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Online Educational Resources

Quick educational resources to help your children start learning at home today!

By: Andrea Dillon

So this is it! You have decided to start homeschooling, or you are in a situation where you want to help your child keep learning during an extended break from school. Either way, this is your new reality, but how are you going to accomplish this? What tools can you use today, right now, to get your children learning? I have compiled a list of mostly free online educational resources to get you started! This list is long, so click on the links below to jump to the resources for each subject area. 


Multiple Subjects

Language Arts  




Social Studies 


Physical Education 

Also, download the Free Keep Learning Checklist

Multiple Subjects 

Not sure what subject to start with? Try one of these multiple subject quick educational resources. 


  • BrainPOP is an online educational program that offers animated movies and other materials covering multiple subjects. While the full program does require a subscription, they have free content available as well.
  • Khan Academy offers free courses on many different subjects for children in grades K-12 through early college.
  • Learning Games for Kids has subject-based games to help keep your children learning while having fun!
  • PBS Kids gets your children learning with all of their favorite PBS characters, like the Cat in the Hat and Daniel Tiger.
  • Sora Activities Library contains multitudes of free lessons for your homeschool.
  • Ted Talks To Watch With Kids is a playlist of videos that are perfect for getting you and your child talking about the world and other relevant topics.
  • Time4Learning  is a paid online curriculum but offers a lot of free resources that you can use right now. They have presidential unit studies, reading lesson ideas, free homeschool printables, and more.

Language Arts 

Reading, vocabulary, foreign language, grammar, spelling;  we have a list of online educational resources to help with it all below! 


  • Duolingo gets you started learning a new language quickly through short, fun lessons. Learn a language for free or subscribe to unlock additional features.
  • FabuLingua is a program to help children learn Spanish through interactive stories. While this program isn’t 100% free, there is a free trial and the cost for a year is only $31.99.
  • Free Reading Program offers basic language art lessons covering spelling, grammar, reading, and vocabulary for grades K-6.
  • Funbrain has educational games to help your children grades Pre K – 8 improve in math, reading, problem-solving, and literacy.
  • KISS Grammar is a 100% free resource that offers grammar lessons. Each lesson builds upon the last to give your learner a grasp of how all the parts work together.
  • Squiggle Park is a free reading skills-building program for children ages 3 to 8. Their sister program, Dreamscape, offers comprehension practice for children ages 8 to 15. They also offer a paid membership to expand the games as well.
  • Starfall is an educational resource that provides children in grades Pre K-3 with language arts and math learning fun. They also offer a low-cost membership program that expands the free content to include animated songs, mathematics, and reading activities.
  • Storyline Online is one of my favorite resources! On this site, you will find celebrities like Betty White, Viola Davis, Lily Tomlin, Chris Pine, James Earl Jones, and many more reading children’s books accompanied by beautiful illustrations. This site is made possible by the SAG-AFTRA Foundation.
  • Storynory offers free audio stories online and on many devices through their podcast app.
  • Teach your Monster to Read is a game-based, learn-to-read program that takes your children from letters to words to reading, all while having fun for free.
  • Typing Club helps your homeschooler learn to type through games! It’s completely free and offers placement tests, or just start from step one and get practicing.


You CAN make math fun with these online educational resources. 


  • Funbrain has educational games to help your children grades Pre K – 8 improve in math, reading, problem-solving, and literacy.
  • Prodigy is a game-based math program for grades 1-8. Prodigy also offers a paid membership to unlock game extras.
  • MasterMath is a middle school math program with video lessons, worksheets, and quizzes.
  • Math Game Time is a free game site that offers math practice games for grades Pre K-7 as well as free printable math worksheets, and videos.
  • Math Playground has math games for your children grades 1-6. All completely free!
  • Monster Math Apps provide fun math practice on various math topics. Let the kids play on their own or together with the Monster Math Duels app.
  • Multiplication Games is a fun, free, and educational website. As the name implies, here you can learn all the multiplication tables no matter what grade you’re in. We have tables for all levels. The exercises on this site are provided in the form of multiplication games. Not only is this a lot of fun, but you’ll also learn math to boot.
  • SplashLearn offers math games for children in grades K-5. They also have free apps so your child can play on different devices.
  • Starfall is an online educational resource that provides children in grades  Pre K-3 with language arts and math learning fun. They also offer a low-cost membership program that expands the free content to include animated songs, mathematics, and reading activities.
  • Time4Mathfacts  is not free, but at $39.95 per student for a year, I had to include it. This game-based program helps students master basic math facts through fun arcade-like games.  Read our review on Time4Mathfacts for more information.
  • Zearn is an immersive and thorough free math curriculum for children in grades K-5. The lessons are taught through games, video instruction, and practice lessons. They also offer free printables to go along with each lesson.


Give your children a head start in technology with these coding programs and games. 


  • Blocky Games is a series of educational programming games. This online educational resource is perfect for beginners with no experience.
  • Code Academy is a great place to go to learn to code. The courses available here are great for older students, aged 14 and up.
  • CodeCombat is a paid program, but their introduction to computer science course is free to use.
  • Code Master is a free online version of ThinkFun’s programming logic game. They offer beginner and advanced play options.
  • Hour of Code offers many activities to help your children learn, practice, and excel at coding.
  • Scratch gives your children the power to program their own stories, animations, and games, all while learning the skill of coding.


