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Homeschooling an 8 Year Old

8 Year Olds and Homeschooling

Now that your child’s turned eight, you’re probably concerned about eight year old behavior how to homeschool an eight year old and what they’re learning about — whether it’s in a traditional school or at a homeschool setting.

This is natural for all new homeschoolers — they fret about getting everything right for their children. But there is no perfect solution. You must allow your children and yourself to grow and discover new experiences, homeschool tools, and other helpful resources that will improve their education.

Use the following information as a general guideline. After all, even though eight year olds share many characteristics, they also differ in their personalities and interests. The most important thing you can do is pinpoint their interests and nurture them but also discover their weaknesses and use the proper homeschool  tools (combined with a healthy dose of encouragement), to make them strengths!

8 Year Old Milestones

Eight year olds are, in a word, active! While they are usually bursting with enthusiasm, sometimes stress and worry tempers that enthusiasm. And for good reason, since they are now confronted with more complex feelings, and “choices” become a reality. Their choices range from picking friends, to favorite teams, or even choices about right and wrong. It’s a lot to handle for an eight year old.  

Other concerns that eight year olds share include:

  • Joining in family conversations
  • Becoming a fan of certain sports, teams, and hobbies  
  • Privacy — they’re interested in their own space
  • Joining a group so that they feel a part of something
  • Becoming more independent
  • How they appear to other people  

Homeschooling an eight year old

A child who is eight years old appreciates independence but also needs structure.That doesn’t mean they won’t rail against it sometimes! So, it’s your job to find a balance that works best for them. When you start allotting time for lessons, make sure you include free time. Letting off steam is common eight year old behavior. It even helps eight year olds learn more efficiently. Once you determine their learning style and interests, they’ll probably exhibit more enthusiasm while they complete their lessons. Many parents use online-based curriculum, which engages your children with visuals and sounds.

During this period, many homeschoolers embrace reading. But even students who don’t normally enjoy reading commit more time to it if a book or online lesson fascinates them. Try introducing word games, puzzles, riddles and other challenging (but fun) exercises.

Joining playgroups, organized team sports, church activities or even local park events not only provides socialization skills, but also teaches sportsmanship, discipline, and camaraderie. Even professional athletes who retire say they miss the camaraderie group sports provide. They also help your child and burn off energy in a constructive manner and meet new friends!   

Comparing what other 8 year olds are learning 

As a parent, especially a new homeschooling parent, you may fear that you’re not teaching your children enough — or even teaching them the right things. Don’t worry. Homeschooling provides flexibility and curriculum choices that allow your children to experience an education traditional schools can’t provide. Although you can expand your child’s activities, here are the common lessons eight year olds learn about:

  • Multiplication and division
  • Inventing and illustrating stories
  • Rules and regulations for team sports
  • Art and music techniques and forms
  • Connections between natural systems of the universe
  • Methods such as Venn Diagrams and story maps

Curriculum options for 8 year old

More homeschooling parents have migrated toward online curriculum choices. Web-based lessons interact with the students and act like video games, which children enjoy. These dynamic lessons also give children a chance to learn on their own, at their own pace, and have fun.          

They’re great for you, too. Some online homeschool curriculum choices track your child’s progress, so you’ll know if your children are learning and remembering the material. Parents can also select the lessons they want their children to study. They’re great for additional skill building or as a full-time homeschooling tool.

Eight year olds bring many challenges, but as a homeschooler, you have many diverse resources and tools available and the flexibility to use them. Find the combination that suits your eight year old and enjoy a successful homeschool year.



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