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Family Life Homeschooling

Articles detailing Family Life Homeschooling.

Dear Uncle CHiN
Boy, do I wish I could get my skeptical mother to support our decision to homeschool. Any suggestions? Signed, Still-Seeking-Parental-Approval-After-All-These-Years.

Family Stories
Unschoolers tell what they aren’t doing on a daily basis.

Grandparents’ Perspective
Declare with confidence, “We can do it! We can have a joyful, harmonious family life.” By Win and Bill Sweet, now into their second generation of homeschooling.

I realized there is something the public at large just won’t “get” until they know enough home schoolers face-to-face. It is the very essence of the home schooling movement, the tie that binds us all together. It is the importance of family. By Shari Henry.

How can I deal with irate relatives and friends?
Begin by finding out why they are so irate. Their defensiveness might stem from the belief that your choice to homeschool is an unspoken criticism of their decision not to do so.

How Does Homeschooling Affect Marriages?
Rebecca Prewett writes from a Christian perspective although many of these issues can affect any homeschool family.

Living Joyfully With Children
Win and Bill Sweet on how to maximize freedom and success, minimize fear and failure.

Our Typical Homeschool Day
I still try to keep it fun, with counting games, car ride number quizzes, etc. I believe learning happens more quickly and thoroughly when you enjoy your task than when you have to struggle. By S.A. McUmber.

Parenting/ Family Issues
Families today need two incomes so you’re robbing your family if you stay home to home educate your kids. You need time for yourself. Replies by Fred Worth.

Personal Solutions, Family Solutions
“If you have no time for your family you want to ask yourself, ‘Why must I always be do-ing something?’ God made us human be-ings, not do-ings!” By John Taylor Gatto.

Why do Some Families Homeschool?
These are some of the most common reasons why I found that people home school their children.

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