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Travel Schooling: Roadschooling and More

How to Make Homeschooling While Traveling a Reality and a Success

Travel Schooling: Roadschooling And More

By: Mindy Scirri, Ph.D.  

What are traveling homeschoolers? These are the families who have taken the flexibility of homeschooling to the max! Traveling homeschoolers take long trips via car, RV, boat, or airplane to combine the benefits of travel with the benefits of homeschooling. These are not the families who occasionally do some “carschooling” during a road trip or use audiobooks and educational car games during weekly errand runs. These are the families who are making traveling the essence of their homeschooling experiences.

You may be a homeschooler who dreams of travel schooling, and you may not be able to imagine how you could possibly “swing” such a homeschooling “journey.” Perhaps reading about families who are doing it will give you some ideas. Maybe you are already a family of traveling homeschoolers, and you simply need more resources and support. A2Z is here to provide whatever we can to make traveling and homeschooling and dreams all come together!

How Do I Homeschool My Kids While Traveling?




Travel Schooling Families

Travel Schooling Support Groups

Other Travel Schooling Resources

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*This post contains affiliate links. Things you buy through our links may earn us a commission. Although most of the resources listed here are free, those marked with a $ have a cost or require a fee/subscription in order to access the full range of materials.


How Do I Homeschool My Kids While Traveling?

The whole idea of travel schooling may be new to you, so we’ve collected just a few resources to get you started:

How to Take Your Kids out of School and Travel | Afar
Check out this list of suggestions for how to make the dream of the “world classroom” possible. 

Resources for Traveling Homeschoolers | A Little Adrift
Discover your main options for educating kids on the road, why to consider long-term travel and education, how to document your education, and links to further research and communities.

What is Travel Schooling & How Do We Start? | Homeschool.com
Check out reasons stopping people from homeschool traveling and discover five tips from full-time traveling families. Continue reading with part 2 of the series, Travel Schooling: How to Afford It!


Travel Schooling: Roadschooling And More



What are roadschooling laws? What is the best roadschooling curriculum? Wouldn’t you love a Roadschooling 101 course? While we don’t have that, we do have a bunch of resources that can help you get started or get new ideas for the roadschooling you are already doing:

Top 3 Questions About Roadschooling (That People Want Answered)
Is roadschooling effective? How does my family roadschool? Is it legal? Andrew Odom answers these roadschooling questions from his family’s tiny home on wheels.

Roadschooling Brings Flexible Learning to a Whole New Level | Time4Learning
Learn about roadschooling and roadschooling laws, how to afford roadschooling, how to choose a roadschooling curriculum, and how Time4Learning can be the roadschooling curriculum that works for your family.



Roadschooling High School: You CAN do it! | Vagabond Family
There isn’t one way to do high school. Naysayers can speak even louder when you mention homeschooling high school—especially roadschooling high school! See what one family has to say about it.

Ultimate Guide to Roadschooling: How to Start + What to Teach | Nomads with a Purpose
This may be the closest thing to a Roadschooling 101 course you can find for free. Find out what roadschooling is, the benefits of roadschooling, where to begin, how to teach various subjects, and how to fit education and socialization into your roadschooling journey.


Travel Schooling: Roadschooling And More



Do you get carsick, but being on the open water is fine? Some families live for extended periods on a boat and do their schooling while they travel the seas. Find out more about boatschooling here:

The ABC’s of Boatschooling | Family at Sea
Find out this family’s top three pieces of advice related to boatschooling!

Boat Kid: How I Survived Swimming with Sharks, Being Homeschooled, and Growing Up on a Sailboat $
By Melanie Neale
Boat Kid is the engaging memoir of what it’s like to grow up aboard a sailboat. Throughout the 1980s and 90s, Melanie’s family lived aboard a 47-foot sailboat, spending their summers along the US East Coast and their winters in the Bahamas. Melanie and her sister were homeschooled, the family fished for dinner and made their own bread, but her parents were far from hippie dropouts.”

Boatschooling, Part 1: Finding a Path | Sailing Totem
Find out how to handle “homeschooling” when you live on a boat, including some top tips for getting started.

A Different Tack: Home-Schooling on a Boat
Check out this family of six’s experiences schooling while circumnavigating the globe on their boat.



Home Schooling at Sea: Top Tips for Tutoring Your Kids from 6 Liveaboard Sailors | Yachting World
Find out what families who cruise full-time have to offer about boatschooling!

Homeschooling Children Aboard
“The subject of “where the kids will go to school” always comes up when considering raising children aboard.  My husband and I are former teachers, and we believe that education in and of itself is a life-long process, not just something that ‘happens’ for 12 or 16 years.  If you are thinking about raising children on board, you’d best find out what educational options are available and learn to discuss the matter in a knowledgeable way.”

