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A2Z Homeschool Articles, Pages, Kids Lessons Beginning with “H”

Habitats KIDS
Visit the earth’s Biomes which are areas with very different geology and plant and animal life: deserts, rainforests, tundra, taigas, temperate and grasslands

Halloween At Home KIDS
It can be a fun-filled, learning time for the whole family.

Halloween Party Sounds KIDS
Been on Amazon today collecting sounds and music for our Halloween neighborhood bash. Here’s the list I have so far.

Halloween Spook School KIDS
Welcome to our homeschool for little spooks. Our haunted house needs to meet all the state requirements for being a haunted home school.

Handwriting KIDS
Help introducing children to form letters correctly as printing, italics and cursive.

Resources, support groups and laws for homeschooling in this state.

Hawaiian Legends KIDS
Moral lessons have been handed down through the ages in Hawaiian myth and legends.

Health Care Reform for Homeschool Moms
As women, we can provide an important perspective in this debate, for in many ways health care reform is more important to us than it is to men.

Health Concerns of Kids KIDS
Fun links for learning about healthy practices and about such concerns as pain or illnesses or just curing hiccups.

Heart & Blood KIDS
Our heart pumps blood throughout our body, but how and why?

HeartMath and the Magical Child
Your guide’s review upon hearing Joseph Chilton Pearce speak.

Hebrew Lessons KIDS
Free lessons, games and kids’ sites from Israel.

Help the 10,100 Fired Teachers in California
If we enfold these teachers into our midsts, let them see that we are fairly wise families with really nice kids, we could wind up with a huge resource of supportive people willing to help us out should our own current political problems grow worse.

Help Getting Started
All sorts of wonderful essays on how to get started homeschooling.

Helping Gifted Children Soar – Book Review
Very readable, well-organized, practical, on everything from dealing with pros and cons of special talents in the kids to responses that aren’t always supportive in the teachers, to advocating for one’s child. By Ruth Richards.

Helping Your Child Learn to Read – By John Edelson
Learning to read is an exciting time for children and their families. For many parents, helping their child learning to read establishes a pattern for their involvement in their child’s academic education.

High Interest Approachable Vocabulary
A series of six short novels by Patricia Birtwistle that consists of exciting stories of intrigue and suspense for children ages 10 and older with reading difficulties. By Ruth Pell.

High School Diploma – see Transcripts
Help interpreting your high school-level work to make into transcripts for college applications.

High School English KIDS
Yes, you can teach yourself high school-level English composition and literature analysis.

Hiking with Homeschoolers
Hiking into nature provides the perfect environment for some whole learning that can cross the subject borders: physical education, science, history, social studies, literature, and art. By Sheri McGregor.

History Bookstore
Ancient history, American history and world history books recommended by your guide and available through Amazon.com.

History & Social Studies Materials
Suppliers of history and social studies curriculum for sale to homeschooling families.

History of Homeschooling
How did the modern movement come about? How did compulsory education regulations cause this reaction?

Hogwarts Distance Learning Program for Homeschoolers KIDS
A free virtual learning webpage where you can play that you are a student at the Hogwarts School For Wizards from the Harry Potter Series by J.K. Rowling.

Holding Children Accountable
Although I understand the perspective of children being accountable for their own learning, I don’t agree that it’s a child’s responsibility to show to other people that they are learning. By Tammy Takahashi.

Holistic Home
The answer to holistic homeschoolers is to place the child’s individual spirit at the center of teaching and learning. By Lucie Smoker.

Home = Education Conference Photo Album
Meet many of my online buddies, fellow homeschool web wonks, and favorite homeschooling writers.

Home Educators’ Discounts 
Here’s how to get discounts typically given to public school teachers.

Home, Home All the Day
Home, Home all the day, where the children study and play. Where seldom is heard, the hurry up word, and the van’s in the carport all day!

Home School Laws & Legalities Glossary
The purpose of this page is to help you understand what a legal term in a state’s home school law means you need to do, may do…or not do

Home School Programs
Is a homeschool program right for homeschoolers? Will a home school program help with accreditation? Find out about home school programs here.

Home Sweet Homeschool – George Lopez
When Carmen gets kicked out of private school, the Lopezes decide to homeschool, but have typical startup problems.

Homemade Instruments KIDS
All you need to make your own instruments for your neighborhood band.
For Small Children | Beginners | Intermediate | Advanced | Utilities

The Homeschool Alternative
Home based education ­ legal in all 50 states — is a growing movement that offers parents and children alike the opportunity to grow and learn in a loving and supportive environment. By Kris Bordessa.

Homeschool Blogs
Online journals, usually the thoughts, opinions and daily life of a homeschool family.

Homeschool Books
Books to guide you along your homeschooling adventure, recommended by your Homeschooling Guide in association with Amazon.com.

Homeschool Buyers Co-op
The prices only go down the more who join in on the purchases. This is a great idea whose time has come!

Homeschool Community Networking
Web Wonk ­ One who spends a lot of time online, subscribing to email lists, web surfing or building websites, posting regularly to message boards, and/or hosting chats, and maybe writing articles and books.

Homeschool Diploma Photoshop Template
Diploma with gold lettering and no border. Diploma.ttf font. Edit in Photoshop to customize for your graduate. Print on certificate paper.

Homeschool Manifesto
As you go out into the world, youthful homeschoolers, take this Homeschool Manifesto with you as you enter the cultures of academia and business.

Homeschool NonDiscrimination Act of 2005
While the intent of the bill may be honorable, the effect of the bill is potentially disastrous for homeschooling parents who want to remain free from government regulation. Text of this bill.

