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A2Z Homeschool Articles, Pages, Kids Lessons Beginning with “D”

Dads Talk
Man-to-man talk about the how’s and why’s of the father’s role in homeschooling.

Dance KIDS
For those who can’t sit still when music is played. Come get an introduction to dancing.

A Dark Side To Home Schooling? – 10/13/03
CBS Evening News tonight dredged up an old murder suicide story in order to once again sell fear disguised as a news story.

Children who are hard of hearing or deaf can thrive being homeschooled.

Decimals – see Rational Numbers KIDS
Fractions, decimals, and percentages.

Declaration of Educational Independence
WHEN in the Course of human Events, it becomes necessary for Families to dissolve the Educational Bands which have connected them to a faltering Society… By Linda Dobson.

Resources, support groups and laws for homeschooling in this state.

Democrats Homeschool, Too – 8/9/04
Many successful homeschool families are Democrats – including myself!

Reports of numbers of homeschoolers in various states and countries. Note that this is a work in progress, and never entirely accurate.

Help understanding the need for downtime, to decompress after a poor school experience before you really understand the freedom homeschooling can bring.

DETC Accredited High School Programs
These distance learning programs meet tough, public educational standards.

Developing Your Online Persona – 6/30/02
As I look back over my nearly 13 years online, I realize that I have integrated into my real self the more interesting persons I was portraying online.

A Different Drum – 2/15/07
My children, both with special needs, have been stared at, frowned upon, and pitied in their turn, and my home can feel much more like an open battlefield than a fortress at times. By Kerry Jones

Digital Native
Today’s students are digital natives. They function in an electronic world of tweets, texts, and internet searches. Find homeschooling programs that cater to the way children think and process information in this digital age. This early science program uses the power of technology and your child’s interest in technology to deliver modern, interactive, and effective lessons and activities.

Dinosaur Arts & Crafts KIDS
Dinosaur crafts, clip art, and learn to draw a tyranasaurus rex or make dino crafts.

Dinosaur Field Trips KIDS
Places where you can go and see dinosaurs up close.

Dinosaur & Reptile Myths KIDS
Dragon and monster stories have been handed down through the ages in the forms of myth and legends.

Dinosaur Jokes, Puns & Riddles KIDS
Skit of dinosaur joke and puns. By Ann Zeise.

Dinosaurs KIDS
Some of the dinosaurs on these pages will even growl at you! For all levels of students.

Diploma – see Transcripts
Help interpreting your high school-level work to make into transcripts for college applications.

Diploma – see Homeschool Diploma Photoshop Template – 6/3/03
Diploma with gold lettering and no border. Diploma.ttf font. Edit in Photoshop to customize for your graduate. Print on certificate paper.

Discriminating, Elitist and Racist – 12/11/99
How can you respond when someone calls you these things?

Dispelling the Stereotype of Ethnic Prejudice in Homeschooling
By Hank R. Kraychir. Homeschooling has become mainstream in many ethnic communities, with more people of color now choosing to homeschool their children.

Distance Learning
Companies and schools that provide teaching assistance as well as learning materials.

Distance Learning Programs for Gifted Children
Suppliers of programs and curriculum for gifted children.

District of Columbia
Resources, support groups and laws for homeschooling in Washington D.C.

Do You Yahoo? – 1/3/02
Yahoo is easy for any member of your support group or family who is even vaguely internet sauvy to set up what amounts to a full “community”-type website… and best of all it is free!

Do You Want to Learn to Row? By Rick Pierson, Northwest Rowing KIDS
How to find a rowing club and learn how to become part of a crew team.

Homeschool your dog and let him teach you dog anatomy, dog art, dog stories, and more.

Down Syndrome Homeschooling
The benefits for the home educated child with down syndrome are numerous.

Drama KIDS
Have a flair for drama? Put on a play with these free scripts and staging ideas.

Drawing & Painting KIDS
Free cartooning and drawing lessons. Learn how to paint.

Drivers Ed – 2/15/99
Home-based driving instruction.

Drivers Ed Classes ~ see Distance Learning Drivers Ed
Where you can enroll with distance learning programs for drivers education.

Drivers Ed Course KIDS
An online course through DriversEd.com that will teach a teen to be a safe and responsible driver. DMV approved certificate awarded when completed successfully.

Drivers License By State KIDS
Most links are to information about teen driver permits on state department of motor vehicle websites. Take online courses and practice with sample DMV tests.

Driving Instruction Tips
Teaching your teen to drive can be stressful. Take these helpful hints from parents and driving instructors on how to make this an enjoyable experience for all.

The Drowning Game KIDS
Our son invented this pool game when he was about nine. He named it. No one actually drowns.

Drum Lessons KIDS
Learn to play drums by listening and watching expert drummers online.

Dual Enrollment see~ Benefits of Dual Enrollment – 8/22/09
Dual enrollment the opportunity to challenge high school students with more rigorous college level courses for a dual benefit–they earn both high school and college credit.

Dual Enrollment see~ Community College Dual Enrollment – 2/22/03
How a homeschooling teen may be able to dual enroll in a community college.

You can use a multi-sensory approach at home to teach dyslexic children.

Tips for homeschooling your dyspraxic child.