Homeschooling on a Boat – The Truth | Sailing Britican
Discover ten reasons homeschooling on a boat is challenging and what else children get from boat life above and beyond boatschooling. Compare the pros and cons!

Mom and Dad Deliver the World | Cruising World
“Presented with a unique opportunity and blessed with an adventurous family, a veteran of the solo-sailing wars turns a boat delivery into a 13,000-mile field trip.” Learn how the family lived and learned on this journey!



What is worldschooling? Essentially, it is homeschooling while traveling the world. While not every family may be able to do it, those who make it happen find so many benefits (and some challenges, too). Here are some resources to help you learn about worldschooling:

10 Ways World-schooling Has Ruined My Childhood | Edventuregirl
Read this tongue-in-cheek reflection from a teen worldschooler reacting to all the naysayers of the world.



Project World School
“Teens and young adults are invited to participate in Project World School‘s immersive learning events around the world. Designed for homeschoolers, unschoolers and democratic learners alike, we offer immersive multi-day retreats formed as Temporary Learning Communities. Each retreat utilizes the enigmatic landscape of our host country as the canvas for exploration and discovery. Each retreat focuses on specific themes related to each of our host countries. Our learning communities merge immersive hands-on experiences with personal and social development focusing on global citizenship, cultural sensitivity and developing relationships through exploring ethics and conflict resolution.”

The Rise of Travelling Families and World-Schooling | The Guardian
Why are more parents taking their children on the road for edventures? Read about some families who have done just that.

What is Worldschooling? | World Travel Family
Explore this family’s attempt to answer the question, what is worldschooling? Discover their story and other possibilities in light of the definitions, and then read some FAQ’s about worldschooling.

What is Wordschooling? 4 Different Approaches for Families | Kid World Citizen
What is the difference between the “settled globetrotter,” the “unconventional traditionalist,” the “structured adventurer,” and the “world un-schooler”? Find out here!

Worldschooling: How to Start & How to Afford It | Time4Learning
Find out what worldschooling is, how to start, and how to afford it. Examine factors to consider when choosing a world schooling curriculum and how Time4Learning can work for you as you travel abroad.


Travel Schooling: Roadschooling And More


Travel Schooling Families

One way to learn about travel schooling is to follow the families who are doing it. These are the stories of roadschoolers, boatschoolers, and worldschoolers out there using the world as their classrooms:

Becoming BareNaked $
By Jenn BareNaked (Author)
“This book is completely handwritten from our personal journals detailing the emotional side of getting out of the machine. With no place to go online, we had to sort out the tasks of transitioning from one American dream to another ~ life on the open road ~ by ourselves…. We have put this book together to share our personal journals unedited and raw. BareNaked.” Follow the family’s travel blog on Facebook.

A Family Afloat
Find out what it’s like to sail the world with your kids. Enjoy blogs and videos from this family’s experiences, as well as general information and resources.

Family on a Bike
Discover this family’s travels that began with a honeymoon cycle tour of South America and has since led to living and learning while traveling with three children.

Finding our Balance in Travelschooling | Homeschool.com
Read as Crystal Esteves describes her family’s one year of travel schooling.

The Hacking Family: Cruising the World on s/v Ocelot
Find out what’s new with Sue, Jon, Chris, and Amanda aboard their Kronos  48′ (15m) Wauquiez‑designed catamaran.  They’ve “been on this trip since 2001, sailing from the Caribbean through the Panama Canal, across the South Pacific and the Indian Oceans to Africa, then back to Asia and the South Pacific.  There’s so much world to see!”

Have School Will Travel
Read about the exciting homeschool adventures of Mark, Denise and Vance Tyson as they explore the United States. Claiming “the world is our textbook,” they use a set curriculum and whatever educational opportunities travel brings.

Home Schooling on the High Seas
“Remember that globe that would sit inside your classroom near the teachers desk? When you were younger, you’d spin it and point your finger on places you could only dream of visiting? Imagine being able to take your classroom onto the high seas and having the adventure of a lifetime while actually being given a real-world education. Well, rather than being confined within the same four classroom walls day-in day-out, this local family is setting sail with their children and teaching them on their own, upon the ocean blue!”



Homeschooling on the Road | World Travel Family
This worldschooling family homeschooled and traveled from when their kids were six years old. They homeschool under the UK system, and their experiences can help you! You can also follow their travel blog on Facebook.

Pearce on Earth
“The five of us have traveled to over 40 countries in the past 10 years to deepen our connections and expand our minds. If you’re interested in family travel, worldschooling, entrepreneurship, or heart-led living, we hope you find inspiration and helpful tips on our site.” 

