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How to Get Started Home Schooling

It is not possible for one to teach others who cannot teach his own family. – Confucius.

Thinking About It

Homeschooling – It’s A Wonderful Life!
I’ll tell you some of the things I started to dream of during that last school year, because those things all came true and then some. By Lillian Jones

How does homeschooling work?
Here’s a funny thing about education — it comes in all shapes and sizes. When you get curious about something and come to a place like How Stuff Works to learn about it, you are participating in a form of homeschooling.

Is Homeschooling For You?
Homeschooling has gained credibility in recent years, but it’s still not for everyone. How can you tell whether it’s right for you and your children? Listed below are twelve character traits I’ve found to be conducive to homeschooling success. By Marty Layne.

Leaving School and Learning at Home
Removing your kids from school — permanently — can be both frightening and exhilarating. By Isabel Shaw.

Should parents be allowed to homeschool their kids?
I think the real question is: WHO should be responsible for raising our children? If it is not us, as parents, then WHO? And WHEN? by Resa Steindel Brown.

You Have Choices
What completely surprises them, is that they find that the homeschooling option has been available to them all along. By Ronnie Ugulano.

In the Beginning

Advice for New Homeschooling Parents
There are no specific books that you are to use, no specific curricula that you are mandated to use and no specific time lines that you must follow.

Beginning To Homeschool
First it’s a feeling of euphoria: Free at last! Then panic sets in: What do we do now?

Considering Methods & Styles of Homeschooling
Parents looking into homeschooling these days are frequently told that the first thing they need to do is pick a method or style. All this attention to methods and styles can actually be a stumbling block to a smooth beginning. By Lillian Jones.

The First Year of Homeschooling: It’s All Greek To Me!
It was as if I had finally made the decision to pull my kids out of school, only to be suddenly handed an airline ticket to a foreign country I’d only vaguely heard about on the news. The idea of homeschooling was exciting. The actuality of traveling there was scary. By Cindy Englan Stanley, RMEC.

How Do I Do This?
Homeschooling, like parenting, is not a precise art. There is no carefully detailed prescription; no clearly defined road map guaranteeing that if you just follow this road here and turn right there and bear left at that point – you’ll arrive at your perfect destination. By Jane Boswell.


Help understanding the need for downtime when first leaving school and before starting any homeschool program.

Setting Goals

I highly recommend this workbook for families just starting to homeschool or experiencing burnout and wondering why. Overview and ordering information. By Ed Dickerson.

What is your child’s purpose?
At its best, home schooling begins in much the same way panning for gold does. Until you see a child’s INTEREST glistening, you can invest all the energy you want, but you’ll just be moving … and maybe muddying … the waters of life which can be made to swirl around a child.

Making Plans

Foundations for Successful Homeschooling
Ensuring success when homeschooling children of diverse ages.

My Recipe For An IEP
Writing an IEP is sort of like making potato salad. Every woman has her own recipe that suits her family. Here’s mine. By Rhonda Robinson.

Practical Considerations

Costs to Homeschool
This was an informal, voluntary, anonymous survey of homeschooling families in the San Francisco Bay Area conducted in June-July, 1995. The results were compiled by the editor of Homefires – not a demographics firm.

Must I Be Organized?
Contrary to what some perfectionist homeschool moms espouse, organization is one of the LEAST important factors of a successful school year.

Need I Join the Homeschooling Legal Defense Association?
Because of changes in state laws, lawsuits involving homeschooling are increasingly rare.


2 Responses to How to Get Started Home Schooling

  1. DOROTHY HULL on October 18, 2019 at 1:40 am

    i need 2 get my grand daughter started today with the 9th grade homeschooling and dont know what to do as far as the work she should be doing to go toward her credits for her diploma! i am so lost on all of this!

    • Andrea Dillon on October 18, 2019 at 11:30 am

      Hi Dorothy, I have sent you an email with some help to get you started!

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