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Homeschooling because of Bullying at School

When I was in third grade, I was excluded from a group of girls, including my best neighborhood friend, because I didn’t have the right kind of pop beads. To this day I remember the hurt these girls poured on me, and the loneliness on the playground at school. Fortunately, it helped me to seek out other smart girls with no fashion sense. We formed close bonds that helped us survive elementary school.

Our homeschool group (after we had outgrown it) eventually split in two over a bully who would not be restrained by his mother. He would throw sand in the faces of other kids, and his mother would do nothing. The Last Straw finally happened, and one mother took her kid and her park chair off to the other side of the park, and invited anyone else to stand with her against the bully and his mother, and formed another group at the same park, same day and time, different set of trees. The friction finally did both groups in.

Our son was bullied by the man who ran the only video rental store in town, who would tease him about his taste in videos no matter what he chose. Eventually another video store opened in town, a little further away, but with respectful staff. We took our business to them.

My point being, homeschooling is not going to entirely get your child away from bullies. They just stand a better chance of not being scarred by them.

One mother on a list I was running told us the story how her son was being bullied, and while she was mulling the idea of homeschooling, the bully took a loose chain on a tire swing and slung it at her son’s head. She is now homeschooling her brain-damaged son. When the situation seems truly dangerous, get out of there! Don’t wait until you have done “all” the research, and gotten “all” the materials! You will always be researching homeschooling. You will always be buying interesting things for your child use for learning. Grab your child and run into homeschooling while he or she still has their mental and physical health!

Gifted, Bullied, Resilient

Gifted, Bullied, Resilient: A Brief Guide for Smart Families
by Pamela Price (Author), Sarah J Wilson (Editor)
Gifted kids, with their often asynchronous development, eclectic interests, and intense emotions, can be prime targets for bullying. What can compassionate parents, friends, and educators do to help these kids rise above the bullying and become emotionally stronger and more self-assured? In her second book, “Gifted, Bullied, Resilient: A Brief Guide for Smart Families,” author Pamela Price draws upon her experience as a journalist and gifted parenting advocate to provide concerned adults with a plan of action. She introduces readers to contemporary research, an array of social learning best practices, real-life anecdotes from veteran parents, and select resources relevant to the families of bullied gifted kids and adolescents. The slender, informative, and insightful text is geared both toward parents of public and private school students, as well as homeschoolers in cooperative learning environments.
Kindle Edition
Canadian editions

Is Being Bullied at School a Good Reason to Homeschool?

Bullying: A Reason to Homeschool?
To begin, I’ll share insights from parents who argue that in cases of persistent bullying, when initial responses aren’t working and a school is unable or unwilling to remedy the problem, short-term homeschooling can defuse tensions and reduce a child’s severe stress. by Laura Brodie Ph.D.

Bullying may be a good reason to homeschool
I think that when parents find themselves trapped in a situation where they cannot get their bullied kids into a different school, then homeschooling is an option that must be considered. By Andrea Hermitt.

Home schooled due to bullies
Parents of both bullying victims and expelled bullies are turning to home schooling in a bid to salvage an education for their children.

Homeschooling to Escape Bullies: What’s Wrong with That?
The potential drawbacks that parents should keep in mind when deciding the best course of action for their child.

Mean Girls and Homeschooling Moms
As a parent, you can only let your child endure for so long before you realize that staying in the situation is going to cause serious damage. You’re torn. I understand why people think that pulling a child out of school would translate into teaching a child to run away instead of work it through, but at what point is enough enough?

Bullying in Homeschool Groups

Everyone encounters bullies somewhere. Even homeschooled kids can be confronted by a bully in group activities or once they become old enough to enter the work force. By Carolyn Morrison, Gulit-Free Homeschooling

Is there bullying in homeschooling?
There is nothing “better” about homeschooled kids. They are regular kids with regular fears, problems, insecurities, and preferences. And yet, bullying is just not an issue. Why?

Two Messages that Children Internalize that Contribute to Bullying in Patriarchal Church and Homeschool Groups
Children in homeschooling groups and church groups vie for status at the expense of each other, just as children do in public and private schools. They put each other down, and use similar ways of determining popularity as public schooled children do, including appearance, status of parents, ownership of desired items, and overall apparent confidence levels. They sometimes use physical strength to exert control as well. Parents do not always see the bullying but it does take place.


3 Great Anti Bullying Activities
Bullying comments can destroy a person’s self image and often leads to a defeated body language in the victim. The toothpaste activity – Now ask the participant to put the toothpaste back in the tube. Obviously, it can’t be done.


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