.

Buildings ~ see How do Buildings and Things in Buildings Work? KIDS
You probably live in a building and are curious about how it was built and how the things in the building work.

Bullying see ~ Homeschooling because of Bullying at School
Don’t wait until you have done “all” the research, and gotten “all” the materials! Homeschool if your child is experiencing bullying at school.

Bumperstickers see ~ Homeschool T-Shirts, Bumperstickers, Caps, Bags, Rugs, Yearbooks, Whatever
Wear it with pride!

Business Success By Homeschoolers
Some successful business folk homeschool their youngsters. Some homeschooled youngsters go on to become successful business people.

But I Want to Go to School!
Some homeschooling parents reason that a teenager, especially one who has recently experienced both school and homeschooling, should have a say in how he pursues his education. By Cafi Cohen.

Butterflies & Moths – Insects for Kids KIDS
Learn about raising and observing butterflies and moths.

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