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Homeschooling a Child with Dyspraxia

Some children despite adequate teaching, a stimulating environment and with a generally normal intellect, have difficulty with movement and specific aspects of learning. Dyspraxia is a difficulty with thinking out, planning and carrying out sensory / motor tasks.

About Apraxia – Dyspraxia of Speech

Apraxia Kids
Frequently asked questions answered about children who are slow to speak clearly, and what can be done about it.

About Dyspraxia

Does Your Child Have Dyspraxia? (Clumsy Child Syndrome)
Dyspraxia is difficulty with thinking out, planning and carrying out sensory/motor tasks. It is caused by developmental differences in the brain, and takes many forms.

Dyspraxia – Irish Health
Dyspraxia is also known by other names including ‘developmental co-ordination disorder’, ‘clumsy child syndrome’, ‘the hidden handicap’, ‘motor learning problems’, minimal brain dysfunction’ or ‘sensory integrative problems.’

100 Ideas for Supporting Pupils with Dyspraxia and DCD

100 Ideas for Supporting Pupils with Dyspraxia and DCD
by Amanda Kirby and Lynne Peters
This useful, resourceful and practical guide provides those working with dyspraxic and DCD children one hundred ideas of how to support and develop their learning. Lists cover the entire school age range and range from developing fine and gross motor skills to preparing children for their next transition either to the next stage of schooling or for their future careers.

Help Understanding Teatment For Dyspraxia And Apraxia
Does anyone know anything about what treatment is used for dyspraxia and apraxia (not the speech kind)?

Special Needs Focus: Dyspraxia
This page has been designed to offer answers to some basic questions, as well as pointing you in the direction of dedicated support groups who can offer specialist, professional help and advice.


5 Kids and a Dog
A homeschool mom’s blog about her efforts to home educate her son with apraxia.

All About (my) Boys
I don’t really unschool. I do have ‘unshool days’…and ‘unschool moments’… But I also have structure and rules for the kids to follow. I guess I might call it….”relaxed, child interest guided ecclectic school with therapy.” We started the day with an obstacle course before Breakfast.

Social Networks

Dyspraxia & Apraxia Support Group
Discussion group for parents who need support and answers to questions about Dyspraxia and Apraxia.

Dyspraxia USA Homeschoolers
This is a Facebook Group where those who are either homeschooling dyspraxic children or thinking about doing so can share thoughts, curriculum resources, stories, or just hang out. Teaching people with dyspraxia is a completely unique experience and changes by the day, sometimes even by the hour.

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