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Lessons and Ideas Directory Page

How do I figure out what lessons my children should do?

Absolute Beginners Guide to Homeschooling High School
Chose lessons based on your child’s strengths. He’s intelligent in his own way. She has a style of her own.

Assets 4 Learning
Chose lessons based on your child’s strengths. He’s intelligent in his own way. She has a style of her own.

Best Books For Kids Who (Think They) Hate To Read
Advice on how to choose books that are just right for your reluctant reader. By Laura Backes, author.

Getting Started Guide (free) for Homeschool Families

Choosing Curriculum
Help selecting curriculum, making the choice, or borrowing before you buy.

Content Standards
Online lists of learning goals and standards by grade and by state or province.

Math Assessment
Ways to find out just what your child has mastered in math and what math to do next.

Reading Level Assessment
Two assessments to help you figure out the reading level of your child. Explanation of the RL code on books.

Learning still happens around holidays

El Cheapo Summer
No money for camp? Not a penny for vacation? How will you and the kids ever survive the summer? By Annette Berlin.

Halloween At Home
Rather than spooky, this can be a fun-filled, learning time for the whole family.

Holiday Directory
Laughing and learning ideas for the holidays.

Thanksgiving Ideas Galore!
Over 30 ideas and links for blending this holiday into the heart of your homeschool.

Unschooling All Summer
Do you force your kids learn in the summer, too?


The Adventures of Charlie – Book Review
My sister homeschools her 6 children and has had wonderful results with a book series by Rae Lowery.

Arts Lesson Plans
Incorporating the fine arts across your curriculum and across your life.

Bookstore Etiquette
Here are some suggestions of how you can help so that a clean copy of the product you want can be found next time you go to the bookstore.

Drivers Ed
Home-based driving instruction for teen homeschoolers.

Economics Lessons for Children
Ideas and lesson plans for teaching your child about money.

Explorations 4 Kids
Truly fun online learning! Parents, please take some clues from these sites for fun lesson ideas.

Fire Prevention Unit Study
Fire Prevention Week in October provides lots of opportunity to discuss fire safety.

Help introducing children to form letters correctly as printing, italics and cursive.

Homeschool Word Scramble
Print out and solve these scrambled homeschool words we commonly use.

How Natural Reading Happens
Why did Matt learn to read all by himself? We hadn’t taught him, had we? It just sort of happened. By Susan Viator.

Lesson Plans
Websites that have structured lesson plans. Usually these have goals and objectives and meet state standards.

Lesson Plans based on TV and Movies
Using movies and TV shows as part of your homeschool curriculum.

The Magic of Musical Storytelling
Humming, singing or whistling a musical chorus to the storyteller’s words summons joy.

Math Lessons
Assessments, math strategies, lesson plans, worksheets all free for adapting for use in your home. Help with math anxiety.

Outdoor Adventure
Lessons in survival in the school of nature can be great fun for older homeschoolers.

Kids can’t read? Help for parents to teach and encourage reading.

Protecting the Gift
When is it a good thing to have a little fear, a little wariness? How do we teach our kids to be “streetwise?”

Read In Remembrance
A time for children, teachers, parents, and community leaders to come together and share books and writings that teach and inspire; words that celebrate and honor the bravery and spirit of those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

Reading Lists
Recommended reading lists and reviews of children’s literature. Links.

Science Lesson Plans
Getting started teaching science at home.

Social Studies Lesson Plans
Ideas for exploring the social sciences at home, in your community and on the web.

Teaching Children to Give Back
How to engage small children in caring about community and charity. By Ellen Sabin.

Teaching Language Arts
Tips on helping your child learn to spell and write.

Teaching Tips
A “How to” page with homeschool parents’ and our favorite educators’ tips on teaching various subjects to children.

Theatre For Kids
Theaters vary in level of accessibility, but calling around, or attending the ones in your area, will give you an idea of how friendly and open they are. By Peggy Burgi.

Unit Studies
Advice about using unit studies and some free resources.

Unit Studies: Making Your Own
Help creating your own unit studies to suit your family’s interests.

World Trade Center Crumbles
Use It to Strengthen Learning Environments – Advice on how to help children and teens understand what happened September 11, 2001. By Richard W. Schmertzing, Ed.D and Lorraine C. Schmertzing, Ed.D.

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