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Homeschooling a 10 Year Old

10 year olds and Homeschooling

One of the best aspects of homeschooling is the freedom you have to successfully educate your child in the manner they enjoy and respond to the most. And since you’re new to homeschooling, you’re probably wondering what homeschooling your ten year old will be like, what similar ten year olds are learning, and what ten year old online curriculum choices other homeschoolers are using.

You can use the following information as a guide, but don’t forget – every ten year old is ultimately unique. What’s good for one child may not work for another. Children develop at different rates and learn best at their own pace. Once you discover your child’s learning preferences, you will start the journey to a successful school year.

Common 10 year old milestones

Ten year olds often go through mood swings as they change emotionally and physically. Puberty plays a role in their daily lives and you’ll notice how much they’ve grown up. But at times, they’ll also switch back to their “younger selves” and crave attention, especially when they’re not feeling well or having a bad day. Don’t be surprised if they even “throw a fit” every once in awhile. They are in the midst of trying to fit in with other children, so they can become intense on occasion.

Other ten year old milestones include:

  • the aptitude to handle more chores around the house
  • improved drawing and handwriting
  • more apt to groom better
  • sounding more “grown up”
  • a desire for different information
  • a smaller group of friends

Homeschooling your 10 year old

Many ten year olds prefer independence. Even when it comes to the homeschooling scenario. They may even want to take charge of (or at least, help select) their own homeschooling curriculum, activities, and maybe their schedule. That’s okay. Involving your child with their homeschooling promotes independent thinking and gives them a feeling of accomplishment.

You may have noticed that most ten year olds love dabbling with computers, tablets and sometimes smartphones. Parents often remark how their children know more about online programs than they do. Become involved with your child’s online universe and discuss online safety.

As your child immerses themselves in the online world, start introducing them to books and other educational programs available on computers, tablets and smartphones. They may already know and use some of them. Ten year olds often share their favorite games and books with one another. It’s “cool” to read the “in” fantasy novels. Encourage this activity.

What 10 year olds learn about

You may find yourself wondering what other ten year olds in traditional schools are learning about. This curiosity is natural. Most parents find that while traditional schools are learning the basics, many homeschoolers have expanded their curriculum to include field trips, nature walks, cooking, and more. That’s the beauty of homeschooling. You have the freedom to partake in so many different fields of study. But as far as the classroom setting, ten year olds are learning about:

  • recognizing the stages of plot development when writing
  • investigating and writing essays, reports, and papers
  • reading and vocabulary
  • whole number division, with and without remainders
  • adding, subtracting and multiplying fractions
  • American history
  • types of organisms and how they operate

Curriculum options for 10 year olds

More homeschooling parents have been opting to use online curriculum choices. Web-based lessons interact with the students and act like video games, which children enjoy. These lessons also give children a chance to learn on their own, at their own pace, and have fun.

They’re great for you, too. Some online homeschool curriculum choices track your child’s progress, so you’ll know if your children are learning and remembering the material. Parents can also select the lessons they want their children to study. They’re great for additional skill building or as a full-time homeschooling tool.

Ten year olds bring many challenges but as a homeschooler, you can have many diverse resources and tools available and the flexibility to use them. Find the combination that’s right for your ten year old and enhance their educational experience.

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