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How To Name Your Homeschool

Can you name your homeschool? Should you even name your homeschool? Do you need to have a name for it? And, what should you name it? Learn more here!

By Ann Zeise and Karen Gibson

You’ve learned your state laws on homeschooling. You’ve started the process to begin homeschooling. You are ready to submit your notice of intent (for those that are required to), but you are stuck on coming up with a name for your homeschool. Can you name your homeschool? Should you even name your homeschool? Do you need to have a name for it? And, what should you name it?

Naming your homeschool can be fun and advantageous, especially when you let your students be a part of the process. There are several reasons for naming your homeschool, but one of the main reasons is to get educational discounts from suppliers who usually deal with large schools or districts. Remember that as an educator, you qualify for many homeschool discounts.

Another reason for naming your homeschool is to create a sense of identity for your children. Everyone needs to feel like they belong to something and if someone asks them “Where do you go to school” they will always have an answer to give.

If you’d like to tell others about your homeschool’s name and how you chose it, comment below! 


Ideas for Naming Your Homeschool

When thinking about how to name your homeschool make sure to be creative and stay away from names that won’t grow with your child or that may have a silly, or negative connotation.

If you’re looking for unique and creative school names for your homeschool, read through our list of ways to generate your homeschool name

  1. If there’s a particular family member, historical character or hero that your child loves, consider adding their name to your homeschool. For example, “Uncle Jack’s Homeschool for the Arts” or “Queen Elizabeth’s Academy for 2 Girls” (see what I did there?).
  2. Proclaim your philosophy or religion (Our Faith Free School). Indicate the type of homeschool environment you provide through the religion or philosophy that guides you. “Socratic Homeschool” or “Baptist Academy,” both are prestigious homeschool names that stay true to who you are. 
  3. Use your own last name (Gibson Homeschool or Smith Home Academy of the Arts). This is an authentic way to create an attractive school name and personalize your homeschool!
  4. Your street name (Ironman Road Academy).  Make a unique choice for your homeschool and base your school’s name on your location.
  5. Features in your environment (Oak Hill School). Ask your children what nouns they think of when they picture their home. Is it a plant, animal or geographic feature that springs to mind? Incorporate that noun into your school’s name, “River Program” or “Pasture Academy.”
  6. Your town name (Smallville Independent Study Program). Why not name your school based on the city where it is located? “Port Jefferson Academy” or “Roswell Eclectic Institute” are descriptive and (literally) close to home. 
  7. Homeschool names inspired by the Bible (Redeemer Academy). Is there a Bible verse or theme from literature that guides you and your family? Think through biblical verses and quotes from favorite books that move you and arrange the words so they’re meaningful to you. Psalm 23 could translate to “Shepherd Assembly” or pay homage to Ulysses with “Odyssey Academy.”
  8. Traditional school names to add credibility (Fuller School). Think through the synonyms for “school.” “Academy” is a popular choice, but “Homeschool,” “Program,” “Institute,” and “Assembly” could all be viable options. 
  9. Show your bilingual side (Charles école à la maison). If your child loves languages consider incorporating that into your homeschool name. For example “Diana’s Hjemmeskole”, “Homeschool for Conhecimento (knowledge)” or “Schule zu Hause for Bella”.
  10. Latin words to drive distinction (Borealis Academy). Latin terms and words demonstrate intellectual curiosity and can really make your name stand out! If you are located in the North, a name like Borealis Academy is descriptive and apt.
  11. A name that will work for years to come (Pearson Five Independent School). The children may be primary school now, but you may find a name that restricts you to elementary school limiting past the age of 12. Think through examples of how your homeschool’s name will be used on diplomas and transcripts. If it doesn’t sound official now, it won’t pass muster as on a diploma.
  12. Considering adding your homeschool style into your homeschool name as well. For example “Margary’s Eclectic Homeschool for the Gifted” or “Greek Montessori Homeschool”
  13. Just like using your preferred teaching method can turn into a unique name for your homeschool, using your child’s preferred learning style can also lead to a beautiful result. For example “Max’s Visual Learning Homeschool” or “Mary’s Linguistic Learning Academy”
  14. Lastly, make sure your choice works for the whole family. Some states, like North Carolina, won’t allow you to change your homeschool’s name so take a family vote and maybe ask a friend to give their objective opinion. This name will represent all of your student’s hard work — make it a great name!


Where To Use Your Homeschool Name

Transcripts If your child is going to a traditional school or applying for college, you can use your homeschool name on the transcripts you create. 
Diplomas Homeschool diplomas will require your homeschool name. 
Applications School applications, college applications, scholarship and grant applications…each of these requires a homeschool name.
Student “Shop” Items Make field trips, outings, and events an opportunity to show your school spirit by creating T-shirts with your school’s name and colors. 
Job Applications When applying for part-time or full-time work, your student will need to provide their homeschool name. 


Add A Name

What did you name your school? Let us know your homeschool name suggestions in the comment section below or let us know how your name is working for you. 

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