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Concerns about Homeschooling

Is my child too young or too old to homeschool?

The Early Years
Encouragement and resources for those homeschooling children ages 2 through 6.

Resources and tips for homeschooling teenagers.

Homeschoolers can get into the best colleges and universities in the land.

What Do You Need to Homeschool?
Find out how to start homeschooling with this comprehensive guide.


I don’t know how to teach!

Assets 4 Learning
Focus on how your child is smart, and teach according to their learning style, age, and emotional level.

Constructing Knowledge
Knowledge is constructed by hands-on experience.

Foundations for Successful Homeschooling
Help homeschooling a multiage family of two or more children.

Helping Your Child Learn to Read
Learning to read is an exciting time for children and their families. For many parents, helping their child learning to read establishes a pattern for their involvement in their child’s academic education.

Home School Programs
A homeschool program is basically a collection of curriculum, procedures and staff providing support to homeschooling children and parents. Homeschool programs vary greatly.

Can you be sure they are learning anything?

Lessons & Ideas
How do I figure out what my children should do?

Light and Learning
If you want to see an immediate improvement in attitude in your family, replace pink and cool white fluorescent lighting with full spectrum light bulbs inside your home.

Murphy’s Laws of Homeschooling
Whatever you know a whole lot about, your child will refuse to learn it!

Must I Be Organized?
Contrary to what some perfectionist homeschool moms espouse, organization is one of the LEASTimportant factors of a successful school year.

No More Writer’s Block
Using multiple intelligences to help young writers, By Laurel Schmidt.

By Barbara Frank. When people find out that I homeschool my children, they almost always say something along the lines of, “I could never do that. You must be a really patient person.”

Kids can’t read? Help for parents to teach and encourage reading.

Teaching High School Subjects
From Art History to Zoology: how do you help a teen learn advanced subjects?

Teaching Tips
A “How to” page with homeschool parents’ tips on teaching various subjects to preteens.

How Can We Afford to Live on One Income?

Livelihood Issues
Frugal homeschooling. What are the cost issues of homeschooling? Can it be done inexpensively?

Truly Free K12 Homeschooling
How to have a totally free K12 homeschool experience online and off.

Working & Single Parents
Being a single parent, or needing all adults to go to work can seem undaunting barriers to homeschooling, but with support you can do it.

Working from Home and Homeschool
Replies to the question: Any suggestions from those of you that do work at home or know someone that does. I would like to have an honest business, something that I could be proud of!

Working from home on eBay
How to succeed running your own sales business on eBay. By Lori Dake.

We have a special situation in our household.

Advice and support for those homeschooling ADD/ADHD children or are ADD themselves.

Adoption ~see Homeschooling the Older, Adopted Child 
While homeschooling is a wonderful option for all children, it may be the one thing that promotes lasting bonding, attachment and security when one adopts an older child. By Joanne Greco-Akerman

Homeschooling autistic and aspergers syndrome children has been extremely successful.

Blind Homeschoolers
Advice and resources for educating your visually impaired child at home.

Bilingual Education
Mr. Rodriguez would have us believe that sacrificing a relationship with his parents to fit in made him a better person, but to me his words told a different story. By Susan Crawford.

Challenges of Illness and Injuries
Health problems or having a severe injury can seem undaunting challenges. Homeschooling through natural disasters.

Cruising Homeschoolers
Whether you intend to live on a yacht indefinitely or just occasionally for recreation, here’s where to find out how, and connect with others living and learning on boats.

Children who are hard of hearing or deaf can thrive being homeschooled.

Democrats Homeschool, Too – 8/9/04
Many successful homeschool families are Democrats – including myself!

Down Syndrome
The benefits for the home educated child with down syndrome are numerous.

You can use a multi-sensory approach at home to teach dyslexic children.

Tips for homeschooling your language impaired child.

Resources for internationally mobile families considering homeschooling.

How to Help Overcome Speech-Language Difficulties in the Home Schooled Child – 2/19/09
By Dr. Linda Kennedy. Speech-language disorders are common in children and are among the most difficult problems to detect, specially in a homeschool setting.

Indigo Children and Homeschooling – 5/7/09
By Sally Carless. Who are the Indigo children? How do you know if your child is one? And if they are–or if you’re not sure, but you know that their current schooling situation is not working for them–what do you do about it?

Large Families
Having a large family can seem an undaunting challenge or a blessing.

Keeping Mom Fit While Homeschooling
Finding time to exercise with kids around all day every day can be a mighty big challenge. How other moms find time to get some exercise in each homeschooling day.

Learning Disabilities
Learning disabilities seem to vanish when children are homeschooled.

Losing Weight with Kids Around
Take time to include healthy eating and exercise habits in each homeschooling day.

Military Homeschooling
Support for homeschooling families in the military, and teens wanting to enter the armed forces. Concerns about HSLDA complicating military entrance.

Rural Homeschooling
The joys and frustrations of homeschooling in rural areas, on farms, out in the woods, and far from others.

Special Needs
Able children with mental or physical challenges can thrive being homeschooled, but it helps to connect with others.

Studio Teachers
Young entertainers and athletes often need especially accomodating tutors, willing to travel with them.

Traveling Homeschoolers
Come follow along with some homeschooling families while they learn as they travel.

How can we provide for our gifted child?

While this page still has some of the best links about homeschooling gifted children, some of its sections now have their own pages:

Distance Learning Programs for Gifted Children
Suppliers of programs and curriculum for gifted children.

Gifted, But Trouble
No child can be more exhilarating, or more frustrating than the gifted child.

Gifted Research
There’s not a whole lot of research about the effectiveness of homeschooling gifted children, but here’s what I could find.

Online Lists
Support and advice for homeschooled gifted children through email lists, message boards and newsletters online.

Resources for Gifted Kids
Informative resources, such as publications, bibliographies, and networks.

To Test Gifted Kids or Not?
Concerns about the accuracy of IQ Testing. Resources for intelligence testing.

Will my child miss out?

Acting Confident
I was probably more ditzy than most when we started. So many families spend months thinking about it, planning for homeschooling. It all starts out innocently enough.

Back to School
Does that phrase make you and your kids feel like there is a party and you aren’t invited?

Childcare Co-Ops
How to organize with your friends and their friends to form an local childcare co-op for occassional childcare.

Concerns and Hurdles About Unschooling
If we don’t do school-at-home, will our child turn out OK?

Discriminating, Elitist and Racist
How can you respond when someone calls you these things?

New Year’s Resolutions
Homeschooling doesn’t meaning just “winging it” with a bunch of half hearted hopes. Improving as you go along is part of the normal growth of your family’s homeschool experience – children and adults.

Other People’s Children
Be REALLY careful of comparing your children and a friend’s children. Someone else’s children will ALWAYS know something that your kids don’t.

Questions and Comments About Homeschooling
An upset educator wrote me today. Her questions may be some you also have, so I thought I’d put them up online.

Sociability of Students in a Home-based Charter School
The results of Craig Butz’s study indicate that students who are educated in the home-based charter school are not adversely affected in their socialization ability.

Socialization: The “S” Word
Ways to answer: “Aren’t you worried about socialization?”

Support Group Resources
Locating others who homeschool. Help organizing your support group.

Why Not Homeschool?
Doubts and concerns about homeschooling. What worries people most.


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