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A2Z Homeschool Articles, Pages, Kids Lessons Beginning with “P” or “Q”

Resources and support for Pagan homeschooling families.

Parent-Teacher Conference
What do you call it when a homeschool mom talks to herself?

Parade Article ~ see Am *I* going to pass along Parade Article?
What I wrote back to Parade Magazine when I was asked to post a link to their recent highly inaccurate and biased article about homeschooling.

Parenting Magazines
Natural parenting publications often popular with homeschooling families.

Parts is Parts – Intelligence Revisited
By David Albert. Most homeschoolers I know are partial to Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple intelligences.

Past Events
Archive of past homeschool events, such as workshops, conferences, conventions and speakers. Listed by US state and Canadian province.

By Barbara Frank. When people find out that I homeschool my children, they almost always say something along the lines of, “I could never do that. You must be a really patient person.”

PBS – Taking a Reading on Children’s Reading
By Drew B. Saunders, PBS. PBS, in addition to creating great on-air programs like Sesame Street and Reading Rainbow to help young readers flourish, also has free online resources for parents and teachers all about guiding students as they learn to read and write.

PE Equipment
Suppliers of interesting items for unschooling PE for sale to homeschooling families.

Resources, support groups and laws for homeschooling in this state.
Associations | Demographics | Events | Field Trips | Laws | Legal Information | Online | Publications | Resources |Support Groups | Support Group Lists

Penpals KIDS
Have fun writing to other kids whether they homeschool or not.

Percentages ~ see Rational Numbers KIDS
Fractions, decimals, and percentages.

Performing Artists Who Homeschool
Performing Artists (Other than musicians and singers) who are homeschooled or who homeschool their children.

Phonics Reading Instruction Materials
Hooked on Phonics, Word Smart Phonics, and other resources for phonics instruction curriculum.

Photo Editing on an iPhone or iPad KIDS
Here is a list of the photo editing apps I intend to help you with to make your otherwise dull photos really pop! Some are free and others I recommend are very low cost.

Photography for Kids KIDS
How to make or buy a camera. How to take good photographs and movies.

Physics Classes for Free
High school and college classes in physics offered online for free. Physics books available to buy.

Physics 4 Kids – Physics Demos KIDS
How things work. Projects and demos you can create using the concepts of real physics.

Piano Lessons KIDS
Free piano and keyboard lessons online.

Pilgrims KIDS
How Squanto helped the Pilgrims. The first Thanksgiving at Plimoth Plantation.

Pioneer Times KIDS
In the early 1800s people headed across the western plains and mountains to settle in Oregon and California.

The Pinhole Camera – An Overview KIDS
The drawbacks of the pinhole image forces you to become a better photographer and compel you use the principals of composition to craft a better image. Using a pinhole camera forces you to become a better photographer.

Pirates of Colonial Times KIDS
If you want to hear stories of pirates, galleons, lost treasures, horrendous deeds, and gallant heros, this is a place to find them.

Planning a Custom Education
The real trick to homeschooling is, believe it or not, to forget what “they” have put in place of goals for your child.

Planning & Record Keeping
Set goals, track achievements, plan field trips, assign family chores, and other means of maintaining records of your homeschool activities.

Planning for Homeschooling is Like Planning a Vacation
Have you ever planned a family vacation? Figuring out your homeschool life is a lot like doing vacation planning.

Plans for Making a Toy Car for Kids KIDS
I need free plans for a toy car. Kids can build these toy cars with just a little help from a grown-up. Pinewood Derby. Mousetrap Car. Clothespin Cars.

Plant Science Projects For Kids KIDS
Botany is the science of how plants work, from the tiniest seeds and algae to the tallest trees.

Pluto FlyBy, July 15, 2015 KIDS
On July 15, 2015 the NASA “New Horizon” probe did a close flyby with much data recorded that will be sent for the 5.5 hour journey back to earth for analysis and distribution.

Poetry KIDS
Sites that inspire poem writing in children. Places to submit your poems.

Creating portfolios for personal use or for getting into college.

Prehistoric Man KIDS
Find out the truth about cave men, women and kids, as well as the lovely art they created.

Children can’t read? Links to help parents teach reading.

Preschool ~ see Toddlers at Home, Too
When you homeschool preschool, you get to change more than diapers, you get to change their minds.

Primary Math KIDS
Basic math skill for little children.

Privacy Policy
All personal information collected on this Website by A to Z Home’s Cool and/or its affiliated companies will be utilized primarily for internal purposes and/or to enhance visitor enjoyment and experience.

Programming 4 Kids KIDS
Learn to program games using Logo, C++, Java, Basic, and other languages.

Programs for Disabled Children
These programs go out of their way to provide full programs and support for those with specific disabilities.

Programs for Gifted Children
These programs cater to the needs of gifted and talented youngsters.

Proms for Homeschoolers
Several states are having state-wide proms for homeschoolers this year. Here are their announcements.

Pros and Cons of Homeschooling
Doubts and concerns about homeschooling. What worries us most.

Protection Online
Children should never to give out their full name – in fact, let them make up a nickname to use online. Something other than “HotChick12!”

Public “Homeschool” Programs
The homeschooling community constantly debates on whether or not it is wise to participate in public school-sponsored programs. Find out if a home school program is right for your family.

Public Relations ~ see The Homeschooling Image: Public Relations Basics
An ebook version of Mary Griffith’s The Homeschooling Image: Public Relations Basics, originally published in 1996. Updated in 2008.

Public School or Homeschool?
It seems that into many homeschooling families’ journeys comes a fork in the road; a time to decide between continuing on the homeschooling path or to travel the road that leads to public school attendance. By Linda Dobson.

Public Speaking KIDS
How to write and give a speech. Famous speeches. Where to learn to give a speech.

Puerto Rico
Resources, support groups and laws for homeschooling in this commonwealth state.

Puppets KIDS
Put on a puppet show for your family and friends. Everything you need to know about making puppets and stages.

Resources, support groups and laws for homeschooling in this province.

Queensland Homeschooling Laws
Not intended as legal advice. Laws for your information only.

Questions and Comments About Homeschooling
An upset educator wrote me today. Her questions may be some you also have, so I thought I’d put them up online.

Quickstart Curriculum
Some books to order to just help families get started in their homeschool journey. Each selection is deliberately short and inexpensive.