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This entry is part 1 of 4 in the series H=E Photo Album

Dateline: 8/28/99

By Ann Zeise

I had a great time at the Home=Education Conference in Sacramento the weekend of August 20-23. Got to meet so many of my online buddies, fellow homeschool web wonks, and favorite homeschooling writers. This is my photo album. I have spread it over several pages.

I will not be sponsoring the Online Buddies Lunch at the California Home = Education conference in 2001. It has been fun, but since just about everyone has email and is on lists or participating in online forums, the lunch sort of lost its point, since every social event at the conference will be an “online buddies” event!

Friday Night at the Ice Cream Social
Mary GriffithMary Griffith

Mary was at the conference to speak about unschooling. She explained what “interest-initiated learning” and “child-led learning” meant to those who were struggling to believe such a method could really work, but knew that packaged curricula weren’t for them.Mary is the author of:

The Homeschooling Handbook : From Preschool to High School, a Parent’s Guide


The Unschooling Handbook : How to Use the Whole World As Your Child’s Classroom

Ann Zeise, Barbooch, and Linda DobsonLillian Jones, Linda Dobson and Sue Patterson & Daughter

Lillian Jones is long-time friend. She is aka Wrensong on AOL. Lillian is active in HSC, NHEN, AHA as well as homeschooling her teenaged son.

Linda Dobson, also active on NHEN and AHA email lists, is the author of:

The Homeschooling Book of Answers

Sue Patterson is one of the driving forces behind NHEN, the National Home Education Network. She homeschools her three in Dixon, CA, since her move from Alaska. She now lives in Texas.

Ann Zeise, Barbooch, and Linda DobsonAnn Zeise, Barbooch, and Linda Dobson

I’m your Homeshooling Guide here, and am also active on several email lists, NHEN, and have been known to appear on AOL as Anaise.

Barb was the webmaster of the Washington Home Education Network website.

Linda I introduced to you above.

Donna Nichols & Daughter, and Diane Flynn KeithDonna Nichols & Daughter, and Diane Flynn Keith

Donna Nichols for years has inspired us all with her multicultural catalog of homeschooling books and materials: The Drinking Gourd. Donna spoke on the curriculum of the heart.

Diane Flynn Keith is the editor of the northern California homeschool magazine, Homefires. Diane and her feature authors did a workshop on how to get started.

Nancy Wooton, Lisa Bugg & BarbNancy Wooton, Lisa Bugg & Barb

These three worked hard making the Homefront Hall on AOL’s homeschool forum something special, (or hung out there so a lot!) but left in the recent exodus. You may know them as: Felicitas (Nancy), KaeKaeB (Lisa) and Barbooch (Barb).

All traveled far to meet their online buddies. Nancy came from Southern California, Lisa from Alabama, and Barb from Washington. All are now working to make NHEN a force in the national homeschool movement.

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