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Gaining Confidence in Your Homeschooling

As a new homeschooler, you may often wonder if you will ever feel at ease teaching your own. You will!

Begin Homeschooling with Confidence
My first thoughts were how on earth am I going to teach my children everything they need to know? It was overwhelming – and I just didn’t know where to start. By Julie Gilbert.

Comfort Zone for the Homeschooling Dad
Jeff was in torment. How would his children ever make a living as adults? How could his wife condone so much wasted time? Were the children’s minds sinking into quicksand? By Win and Bill Sweet.

Crock-Pot Homeschool: A Dozen Ingredients For Healthy Nourishment
Why does it seem that our homeschool rolls along semi-smoothly for several months and then suddenly, without warning, we hit bumps in the road where we find ourselves out of steam, out of good ideas, and fresh out of children who are enthusiastic for the plans we have made? By Paula Harper-Christensen

I need to start (or restart) homeschooling but i have no idea where to (re)start! (or i’m burning out, od’d, or disillusioned). By Barbara Edtl Shelton.

Home Scooling: 10 things we have learned
By Keris Stainton Jun 30, 2014. We enjoy each other’s company, we have fun, we have in-jokes, we have a routine. My original plan for home ed was ‘more joy together every day’ and so far we are very much on track.

Homeschool Confidence
My greatest homeschool fear is not that I will teach my children wrongly but that I will neglect to teach them something altogether! Checklists and curriculum guidelines are readily available to let me know what subjects to teach and what milestones my children should reach at each age. But what about the things that don’t fit on a checklist? How do I figure those things out? By: Ann Hibbard.

How I get confidence each day
The best thing I did was stop worrying about homeschooling. First I worried every day that I was ruining my kids’ lives. Then I decided that the first year would just be me trying things and if my kids didn’t “learn” anything (whatever that means – I don’t even know) then it’s okay. One year of me messing up won’t kill them. By Penelope Trunk.

I have more experienced worries now that I’m a more experienced homeschooler
I find that the more I homeschool, the more clear cut my worries are: now I have the worries of a homeschooler who has been at it a while. By Penelope Trunk.

Schools undermine parent confidence
The school system has to constantly sell to the parents that teaching is too hard for parents. One of the ways school does this is tell you that national math curriculum is more important than playing in the snow. Because the teachers create a curriculum that caters to a classroom, and they downplay the value of things that cannot be done in a classroom.

10 Signs You’re Doing a Good Job Homeschooling
You realize that doing a good job has little to do with how many boxes you check off, how many worksheets you get done, or how well the kids do on a test. But by the internal gauge that only your family, and the members of your family, can understand. By TammyT.

What Is Not Working In Our Homeschooling: Me
What happens when “what’s not working” in your homeschooling journey is mom? How are the troops to go on when their leader has fallen down on the job? That’s something that I have had to think about recently — and maybe you have too!

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