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A2Z Homeschool Articles, Pages, Kids Lessons Beginning with “L”

Lab Equipment
Suppliers of science lab equipment for sale to homeschooling families.

Resources, support groups and laws for homeschooling in this province.

Lakes, Ponds and Rivers KIDS
Investigate our waterways and learn to keep our drinking water pure.

Landfill Recipe KIDS
How to assemble a model landfill to learn how a modern trash dump works.

Languages Arts ~ see Teaching Language Arts
Tips on helping your child learn to spell and write.

Language Arts Bookstore
Recommended books to help you teach reading and writing at home, available through Amazon.com.

Language Arts Shop
Foreign Languages, Language Arts in General, Reading Instruction, Writing and Composition

Help learning a foreign language on your own and resources to help. Commercial sites.

Languages Near and Far KIDS
Web links where you can really learn a foreign or not so foreign language for free.

Large Families
Having a large family can seem an undaunting challenge or a blessing.

Latin Lessons KIDS
Web sites where you can really learn Latin while playing games and solving puzzles.

Laughing At Ourselves
Stressed? Take time out to laugh at the foibles of being homeschoolers.

LDS / Mormon
Resources and support links for Mormon homeschool families.

Lead Poisoning – Safety Lesson For Kids
How can a kid learn if their water and toys are safe from lead poisoning? Here is information that can help reassure kids and parents that their homes are safe, and if not, what can be done about it.

LGBT and Homeschooling
Locating Gender-inclusive Homeschool Support Groups on A2Z. Information about homeschooling as an LGBT parent, teen, or child.

Learn Safe Driving
Drivers education lessons and tips from top driving sites.

How do you know if they are learning anything?

Learning Disabilities
Learning disabilities seem to vanish when children are homeschooled.

Learning Every Minute – 8/4/02
Our daily lives are teeming with opportunities for learning. If you look at your life closely, you will realize there are a myriad of teachable moments each day.

Learning Styles
Identify how your children are each intelligent in their own way through these free online inventories.

Legal Cases
Reports of legal cases and precidents set involving homeschool families.

Legal Resources
Know your rights! Should you have a legal question, check this page. Legislation resources.

Legends KIDS
When ordinary people do extraordinary things, and their stories get past down through the ages, then they become the stuff of legends.

Lesson Plans
Websites that have structured lesson plans. Usually these have goals and objectives and meet state standards.

Lesson Plans – The Arts
Incorporating the fine arts across your curriculum and across your life.

Lesson Plans based on TV and Movies
Using movies and TV shows as part of your homeschool curriculum.

Let’s Play and Find Out About Slime
Slime is easy for kids to make and ever so fun for kids to to play with. By Janice VanCleave

Lewis and Clark KIDS
200 years ago these brave men led an expedition up the Missouri River, across wild mountain ranges, befriending Native Americans through the help of the Indian woman, Sacagawea.

Library Paddles – 03/23/02
Kids simply insert the paddle next to the book they want, pull out the book, sit down, and look at it or show it to Mom.

Light and Learning – 8/3/02
If you want to see an immediate improvement in attitude in your family, replace pink and cool white fluorescent lighting with full spectrum light bulbs inside your home.

Literature Based Reading Instruction Materials
Suppliers of reading instruction curriculum for sale to homeschooling families.

Little House Unit Study KIDS
Fun projects for kids to do while reading Laurel Ingalls Wilder Little Housebooks.

Living Joyfully With Children – 11/26/97
Win and Bill Sweet: maximize freedom and success, minimize fear and failure.

Livelihood Issues
What are the cost issues of homeschooling? Can it be done inexpensively?

Local Site Wish List – 6/28/99
What homeschooling families would like to find on web pages from library, parenting, and community organizations.

Logic Games KIDS
Logic puzzles and games online.

Long Family Case Developmen
As you might have heard, there have been some important developments in the Long family’s case.

Losing Weight with Kids Around
Losing weight with big kids around all day every day can be a mighty big challenge. Take time to include healthy eating and exercise habits in each homeschooling day.

Resources, support groups and laws for homeschooling in this state.

Lucky You, You’re Homeschooling!
Chase the snakes out of your home and think about how lucky you are.

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