Roadschooling Family Takes Flexible Learning to New Heights | Time4Learning
Read this Q&A interview with Sandra Peña as she describes her roadschooling experiences with her four children.

Soul Travelers (Faith-Based)
This family of three is from Santa Cruz, CA and has been on “an epic odyssey: open-ended, years long slow trip around the world as a family adventure, unschool, spiritual journey and lifestyle.” Read their blog, view videos and photos, and more!

Yacht Mollymawk
Find out about Nick, Jill, and their “crew” and how they managed home education aboard their ship, the Yacht Mollymawk.

Travel Schooling Support Groups

If you are travel schooling, or simply just thinking about it, you may want to connect with families directly to ask questions and share ideas. Here are some online support groups that may help you:

Full-time Families
“The Fulltime Families Facebook group is sponsored by Fulltime Families, LLC, a company that connects and supports traveling families by providing education, support, discounts, and community. This group is a small part of the resources Fulltime Families provides to families living or seeking the full-time RV lifestyle.

Homeschooling Travelers
“This is a [Facebook] group for homeschooling families who have interest in traveling or are traveling and homeschooling. It’s a place for people to share adventures, find support, share photos, etc.

Roadschooling – Families Homeschooling on the Road
This is a Facebook page for “families who are providing education to one or more children while traveling on the road full-time, part-time, and/or extended road trips.”

“This [Facebook] group is all about roadschooling. It can be overwhelming at first, transitioning from “base camp” to full time travel, so we hope our tips and conversations here will help those thinking about roadschooling or who are already doing it!”


Travel Schooling: Roadschooling And More


Other Travel Schooling Resources

Finally, here are just a few more resources for schooling while traveling—even if that traveling is a series of errands, a day trip, or a weekend warrior field trip:

Top 10 Homeschooling Travel Tips | Homeschool.com
Learn from the advice of homeschool travelers!

Add Travel to Your Curriculum | Bright Kids @ Home
“Don’t just read about it – go see it!” Find some advice on how to build travel into your homeschool, as well as links to additional resources here.

Carschooling: Over 350 Entertaining Games & Activities to Turn Travel Time into Learning Time $
By Diane Flynn Keith (Author)
“”Are we there yet?” You won’t hear that question when you seize the opportunity to turn travel time into learning time with Carschooling! Whether running a 5-minute errand or taking a 500-mile road trip you can enhance your kids’ education with fun and enticing activities, resources, and zany games designed to improve skills in math, science, grammar, and more!”

Beyond the book (listed above), check out Dianne Flynn Keith’s website for resources, workshops, and more. Subscribe to get the free Carschooling Calendar to learn history on the go.

Car Travel Games for Big Kids | Mom’s Minivan
Discover over 70 activities and road trip games to play in the car. Help your kids learn geography, practice money management, play with the alphabet, or just have some fun in the car!

Mazie’s Original Homeschool Cruise
Not sure you are ready to sell the house and commit to full-time travel schooling? Try a homeschool cruise! Mazie has been sailing since 2005 and has taken over 5,000 families on homeschool cruises! Find them on Facebook, too!

Homeschool Cruises
“Homeschool Cruises are a great way for homeschool families to travel, learn, meet other homeschoolers, and spend quality time with their families.” Visit this Facebook page for more information!

On Board Activities for Kids | Kids Aboard
What would you and your kids do if you were living and schooling on a boat? Check out these ideas for making the most out of your time aboard!

Travel Dreams Fun-Schooling Journal: 30 Fascinating Cities $
By Anna Miriam Brown (Author)
“Adventure, creativity, and travel dreams unite in this unique geography and social studies journal meant to take its student on a scavenger hunt through 30 fascinating cities. Do you have a hopeful world traveler to teach? With 440 pages of guided exploration, the Travel Dreams Journal is your answer to keeping geography, social studies, and history engaging and fun. Students will study each city as if they are planning a trip, covering a variety of topics such as food, fashion, culture, history, navigation, tourism, architecture, and so much more!

The Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Travel in Morocco
After living and homeschooling in Morocco for 10 years, the Wilson family “has put together this ‘Ultimate Guide’ for any homeschooling family who wants an amazing educational and inspiring trip to Morocco.”


Whether you can only visit virtually, go on day trips or vacation field trips, take a cruise or extended travel, or commit to full-time travel schooling, the world is your classroom. See as much of it as you can in whatever way works for your family!

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Are you a roadschooling, boatschooling, or worldschooling family with resources or advice to share? Do you have questions about travel schooling? Add your comments below to keep the conversation going….


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