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Free Homeschool Event Submission

Event Submission to the Homeschooling Event Calendar

To add your event to the Homeschooling Events Calendar, first read the easy to qualify rules below. If still interested, email this site guide, Ann Zeise, at [email protected]. It is solely up to Ann whether or not an event is posted. Late submissions may not make it. I’m not THAT fussy, but sometimes the Internet isn’t cooperative. Include your name, relation to the event, and accurate email address in case of questions. Obviously incomplete or inaccurate information will not be posted.

Who may get a Free Listing

  • The event is being held as a homeschooling community event, not as a commercial event nor general interest event;
  • It is of interest to a good number of people in the homeschooling community, not just those in the organization holding the event;
  • The event features at least one homeschool author, parent or student;
  • The event is most likely sponsored by a homeschooling association, support group, distance learning program or cover school, or similar organization that caters primarily to homeschoolers;
  • Admission to the event is self-selecting and must be open at least to any interested potential homeschooler or homeschooling family reading this calendar and willing to pay the stated fees, if any;
  • If the event is primarily for children, you may limit it to homeschoolers only;
  • The event may be as small as a local information gathering or as large as an international convention.

Minimum information needed

  • Event Title
  • Event Dates
  • Venue, city and state. Country, too, in non-US.
  • Sponsor Organization, if not part of title
  • Keynote speaker(s)
  • Unique programs – childcare, teen program, etc.
  • Note: this information will also be placed on the state homeschooling page where the event will be held. If you strongly feel that the posting should also be on another page, please state your case. Consider banner advertising on those other pages.

Adding Addition Information on Blog Site

  • On the A2Z Homeschool Community Blog Site you will notice a long list of upcoming events. The first step to getting your event in this featured list is to join the blog on the “Sign Up” button. We respect your information, and it will never be given out.
  • When you join the site, you will have a profile created. If the PR job will be passed along to others, create a special ID for that job title, and pass it along.
  • For now, ignore the offer for a blog, unless you have no website for your event and would like a free blog.
  • For events located in the US, put your state name in the site search, and pull down the menu to “Groups.” Locate your state homeschool support group, and join it.
  • The groups maintained by A to Z are all public, which means what you post can be viewed by all, and even found on Google! You are in charge of your posts, and may pull at any time.
  • For events outside the US or online, join the more general A2ZhomeschoolGroup.
  • In the group you have now joined, you may post a longer event notice, with more details, as a general post.
  • You should also post the starting date of your event in the group calendar. If you avail using the address field, a map will be generated to your event. If your event is over several days, please just put the other dates in the description rather than a whole bunch of calendar posts.