Homeschool Rooms
Is it time to convert your preschooler’s playroom into a space for an older child to have all their educational resources handy in one space?
More Homeschool Rooms

Homeschool Sports Programs KIDS
Competitive athletic teams are formed all over the country for homeschoolers. See if there is one near you, or learn how to start one in your region.

Homeschool Stationery
Make matching calling card, letterhead, and perhaps a brochure.

Homeschool Summer Camps
Not always held in the summer, many take advantage of lovely fall weather and uncrowded camping areas. Many homeschool associations and support groups also hold camps for members.

Homeschool T-Shirts, Bumperstickers, Caps, Bags, Yearbooks, Whatever
Wear it with pride!

Homeschool Videos
Young homeschoolers, teen homeschoolers, parents and even curriculum suppliers are making videos and using YouTube.

Homeschool Web Clip Art
Artist Michelle Thoburn drew “homeschool is cool” graphics just for us.

Homeschool Webmasters Yahoo Group
For homeschooling families who create websites, own groups, write blogs, and want to share tips about marketing and the technical aspects of web work.

Homeschool Word Scramble
Print out and solve these scrambled homeschool words we commonly use.

Homeschoolers At Work
Young homeschoolers working. Choosing a career. Homeschoolers in the workforce – and succeeding!

Homeschoolers for Kerry and Edwards 
Activities and lesson plans for children and teens to learn more about the election process by participating in the Kerry-Edwards Campaign.

Homeschoolers Plan to Help Tsunami Victims
David Albert organizes relief effort by homeschoolers to help orphans in South India.

Homeschooling because of Bullying at School
Don’t wait until you have done “all” the research, and gotten “all” the materials! Homeschool if your child is experiencing bullying at school.

Homeschooling Boys
When you hear the toilet flush and the words “uh oh”, it’s already too late.

Homeschooling by Age ~ see…
7 Year Old ~ 8 Year Old ~ 9 Year Old ~ 10 Year Old

Homeschooling, by Patricia M. Lines
Choosing to homeschool or to traditionally educate a child is often a difficult and confusing decision for parents and guardians. To help them make the best choice possible, this brochure answers basic questions about homeschooling and suggests other useful sources of information.

Homeschooling College, Too?
How to get college credit for studying done at home.

Homeschooling during the Swine Flu Pandemic 
As some schools are closing in Mexico and the US because of the outbreak of swine flu, some families are being forced into a few weeks of “accidental” homeschooling, and they just aren’t prepared.

Homeschooling Green
No one can do each and every thing that can matter to stop global warming, but if we can OVER ALL cut back even 10% each, the effect would be great.

Homeschooling Guide
What is homeschooling? Why do it? Who does it? What do you do?

Homeschooling Humor
Homeschoolers like to poke fun at themselves and their foibles.

The Homeschooling Image: Public Relations Basics
An ebook version of Mary Griffith’s The Homeschooling Image: Public Relations Basics, originally published in 1996. Updated in 2008.

Homeschooling Is Best
Rebuttal to Tracy Pope who wrote “Classroom is Best” in the August “Bay Area Parent.”

Homeschooling Kids Web Sites KIDS
These sites are made by homeschooled kids usually under 13 years old, or by teens or siblings, but the tone of the page is for the pre-teen set.

Homeschooling Kindergarten
Links to essays with advice about homeschooling 5 year olds.

Homeschooling Magazines
Magazines and newsletters helpful to homeschoolers, usually available by mail.

Homeschooling Mom Writes To Son Away At College
I’m writing this slow ’cause I know you can’t read fast.

Homeschooling the Older, Adopted Child
While homeschooling is a wonderful option for all children, it may be the one thing that promotes lasting bonding, attachment and security when one adopts an older child. By Joanne Greco-Akerman

Homeschooling Teenagers Books
How to be an independent scholar and still get into college. Books recommended by your Homeschooling Guide and available through Amazon.com.

Homeschooling Teens’ Web Sites KIDS
Teens will tell you about homeschooling. Find chats, message boards, email list and newsletters by and for homeschooling teens.

Homeschooling During the Holidays
Holiday homeschooling will look different for each family. Whatever your take is on it, here are some ideas to keep you busy and learning through the holiday season.

Horses KIDS
Learn to ride and care for a horse. Find out about prehistoric horses.

Hotel Food ~ see Avoiding Hotel Food
How to survive at a homeschool conference with starving children in a hotel room where all the food is way too expensive for your budget.

Hotel Soap Mixup
Homeschool conventioneer attempts to get his Dial bar of soap back.

How do Buildings and Things in Buildings Work? KIDS
You probably live in a building and are curious about how it was built and how the things in the building work.

How does a homeschooler change a lightbulb?
First, mom checks three books on electricity out of the library.

How Many Home Educators
Does it take to change a lightbulb?

How Natural Reading Happens
Why did Matt learn to read all by himself? We hadn’t taught him, had we? It just sort of happened. By Susan Viator.

How to Help Overcome Speech-Language Difficulties in the Home Schooled Child 
By Dr. Linda Kennedy. Speech-language disorders are common in children and are among the most difficult problems to detect, especially in a homeschool setting.

How To Impress Science Fair Judges
The first step to make judges take notice starts way before the science fair. It comes when you are thinking about what project to do.

How to Put a Real Name in Your Facebook Group URL
Having a real name in your Facebook group url will make it much easier for you and your members to remember what it is.

HSLDA and HSLDA/F Consumer Information
There are many different opinions about HSLDA. How to shop and compare, should you desire prepaid legal insurance regarding your homeschool efforts.

Hummingbird Nest KIDS
It’s twins! Just feet from our front door. Come see the photos by Ann Zeise.

Hurricanes – A Unit Study for Kids KIDS
Make this your first stop toward understanding how hurricanes form and do so much damage.