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A2Z Homeschool Articles, Pages, Kids Lessons Beginning with “F”

Face Paint KIDS
To make a good face paint, one that you can use water with, you have to have a base of WHITE, and use more cornstarch.

Fairy Garden for a Kid to Build KIDS
Fairy gardens are simple for kids to build, to make a model of a garden space for tiny creatures. This is a kid-friendly gardening project that can be created any time of the year, and played with outside in pleasant weather and inside during less pleasant days.

Fairy Tales KIDS
Collection of fairy tales: small people with strange powers.

Falling Through the Cracks – 2/21/03
I have three children and all three of them are doing poorly in school this year. It seems to me that the system is failing my children.

What it means to be a “homeschooling family.”

Family Library Organizing Tips
How do you best organize a family library?

Family Stories
Unschoolers tell what they aren’t doing on a daily basis.

Famous Homeschoolers
Parents are often concerned whether or not their children will have a chance at fame or fortune if they homeschool.

FAQs About Homeschooling High School
Homeschooling high school does take some planning, but can be a leg up on starting college or a career earlier than most teens.

Favorite Kids’ Authors KIDS
I want to find out more about my favorite author or series.

FDR- A Presidency Revealed Contest Eligibility – 3/11/05 KIDS
The History Channel has decided to open the scholarship challenge to all homeschoolers (even in states where homeschooling is not considered “private” school) in addition to students enrolled in a private and/or public high school.

Field Trips
Some call it Autoschooling as we learn on the go, visiting historic sites, science and art museums, civic monuments, and more.

Financial Aid
Help locating ways of financing a college education for your homeschooled teen.

Finding the Right College For You KIDS
Do you want to go? Tours and college fairs, college rankings and other things to consider.

Fire Prevention Unit Study – 10/07/97
Fire Prevention Week provides lots of opportunity to discuss fire safety.

Fire Safety KIDS
Learn how to prevent a fire, and what to do if you are caught in one.

For kids who have pet fish or enjoy catching or learning about all sorts of fish.

Fitness for Moms – see Keeping Mom Fit While Homeschooling – 6/11/08
Finding time to exercise with kids around all day every day can be a mighty big challenge. How other moms find time to get some exercise in each homeschooling day.

Let’s follow a flea from cradle to grave to learn about her strange, secret flea life-cycle.

Flexible Learning KIDS
These might best be called “Unschooling with a Diploma” programs, though with some, you can just take classes for fun, and not for credit.

Flight & Airplanes KIDS
How they work, making models, and a bit of history.

Flight History KIDS
Since early times, people have been fascinated with the idea of flight. Learn how these dreams of flight came true.

Resources, support groups and laws for homeschooling in this state.
Associations | Events | Field Trips | Laws | Legal Information | Online |
Resources | Support Groups | Support Group Lists | Umbrella Schools

Folk Instruments KIDS
Free lessons for folk instruments such as whistles and recorders.

Food Chemistry KIDS
Chemistry experiments you can do in your kitchen using products commonly found in grocery stores.

Food Fun – Nutrition 4 Kids KIDS
Recipes for kids to make mixed in with sound nutrition information.

Football KIDS
For Kids. Rules for football games, community football teams, practicing at home.

For Teachers Who Want to Tutor
You want to break out of public schools. How do you enter the homeschool market?

Foreign Service – 10/11/00
Let your children see the world! Consider homeschooling while posted at an embassy abroad.

Forensic Science ~ see Crime Scene Investigation KIDS
Forensics is the application of science to solving crimes, and scientists are getting really good at it. A Unit Study.

Forget What You Know About Good Study Habits
An interesting article appeared in this morning’s New York Times. It debunks much of what educators have been saying about how children learn, and seems to verify what unschooling families have known for years

Fossils KIDS
Fossils are our only clues to life in the past. They help us learn about evolution.

Foundational Skills
The early years of your child’s academic career are key for building a strong foundation that will help them achieve success throughout their school years and their life. Research shows that starting subjects such as science as early as kindergarten helps students gain the confidence and skills they need for continued academic achievement. Young children in early elementary grades are in a specific stage of cognitive development, and so the most effective programs for young children are programs that specialize in K-2, with content that caters to the K-2 cognitive level.

Foundations for Successful Homeschooling – 2/18/98
Help homeschooling a multiage family of two or more children.

Fractions – see Rational Numbers KIDS
Fractions, decimals, and percentages.

France Homeschooling
Resources, support groups and laws for homeschooling in France.

Free Homeschooling ~ See Truly Free K12 Homeschooling
How to have a totally free K12 homeschool experience online and off.

Free Math Worksheets
Assign online or print out. All grade levels.

Free Social Project Management Tools
Share your homeschooling plans on the web.

Free Homeschooling Curriculum Materials
You can build a curriculum for free or for very little or by borrowing.

Free Language Arts Curriculum Materials
Borrow books online. Teaching guides to literature.

Free Resources
A sortable database for free curriculum online and off. Sort by age, topic, and specific terms.

Free Science Curriculum Materials
Borrow alternative dissection materials. Free multimedia materials and science topic books and posters.

Free Social Project Management Tools
Organize homeschooling activities with your homeschool friends and family online with the hottest new social project management tools that are widely available: Project Management Applications!

Free Social Studies Curriculum Materials
Historical subjects in depth. Maps. Free government resources.

Free Unit Studies
Websites with free unit studies lesson plans.

French Lessons KIDS
Resources for small children through teens for learning French and connecting with other young French-speakers around the world.

Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]
In a nutshell, everything you might ask about homeschooling.

Frogs – Amphibians KIDS
Frogs are disappearing at an alarming rate. Find out how you can help save them.

Frugal Homeschooling ~ see Livelihood Issues
Frugal homeschooling. What are the cost issues of homeschooling? Can it be done inexpensively?

Fun Math Books
Recommended books for the reluctant math student. Fun for the whole family.