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Homeschooling a 9 Year Old

9 year olds and homeschooling

So, your child turned nine and you are concerned about homeschooling a nine year old. Of course you are — even the most experienced homeschoolers get the jitters when starting a new homeschool year. There are milestones that should be reached, important decisions to be made, and a lot of adventures ahead.

First, remember these three important things:

  • Not all children learn at the same pace
  • Not all children have the same interests
  • Not all children develop the same skills.

This information will provide a general guideline on what you should expect during this school year — not only from your child but also from an educational viewpoint when compared to what other nine year olds are learning.     

Traits of 9 year old child development

As children grow older they can become more rebellious. It’s natural, although not always pleasant for the parent. They push boundaries, become a bit obstinate, moody, and even reflective. They are discovering their own personalities, while simultaneously living in their parents’ shadow. This isn’t always the most fun part of nine year old child development. You are witnessing them growing up, realizing their own identities. They suddenly have strong opinions and a blossoming personality.

Some other traits nine year olds share:

  • Enhanced hand-eye coordination and improved handwriting skills
  • Aptitude to discuss more than one side of an issue
  • Obtaining information from a text
  • Developed vocabulary
  • Aptitude for personal care and hygiene
  • Improved sense of humor

Homeschooling a 9 year old

As your nine year old becomes more independent, he or she may also test your patience. But that’s okay. Children learn by testing their parents — and this is probably a good time for them to start learning on their own. Many online curriculum programs allow children to work independently and at their own pace. You can still monitor their studies as they progress.

Now that your nine year old has expanded their interests, this is also a good time to introduce them to volunteer work or community activities. These experiences help your children develop a better sense of what’s happening in the world around them.

This also may be the time when your child is introduced to standardized testing. That will depend on your state’s rules and regulations regarding homeschooling. If your state doesn’t require testing, you may still test your child. It will give you an idea of how much they are comprehending and measure their ability to apply their knowledge.

Comparing what 9 year olds are learning

You may be wondering what other children at the same age are learning in public schools. At nine years old, most traditional schools are expanding their range of educational experiences. Students generally learn about:

  • Multimedia-based computer assignments
  • Discovering root words and figuring out new words
  • Using reasoning to understand the text they are reading
  • Relations between organisms and their environment
  • Local and state government organizations
  • Mythologies, legends, fantasy, and adventure writing

Curriculum options for a 9 year old

More homeschooling parents have been opting to use online curriculum choices. Web-based lessons interact with the students and act like video games, which children enjoy. These lessons also give children a chance to learn on their own, at their own pace, and have fun.          

They’re great for you, too. Some online homeschool curriculum choices track your child’s progress, so you’ll know if your children are learning and remembering the material. Parents can also select the lessons they want their children to study. They’re great for additional skill building or as a full-time homeschooling tool.

Nine year olds bring many challenges but as a homeschooler, you have many diverse resources and tools available and the flexibility to use them. Find the combination that’s right for your nine year old and experience a successful year.  

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