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Ann Zeise Contact Information And Faqs

How to Contact Your Homeschooling Guide

I’m a real person. I really am a currently “retired,” homeschooling parent in Milpitas,CALIFORNIA, (near San Jose) and homeschooled from 1993 – 2003. You can read more about me in this biography published in the California HomeSchooler.

Meet Ann Zeise: Home’s Cool from A to Z “Having traveled the homeschool road herself, Zeise has homeschoolers’ best interests in mind, rather than simply trying to make the most money possible.” From my biography by Jennifer Dees.

Got a Question about Homeschooling, this site, technical issues, marketing, billing, SEO or ……?

Send a message:

I’m hanging out on Facebook, just like you! Just “Like” A2Z Homeschooling. What’s on your mind? Post your question, and I’ll get back to very fast!
Use the contact form to the right to contact me or one of our staff..

Please read the “Frequently Asked Questions” below first to see if your question may already be answered on this site. If you can’t find it on this site using the site index or search engine above, I will offer you reassurance and pointers via email. Please provide me with some personal information about your homeschooling situation so I can customize my reply to you. Please include your state and nearest large city, and the genders and ages of your children,especially if your question concerns regional laws or resources, or if I will need general information about your children to answer your question accurately. I promise I do nothing with the information other than format a reply to you.

If you are on America Online or other email service that uses a spam blocker, please “whitelist” my email address above BEFORE you send me email expecting a response. At this point, I’ve decided to give only very short answers to people on AOL unless they tell me that I’m on their buddylist or address book. AOL will place my response to you in your spam folder unless you put my email address in your AOL address book. I don’t spam. I will not bother to reply to anyone’s request to unblock.

If your response asks about finding a product or service, or there is a book that goes into great detail about your particular concern, you may get a product recommendation. This is not spam. If you do not want any purchasable products or services mentioned in my reply to you, state so in your email. I will then NOT recommend any distance learning programs or curriculum providers or websites with anything for sale. Please don’t expect me to rewrite essays and books that already exist.

My post office mail address is:

A to Z Home’s Cool
ATTN: Ann Zeise
1949 Grand Teton Dr.
Milpitas, CA 95035-6614

Please contact me via email before sending me products to preview. If I cannot personally use the item, it is either given away to a family who could use it or to a homeschool association for use in a fund raiser.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

I have no idea where to start looking for information about homeschooling. Please help!

Please start by reading the essays and links under Beginning to Homeschool. These essays can be tremendously reassuring.

How do I locate other homeschoolers nearby?

I live in Milpitas, California, so the best I can do is offer you these links, as I probably don’t know anyone personally who lives and homeschools in your town. If the regional information pages don’t help you find someone nearby, try posting on the A2Z Homeschool Discussion list on Facebook, or to other Social Networks to find other homeschooling friends and helpful homeschoolers.

If you have a support group that you want listed and linked on this site, I need to know the name of your group, its web address (URL), and a brief description that tells where you most frequently meet, and if the group is inclusive or has any limitations on membership (Unschoolers, Christians, teens, etc.). Figure out which page would be best, and under which geographic subhead (City, county or region.) Listing support groups is free, but a link or email address for locating your group is mandatory. I don’t list phone numbers or home addresses for your own safety. See next FAQ about creating a blog or group for your support group on my site.

Can I create a blog or discussion group on your site?

As long as it closely relates to homeschooling or the needs of homeschool families you may start and maintain a FREE blog or discussion group or even an opt-in newsletter on our blog site, A2ZHomeschool.com. Any public content is findable from both the blog AND the main A to Z home’s Cool website. (You may also have a private blog or group, out of sight of strangers.)

I’m looking for some real specific information. How do I find it on your site?

Please use the search engine at the top of this and all pages. It will show you on which pages I have the word or phrase you are looking for, and will nicely show you the sentence that it is used in. You can also use the tags at the bottom of each page to locate similar posts, should the post you first find not quite have the information you need.

I have a homeschooling newsletter, website or group. May I copy some of your content into it?

Permission to reprint a specific copyrighted feature article most likely will be granted, but there is a simple agreement that I ask, so email me first. This is an excellent way to augment your homeschool newsletter, but be sure to allow enough time. Just use the contact form above, select Ann Zeise. You may not copy any content on this site to your website, blog, or email list, but it is okay to copy a sentence or two in order to entice your readers to follow a link to my site. There is no need to ask permission to link to any of my pages, but I do get a kick out of knowing that you have.

I have this really cool site every homeschooler should know about. How do I get it listed here?

Suggest the site by  using the contact form above, select Ann Zeise. So I can list it in the appropriate page of my site, it does help to suggest a good location on my site where you think your site fits in well. I link to original content only, not to other directories. Anything you can do to help me get your link up faster and most accurately is appreciated.

Banner or Text Advertising

You may also pay for prime placement of your advertising banner or text link. Contact me for pricing for the page you want. Several new advertising opportunities are available. Too many for this page to accommodate, so Advertising information has been moved to its own page.

I’m a student writing a thesis about homeschooling. Is there any research?

There is a lot of research and information linked on this website. Please do not expect busy homeschooling parents to do your research for you. If you have a few specific questions after reading all the relevant links on this website then write. If you create a website with your original findings, please contact me to have it listed.

You may use “snips” of material or quote me from this site without asking permission. You may not copy large portions. Here is an excellent resource for generating the proper reference for your academic paper:

Slate Citation Machine – Web Sites

My name is spelled “Ann Zeise.” The website name is “A2Z Home’s Cool” and the publishing organization is “A to Z Home’s Cool, Inc.” The articles are updated regularly, so if you need to know original publication date, contact me.

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