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What Do You Do On Your First Day Of Homeschool?

By: Andrea Dillon
*This post contains affiliate links. Items purchased through our links may earn us a commission.


The first day of homeschooling can be a little scary for those families beginning to homeschool. You have turned in all the necessary paperwork, planned the curriculum, and figured out how and when you want to homeschool, but now what? What are you supposed to do on your first day of homeschool? 

That’s right! The perk of homeschooling is that you can make the rules! So your first day can be as full or as light as you need and want. You get to set the pace. As a veteran homeschooler, I do have some tips on making the first day the best it can be.

1. Take it slow!

Don’t feel like you need to do it all the first day. Pick one or two subjects and start there. You can add in the others slowly over the week and get into a schedule

2. Don’t school all day! 

I know it can seem like you need to go a full eight hours, but homeschooling doesn’t need to take that long. On average, most families only homeschool between one to four hours a day. On the first day, keep it short and sweet at an hour or less. You want enough to feel like you have started, but not too much to make you feel overwhelmed.  

3. Do something fun!

Make the first day about fun! Do something wacky, weird, and different that your children usually wouldn’t get to do on their first day of school anywhere else! This is the best way to make you and your kids excited about the homeschool year.


Homeschool First Day Of School Ideas

Do you need some ideas on something fun to try on the first day of homeschooling? Here are a few of my family’s favorites that we have turned into traditions over the years. Pick one or two for the first day or pick a couple and make it a week of events as you celebrate your first week homeschooling! 


School Supply Scavenger Hunt

So you picked out all those fun new school supplies, and the kids are excited for them. Make the first lesson of the day a scavenger hunt! Plus, the kids will be practicing reading and thinking skills!


Ice Cream

Celebrate the day with a cold treat. Take a trip to the local ice cream shop midday or make it a homeschool kitchen science experiment and make your own ice cream! It’s fun and educational! 


Decorate Their Portfolio 

Grab a cheap three-ring binder, paint, stickers, markers, and any other craft supplies you have and let the kids show off their personality while making their own custom portfolio binder! The perfect place to put all their finished homeschool work for the year! 

first-day-of-homeschooling 1



Pack up some fun snacks and head outside. Enjoy the beautiful weather and the fact that you are not stuck inside at a desk all day! 


Have a Game Day! 

Yes, the kids will still be learning, but they don’t have to know that. Find a few fun board games and make it an all-day game day. 


Make a school shirt

Did you know you can decorate a shirt with crayons? Grab some cheap t-shirts or recycle some old ones and make a school shirt! Create a homeschool name if you don’t have one and pick a mascot! If you don’t feel comfortable drawing it, then create it using a program like Canva and try an iron-on transfer


School Pictures 

Just because you homeschool doesn’t mean you have to miss out on pictures. Have the kids dress up for some nice first day photos. Or grab our free first-day printables below and take some candid photographs to share with your families and friends. These are perfect keepsakes to look back on come next summer!  


First Day Field Trip

No school takes a field trip on the first day. So enjoy this homeschool perk! Go somewhere fun or visit a location that has been super busy all summer with all the public school students. If you can’t make it out of the house, you can give a virtual field trip a try! 


Make It A Book Day

Mark this momentous occasion by going to the homeschooling family’s favorite hangout! The library! Grab a stack of books, get to know your librarians, and enjoy some library activities while you are there. Then take the rest of the day to relax, cuddle, and read. 


Document the Moment

Believe it or not, the year will fly by. Soon I will be writing how to wrap up the year. Use the first day to document what your children are like at that very moment. Start a daily homeschooling journal or grab our free about me printable. By next summer, they will have grown and changed so much! 


Collaborate on a Back to School Playlist and have a dance party. 

Pull up your favorite music app and have the kids help you make a motivation playlist to get pumped for the school year. Think Happy by Pharrell Williams and Can’t Stop This Feeling by Justin Timberlake. These songs are great to save for when the winter blah sets in, and you all need to get up and move! 


CO-OP Playdate 

Find those other homeschoolers and start the year off with a playdate. Bonus perk, the parks will be less crowded now! If you can’t get together physically with your friends, give some social distancing activities a try


Sleep In And Stay In Your PJ’S All Day

Enjoy the fact that you don’t have to wake up at dawn and rush a half-awake child to the bus stop. Don’t set that alarm and roll out of bed on your own time. Enjoy a late breakfast and homeschool in pajamas. 


Outside Learning All Day 

Enjoy the summer sun while it lasts! Take homeschooling outside. Find a nice spot at the park or in your yard to homeschool, learn more about your local wildlife, or go for a hike and enjoy the world around you! 


Have A Crazy Breakfast Day

Start the day with something you usually don’t have. Cake for breakfast? For today sure! If I can’t sell you on the cake, thn how about some fun breakfast ideas instead. Maybe try animal pancakes? Those are my family’s favorite. 


First Day Of Homeschool Printables

Get some help making your first day of homeschooling great with these free first day of homeschool printables! Grab the about me page to help create a memento of your homeschooler on their first day. Download the first day of homeschool signs to take some fun pictures to celebrate! 

Of course, these are just a few ideas to get you started. There are many ways to make the first day one-of-a-kind for your homeschooling family. Make it unique and make it fun, BUT, no matter what, let’s make this homeschool year a great one! 


Share your first day traditions and ideas with me in the comments below!



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