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Time4Learning Demos

Homeschooling Videos from 2006

About Homeschool Videos

Online videos, usually the thoughts, opinions and daily life of homeschool families from early days of online video.

First Google added the capibility to search for online videos, and then, on October 10, 2006, Google announced the purchase of YouTube. These videos mostly have the charm and imperfections of home movies, so be patient. We’re all just learning about producing our own “shows” for the internet. Here are some of my favorite.

Videos by Homeschool Kids

Well, maybe an adult or older sibling is holding the video camera, but the kids are the focus.

Anakin Caesar
Homeschool animation project, combining Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar with Star Wars action figures.

Hanson School of Breakdancing Arts
This is what homeschooling is all about.

Madoc Teaches Bowzer How To Do Skateboarding
A boy shows his dog how to stay safe while having fun skateboarding. There’s a whole series of these videos.

Ocean Wave Experiment
For Homeschool today we recreated ocean waves with this nifty experiment.

Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening
Quinn reciting his Robert Frost poem.

Tyler on homeschooling
Young boy talking about homeschooling.

Videos by Homeschool Teens

Being a homeschooled teen leaves you plenty of time to create videos!

Ask The Homeschoolers
Ask us anything you don’t know about homeschoolers and we’ll screw it up.

4 home-skoolers…..and a chair
What happens when you cross 4 homeschoolers, a chair, a box of cheezits, a basketball, a rag, and a video camera???

Homeschool Homies
A video made to an original song by e-rod and his friend Mike for a Young Life camp they were a part of. They play two homeschooled brothers named Melvin and Melvin as they tell their life story.

Homeschooler race
It was a cold February day when these homeschooled teens decided to hold a race on a variety of small wheeled things in the middle of their quiet street… and film it.

Homeschooling Speech
Jordan gives a speech to a homeschool group about homeschooling.

Leaf Coneybear on Being Homeschooled
Leaf explains the classes he takes at home.

Piano Rock Medley
I played at the North Carolinian Homeschool convention talent show. there are a couple mistakes throughout the piece. let me know what you think. Should I keep playing or never do it again.

Videos by Adults

Home School Graduation
A day in the life of a homeschooler and his big day of graduating and getting on with his “life”.

MADtv – Dot and Homeschooling
A funny Dot sketch!

School Work in Summer… BLECHH!!!
I talk about being homeschooled, and do a little bit of studying… um, also give some cooool information about stuff that I’m learning. (Daniel writing) and I do some sick azzzz editing!! (lonelygirl15 is really a 19 year old actress who is not homeschooled!)

Videos that are Ads for Homeschool Stuff

Homeschool Humor
Homeschool parent survival tips for people who want to spend 24 hours a day 7 days a week with their own kids and survive. Hilarious stories from homeschoolers. An ad video from Joyce Jackson, promoting her ebook of the same name.

Lists of Homeschool Videos

Homeschool Videos on Google Video

Homeschool Videos on YouTube

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