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A2Z Homeschool Articles, Pages, Kids Lessons Beginning with “E”

Homeschooling Articles and Annotated Websites

Early Assessment College Placement Testing
If you are almost ready for college and live in Barbour, Doddridge, Harrison, Marion, Monongalia, Preston, Randolph, or Taylor counties, Fairmont State College will give you a free math or English placement test.

Early Days of AOL Homeschooling Forums – 12/12/02
December 2002 marks my 13th year online. Early days in Homefront Hall and AHEM chats and boards.

Foundational Skills
The early years of your child’s academic career are key for building a strong foundation that will help them achieve success throughout their school years and their life. Research shows that starting subjects such as science as early as kindergarten helps students gain the confidence and skills they need for continued academic achievement. Young children in early elementary grades are in a specific stage of cognitive development, and so the most effective programs for young children are programs that specialize in K-2, with content that caters to the K-2 cognitive level.

Ears & Hearing KIDS
Test your hearing online and learn how your ear works.

Earthquakes KIDS
Experiments, explanations, and books to help you prepare for when the earth starts shaking. (In some states, it is required that homeschools, as private schools, have an earthquake plan.)

Easter Egg Hunt KIDS
26 colorful eggs were hidden throughout the Explorations section. Check back just before Easter each year.

eBay, Starting out ~ see Working from home on eBay – 9/7/06
How to succeed running your own sales business on eBay while also teaching your homeschooled kids how to help out, so you can afford to homeschool in the first place. By Lori Dake.

Eclectic Homeschooling
Some like to pick and choose among various methods, enjoying the flexibility it affords.

Economics for Kids KIDS
Learn about economics through these fun interactive sites just for kids.

Economics Lessons for Children
Ideas and lesson plans for teaching your child about money.

Edible Landfill Recipe KIDS
How to assemble a model landfill to learn how a modern trash dump works.

Education Reform
Track what is going on in the name of school reform and alternatives to education.

Educational Neglect – 3/17/99
New laws could make homeschooling “educational neglect.”

Educationese for Homeschool Reports
Educationese — or Teacherese — is the name sometimes given to the jargon too frequently employed by some of those who train our schoolteachers.

Educational Things to do with Your iPod – 12/17/05
Here are some ways to use your new iPod in creative ways.

Educators’ Discounts – See Home Educators’ Discounts – 2/12/98
Here’s how to get discounts typically given to public school teachers.

Educators Who Homeschool
Some homeschoolers wind up in college very young, and then go on to become professional educators. Some college professors and administrators also homeschool their youngsters.

Egypt – see Ancient Egypt KIDS
Wander through the mazes of ancient tombs to discover the secrets of ancient Eqypt.

El Cheapo Summer – 7/18/00
No money for camp? Not a penny for vacation? How will you and the kids ever survive the summer? By Annette Berlin.

Electricity KIDS
I want to find out more about electricity and electronics.

Emailing KIDS
Kids’ guide to email etiquette, rules and tips for writing email in order to make online friends.

English Composition KIDS
Yes, you can teach yourself high school-level English composition.

English Literature KIDS
Free literature and lessons on analyzing great literature.

English – ESL KIDS
English as a second language lessons, worksheets, pronunciation guides.

Enki Education Method
Enki is it’s own wonderful thing. Besides drawing from the best of Waldorf, Enki also draws from Montessori, the United Nations International School, Theme Studies and even the discovery learning of John Holt.

Enlisting in the Armed Forces or an Academy KIDS
Enlistment into the military or entrance into an academy for homeschooled teens.

Epilepsy ~ see Homeschooling with Epilepsy
Advice, books, and social networks to help you homeschool your epileptic child.

Eragon ~ see Christopher Paolini and Eragon: A Homeschool Success Story KIDS
Like so many homeschoolers, Christopher tackles projects by educating himself.

Resources for internationally mobile families considering homeschooling.

Explorations 4 Kids KIDS
Directory of free, fun learning websites for kids 4-18.

Extremely Annoying Questions about Homeschooling
Have you ever noticed that even the most intelligent seeming humans are capable of asking extremely annoying questions about homeschooling?

Eyes & Sight KIDS
Look inside the eye and see how sight works.