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A2Z Homeschool Articles, Pages, Kids Lessons Beginning with “M”

Machines 4 Kids KIDS
Fun with physics. Tear apart an old computer. Run a real robot. Build working simple machines.

MacWorld SF 2005 Report – 1/15/05
I’ve been at MacWorld SF most of this week and thought I’d report back what I saw and heard that might most interest homeschoolers and homeschool webmasters.

Magazines 4 Kids
Publications designed with the young reader in mind. Often they allow submission of articles from young authors, too.

Magazine Shop
Homeschooling, parenting, and children’s magazines here are available through their publishers and through affiliate links at Amazon.com and Magazines.com.

Mail Lists
Email lists to leave messages and questions about homeschooling. Follow the directions carefully.

Resources, support groups and laws for homeschooling in this state.

Making Your Homeschool Support Group Website Special
The very top support group sites do not try to duplicate the efforts of state association sites or comprehensive homeschool websites, but focus instead on what they know that the “Big Guys” do not: their local resources.

Resources, support groups and laws for homeschooling in Malaysia.

Manifesto ~ see Homeschool Manifesto – 10/11/06
As you go out into the world, youthful homeschoolers, take this Homeschool Manifesto with you as you enter the cultures of academia and business.

Resources, support groups and laws for homeschooling in this province.

Really good maps and atlases online to help with geography and history studies.

Unit study based around all the excitement of the Mars Landers.

Martha’s vs Homeschool Mom’s Way
Martha’s way #1: Stuff a miniature marshmallow in the bottom of a sugar cone to prevent ice cream drips.

Resources, support groups and laws for homeschooling in this state.

Resources, support groups and laws for homeschooling in this state.

Math 4 Teens KIDS
And for those doing algebra, geometry or calculus, or struggling with higher math concepts and need some help.

Math Anxiety
If dogs and bees can do calculus naturally, how come I’m having so many problems learning math?

Math Assessment
Ways to find out just what your child has mastered in math and what math to do next.

Math Books
Family-friendly math books for the home learner. Recommended by your Homeschooling Guide and available through Amazon.com.

Math Books – Fun
Recommended books for the reluctant math student. Fun for the whole family.

Math Courses for Teens
Commercial online math courses on high school math topics. Some for credit, some not.

Math Days of Christmas – 12/11/06
Here are 12 great ways to combine math in your Christmas activities.

Math Lessons
Math strategies, lesson plans, worksheets all free for adapting for use in your home.

Math Lessons By Grade Level KIDS
Large kids’ math sites with sections by grade level.

Math Madness KIDS
Fun links for learning and practicing math skills for the pre-algebra set.

Math Novels
Stories with numerical themes to puzzle and intrigue you.

Math Shop
Math Books, Courses for Teens, Curriculum, Software, Stuff

Math Software
Mac and Windows, commercial and shareware software such as calculators, math education, logic and computer programming for kids.

Math Stuff
Books, materials and supplies to help you learn math at home.

Math Tests & Problem Sets KIDS
Take these quizzes to see how much you know about math.

Math Worksheets – Free
Assign online or print out. All grade levels.

May a Grandmother Homeschool? – 8/1/07
Yes, a grandmother may homeschool her grandchildren.

May I homeschool someone else’s children? – 6/25/09
There are two scenarios. The person asking is a relative, such as a grandparent, older sibling, or other relative. They will be educating their relative at no charge. The second is someone unrelated to the family and who will be receiving compensation.

Mayan Culture KIDS
Mayan stories, activities and virtual tours help you learn more about this ancient culture.

Media Guidelines – 6/16/09
By Holly Furgason. Be yourself and try to relax. Use your everyday speech. This is not the time to up grade your vocabulary. You’re doing a great job homeschooling and you want them to know it!

Medieval Times KIDS
Find out about Castles, Happenings, Heraldry, Kings & Queens, Knights & Ladies, Organizations, and Plays.

Mexico ~ see Central & South America
Resources, support groups and laws for homeschooling in this region, from Mexico south.

Resources, support groups and laws for homeschooling in this state.
Support Groups

Microscopes KIDS
Zoom in real close to look at tiny things, build your own microscope or find one to buy. Learn how to use one.

Military Homeschooling
Support for homeschooling families in the military, and teens wanting to enter the armed forces.
US Military Homeschool Support Groups

Millenium Cleanout – 11/9/99
I’ve caught a Millenium Cleanout Flu. Are you suffering from it, too?

Resources, support groups and laws for homeschooling in this state.

Resources, support groups and laws for homeschooling in this state.

Resources, support groups and laws for homeschooling in this state.

Modern Times – 20th Century KIDS
This page takes you from rural America at the turn of the century, through the mid-century battles, and to the advent of the technological society.

Mom Guilt – 5/8/98
Does your family really appreciate and understand?

Moms Talk
Mothers share their reasons for deciding to homeschool.

Money Lesson ~ see Teaching Your Kids About Money – 9/20/06
Make financial goal setting and budgeting a family affair. If everyone in the family agrees on a goal, it’s easier for the whole family to do what it takes to meet that goal. By Elisabeth Donati.

Money Matters KIDS
Learn to make change, run a lemonade stand, or invest your hard earned money.

Resources, support groups and laws for homeschooling in this state.

Montessori Materials
Vendors selling Montessori materials to homeschool families.

Montessori Homeschooling
Maria Montessori advocates observing your child, removing obstacles to learning and providing children with real, scaled-to-size tools to use.

The Moon unit Study – Homeschooling Astronomy KIDS
Get a deeper understanding of the moon with these resources for a unit study about The Moon. Videos, maps, history of discoveries: Neil Armstrong, included.

Motherhood – Smarter or More Anxious? – 5/7/05
Two books came out just in time for Mother’s Day 2005. One claims that motherhood makes us to be more anxious and the other claims motherhood makes us women smarter. Does one necessarily preclude the other?

Mouth Parts KIDS
A look inside your mouth – at teeth and how to care for them, and at your tongue and how it tastes.

Multiplication Made Easy KIDS
Tips and tricks to make memorizing the tables easy.

Murphy’s Laws of Homeschooling – 3/6/06
Whatever you know a whole lot about, your child will refuse to learn it!

Music Lessons KIDS
Sing a silly song. Learn to play an instrument or how to read music.

Musical Instruments ~ see Homemade Instruments KIDS
All you need to make your own instruments for your neighborhood band.
For Small Children | Beginners | Intermediate | Advanced | Utilities

Musicians Who Homeschool
Musicians, other than singers, who are currently homeschooling or who were homeschooled in the recent past, are included in this page. Homeschooling allows children to take extra time in areas which interest them.

Muslim ~ see Islamic and Muslim
Resources for Muslim, Islamic, Arabic and Urdu speaking homeschool families.

Music Vendors
Instruments, lessons online or through videos, and sheet music resources.

Must I Be Organized?- July 21, 2002
Contrary to what some perfectionist homeschool moms espouse, organization is one of the LEAST important factors of a successful school year.

Myths, Fables, Fairy Tales and Folklore KIDS
Moral lessons have been handed down through the ages in the forms of myth and legends.