Encourage your children to ask questions and find answers with these online science resources. 

  • Amazing Space has lots of fun, interactive ways to explore the universe. From online exploration to STEM project ideas, there is something educational here for all of your children.
  • Astronomy For Thinkers has great information on how to explore astronomy and offers free printables to help!
  • Brains On Podcast encourages you and your children to be curious about the world. Learn about animals, the human body, and take a guess at the mystery sound!
  • The Brain Scoop is a YouTube channel by Emily, the Chief Curiosity Correspondent of The Field Museum in Chicago. Emily shares some of the amazing things in the museum’s collection in an informative and fun way.
  • But Why Podcast explores questions asked by kids to help them stay curious and learn about the big exciting world out there.
  • Crash Course is a YouTube-based video series that helps educate on a broad range of topics from astronomy to history and more.
  • Discovery #Mindblown site helps inspire your children to love science and other STEM projects through videos, games, and free DIY experiments.
  • How Stuff Works wants to help you understand the behind-the-scenes parts of our lives. Find informative articles, puzzles, and more.
  • Krieger Science offers hands-on ideas to help explore the science around you.
  • Mystery Doug offers free videos on science topics daily.
  • Mystery Science offers easy to use science lessons to get your child learning. This isn’t technically a free resource, but they provide one free school year membership when you sign up.
  • NASA provides educational resources like apps, podcasts, eBooks, and more to help your children learn about space and space travel. The NASA Kids’ Club offers additional free resources too!
  • National Geographic For Kids has games, videos, facts, and photos to encourage your children to learn about the earth, animals, and history.
  • Science Bob helps you add some random acts of science into your day with free homeschool activities, experiments, and project ideas to get your kids thinking.
  • SciShow Kids is a YouTube channel that explores topics and answers questions for young, curious minds.
  • The Science Spot is a one-stop spot for middle school science resources. This site has lessons, puzzles, and more.
  • Smithsonian Science Education Center provides free science resources to help your homeschoolers start to think like a scientist.
  • Wow in the World Podcast is provided by the National Public Radio. This podcast takes kids and their parents on a journey into the wonders of the world around them.

Social Studies 

History and geography do not have to be boring. Give some of these websites, videos, and podcasts a try to add some excitement to your social studies lesson. 


  • Crash Course is a You-Tube based video series that helps educate on various topics from astronomy to history and more.
  • Digital History helps bring the past alive through technology by providing news articles, music, art, and more for specific periods and events in the United States’ history.
  • Google Earth Education is a great resource to help show your children locations around the world.
  • History For Kids is a free online history network packed with articles, games, videos, and free homeschool printables on many historical events.
  • KidNuz Podcast is a five-minute breakdown of today’s top stories, current events, politics, science, entertainment, sports, and more. It is age-appropriate and nonpartisan.
  • National Geographic For Kids has games, videos, facts, and photos to encourage your children to learn about the earth, animals, and history.
  • Smithsonian For Kids brings the fun from The Smithsonian Institution home through activities, games, and more.
  • Time For Kids provides free journal articles online about current topics.
  • Who Was is a popular book series in classrooms and homeschools alike. The Who Was website offers educational resources to expand the learning. Find lesson plans, free printables, and more.


Do you need help inspiring art creativity in your children? These educational resources can help. 


  • Crayola.com is full of fun educational homeschool activities. Find free printables, craft activities, and lesson plans to help your children learn about art.
  • Hello Kids is a website full of free educational art resources. Print free coloring pages, play games, find arts and crafts activities, and more.
  • Jerry’s Artarama provides free art lessons for everyone. Explore the site to learn how to draw, paper mache, and much much more!
  • KinderArt provides free art lesson plans that parents and teachers can use in their home and school classrooms.
  • NGAkids offer computer-based activities for all ages to encourage children to learn more about art.

Physical Education 

Remember to help your children expand their minds and move their bodies! These online resources can help you keep them moving. 


  • The Body Coach is a YouTube channel featuring short fun videos to get you and your child up and moving.
  • Cosmic Yoga For Kids is a YouTube channel that takes your children on a fun journey with directed yoga videos to support relaxation, strength, and mindfulness.
  • GoNoodle is a free resource to help get your children moving through dance parties, yoga sessions, mindfulness activities, and game sessions.
  • Jack Hartmann Exercise Songs get your children up and moving while also having fun.

Keep Learning! 

So now you have the resources, but how do you make sure you do enough? Use our Keep Learning Checklist! Click the image below to download a printable copy to keep. 

Free homeschool printable I have compiled a list of mostly free online educational resources and homeschool activities to keep students on track with their studies during school closures or breaks.


Want even more educational resources to help? 

Make sure to check out our explorations 4 kids section for more homeschool ideas for your children to keep expanding their learning! 

Also, check out our Featured Homeschool Programs & Curricula for more homeschool curriculum options!


Do you know of a great resource that is not listed? Let me know in the comments below! 



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