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Military Homeschooling – Help for Homeschool Families in the Military

The Reality of Homeschooling on Foreign or Domestic Military Bases

Support for military homeschooling families as well as entrance info for homeschooled teens. DoD Home Education Policies and Demographics.

Military Homeschool Support Groups Online and In Person

Cherry Point Military Homeschool Families
This page is for current MCAS Cherry Point Military Homeschool families (& surrounding areas) that would like to get together for support, playgroup, & mommy gatherings. Homeschool This is an unofficial group for homeschoolers on & off Cherry Point to connect.

Homeschool Army
This Facebook group is for Army families who are homeschooling their children. This group is to inform families about homeschooling at new duty stations.


Homeschoolers in the Military
Families with at least one parent actively serving in the armed forces and who have chosen to homeschool one or more children.

Homeschooling Overseas / Military Homeschooling
A homeschool World forum with sections for each geographical area.

LDS Military Homeschoolers
This is a group where we can openly seek/share advice on being military, being homeschoolers, being LDS, and all of the above combined. We are unique enough in our religious lifestyle that adding a military & homeschooling life to that can be very hard and at times lonesome.

Military Families Homeschool
We want to get a one stop shop place for Military families to come worldwide for Homeschooling information.

Military Homeschoolers-Europe
Book swap and selling page for U.S. military and civilians stationed overseas.

Military Homeschoolers Overseas
A place for military families homeschooling overseas to exchange information,be supportive to each other and help with challenges that come from homeschooling overseas. We welcome everyone.

Military Homeschooling Families of Bay County Support Group
MHFBSC is here to encourage, inform, and support our homeschooling military families (active, reserve, and retired) located in Bay County, Florida. We are a unique group of families in two ways, 1) we go against the norm to provide a homeschool education for children, and 2) we face deployments & homecomings, PCSing, etc… We move around a lot and because of this we may have the tendency to worry whether the education we provide our children is going to be seen as good enough and accepted in the next state, or country.

NCHE Military Homeschooling Families
No description available for this Facebook group.

San Diego Military Homeschool Families
This is a group for military families that are homeschooling and living in the San Diego area. All military branches and all homeschool styles are welcome.


DoD Education Activity Policy Memorandum 2002
It is DoDEA policy neither to encourage nor discourage DoD sponsors from home schooling their minor dependents. DoDEA recognizes that home schooling is a sponsor’s right and can be a legitimate alternative form of education for the sponsor’s dependents.

Home Study Payment and Reimbursements
Payment for Home Study/Private Instruction
Sponsors requesting direct reimbursement for Home Study/Private Instruction must submit the following documents:
NDSP Sponsor Reimbursement for Home-Based Education
Receipt/Proof of Payment
Visit the NDSP Invoice Processing Office to submit your invoice to the appropriate office depending upon your location.

Numbers of Military Homeschool Families

Growing number of military families opt for home school
Among the 1.2 million children of active-duty military parents, more than 6 percent are home-schooled, according to estimates by the Military Child Education Coalition. And, at least anecdotally, that number is on the rise.

Survey of Army Families – 2001

  • Q91. 2.7% of spouses who have dependent children “home school” their school-age children.
  • Q92. Of those who “home-school” their child(ren), the majority “home school” only one child.
  • Q92. Of those who “home-school” their child(ren) in Grades K-5 level, 64.4% “home- school” 1 child and 7.4% “home-school” 3 or more children.
  • Q92. Of those who “home-school” their child(ren) in Grades 6-8 level, 84.8% “home- school” 1 child and 1.7% “home-school” 3 or more children.
  • Q92. Of those who “home-school” their child(ren) in Grades 9-12 level, 82.6% “home- school” 1 child and 3.3% “home-school” 3 or more children.

Family Stories

Homeschooling and the Military: A Match Made in Heaven
If you ask me, homeschooling and the military go hand in hand. Or dare I say they are a match made in heaven? I am not just saying this because we are a military homeschooling family {wink, wink}. By Carlie Kercheval, who homeschooled in Germany.

See also Enlisting in the Armed Forces or an Academy after Homeschooling

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  1. Momof2 on March 15, 2015 at 2:34 pm

    Wow! Thank you for sharing so many resources. I am definitely going to be sharing a link to this list on one of my favorite Military Homeschool group that I am a part of 😉


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