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Homeschool Discounts

How To Get Homeschool Discounts Typically Given To Public School Teachers

By Ann Zeise Updated by Andrea Dillon

In this feature, I will step you through the procedure for getting educators’ discounts. As a homeschooling teacher you are entitled to receive discounts through businesses that offer such discounts to public school teachers or private tutors.

Please read the other feature I wrote concerning selecting a name for your homeschool. You will need some physical proof you are a teacher before going to a business and asking for educators’ specials. Don’t be fooled by any homeschool organization that says they’ll provide you with an ID for money: you already have a computer and printer, and you only need to spend a bit more for card stock paper.

If you are a vendor, please leave a comment with not only your link, but what discount you will give homeschoolers and their parents and instructors. This is free advertising. All comments are moderated first.

Guilt Relief

Skip over this section if you are the type who has no qualms asking for lower pricing, but I know some of you probably just HATE to haggle. First off, you are a real “educator” and don’t let anyone tell you differently. Secondly, you aren’t taking anything from the store that they aren’t pleased to give. Businesses are used to giving discounts to those other than public school teachers, people such as tutors, coaches, scout leaders, and others involved with teaching, such as music teachers. The IRS gives tax breaks to the store and the manufacturer for contributing to educational enterprises. You are also helping their Public Relations programs, which love to boast how much they help education of children. Hope that helps.

Types of Businesses to Ask

Homeschoolers have asked and received discounts at all sorts of places of business:

  • Arts & Crafts
  • Bookstores
  • Catalog Suppliers of all sorts of things
  • Computer Stores (computer hardware and software for teacher & students)
  • Craft Supply Stores
  • Furniture Stores (student desks & chairs)
  • General Merchandise
  • Hardware Stores (For all those bookshelves and projects)
  • Museums
  • Music Stores
  • Office Supply
  • Science Stores
  • Sporting goods

Who to Ask

Ask for the general manager in most businesses or for the sales person in charge of corporate accounts at larger businesses. Ask that person if they give an “educators’ discount” BEFORE you tell them you are a homeschooler. A “yes” answer will give them less room to wiggle out once you do tell them you homeschool. If they say “yes,” tell them you are a homeschool teacher (No need to go into great detail.) and you’d like to apply to get an educators’ discount as you “plan to be purchasing several hundreds of dollars of merchandise from them for your homeschool within the next year.” OK, so maybe you are exaggerating, but with a discount and winning the state lottery you might!

What to Expect

The business may want any combination of the following, so be prepared.

  • Have an ID card that “proves” you are a teacher. This is where creating a homeschool teacher’s ID with your computer and printer comes in handy.
  • Have a written statement on letterhead from your school saying you are authorized by that school to make purchases. It won’t matter that you’ve made up that school letterhead on your computer and your husband has nicely signed it as “principal” so you may make purchases in the school’s name. (And vice versa so your husband can shop at his favorite “homeschool supply” stores.)

Now, the store manager knows you are a homeschooler. They just need to make a copy of these documents to give to their accountant. In turn, they may issue you a special card to use when making purchases, or ask that you make your purchases at the “business window” where they’ll have an account set up for you.

Firms that Offer Discounts or Freebies to Homeschoolers

Please contribute to this list by emailing me. Say it is for the “Educators’ Discount” page. I’ll add the merchant and their link here. This list does not mean I endorse these merchants or their products. The list is of firms that are not typically thought of as resources for homeschoolers. This is not a list of discounters in general. Better buys exist, so do shop around.

Barnes & Noble
Homeschooling parents are eligible by providing a photo ID and a letter with the following information: Family name and address; Name of homeschooling parent(s); Grade level of each child being homeschooled. Barnes & Noble offers pre-k-12 educators, librarians, and homeschoolers a 20% discount off the publisher’s list price on select items that we consider suitable for use in the classroom or with the student population, including most hardcover and paperback books, toys, and games. In store only. Online, join the Kids Club for online and store discounts.

Big 5 Sporting Goods
Local manager offered me last sale price on whatever I wanted, for this month only. Not a regular policy, so you should talk to your individual store manager.

Offers an educators discount in their stores. Check store for details.

Container Store
Our Organized Teacher program offers educators special discounts throughout the year to help organize their classrooms! Please complete the form below to receive your first offer, redeemable in-store, online or by phone. Verified on Facebook.

Creation Engine: Academic Discounts on Software
Ann, we will offer any homeschool people that visit your website free shipping on their orders. All they have to do is enter promo code “gomilpitas” when they check out. (This site used to be under that domain.)

Dell Computers for Students
Instantly save an additional $150.

Jo-Ann’s Fabrics & Crafts
Offers a 10% discount card to educators. At our store (Medford, OR) I just TOLD them that I was a homeschooler and they gave me the card, no questions or proof needed. They’re great to deal with! Hope this helps! Debra

15% off entire purchase everyday. Products designed for the classroom. Some exclusions apply. See a store associate for details. Available in store only.

It pays to be a Teacher Rewards member. When you sign up, you’ll earn 5% back in rewards (which anyone can apply for), but also 10% back in rewards on teaching and art supplies. Plus, get Free Shipping on every staples.com® order. You may need some proof, some homeschool documentation, when you sign up. The rewards are giving annually.

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  1. michaelvvmoreno on May 11, 2022 at 6:02 am

    Yeah, I didn’t expect to find so much useful information. I don’t know if it’s right or not, but I always try to get a discount where possible. And by the way, I’m always happy to give a discount on my services, especially if it’s a regular customer. People like to feel special (in a good sense).

  2. Chrisjames on June 30, 2021 at 3:02 am

    Great read!! thanks for sharing such great blog, blog like these will surely help.

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