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Homeschool Success Stories – Famous Homeschoolers A2Z

Famous Homeschoolers

Parents are often concerned whether or not their children will have a chance at fame or fortune if they homeschool. I found so many modern, successful homeschoolers that I’ve had to split the lists into separate pages! Other sites list famous people from historical time periods, but I do not, because just about everyone was homeschooled in historic times. The real concern is whether or not in the modern world is there a reasonable expectation of success in modern terms. Not all these homeschoolers are wildly famous, but in their niche, they are well known.

Grown Without Schooling
Peter Kowalke recently produced a documentary that follows 10 grown homeschoolers as they explore and candidly discuss the lasting influence homeschooling has had on their lives. The documentary was made specifically for homeschooling parents and teens. Rent to stream “Grown Without Schooling” for 20% off with code “annzeise!”

Activists Who Were Homeschooled
Most don’t homeschool their children intending them to become activists and changing the world in many ways, but often they grow up that way, and make huge differences.

Athletes Who Homeschool
Sometimes it is the young athlete who is being homeschooled, and sometimes it is the athletic parent who is homeschooling their children.

Authors Who Were Homeschooled
On this page you will find those who were homeschooled and wrote books about things other than homeschooling.

Business Success By Homeschoolers
Some successful business folk homeschool their youngsters. Some homeschooled youngsters go on to become successful business people.

Educators Who Homeschool
Some homeschoolers wind up in college very young, and then go on to become professional educators. Some college professors and administrators also homeschool their youngsters.

Musicians Who Homeschool
Musicians, other than singers, who are currently homeschooling or who were homeschooled in the recent past, are included in this page. Homeschooling allows children to take extra time in areas which interest them.

Performing Artists Who Homeschool
Performing Artists (Other than musicians and singers) who are homeschooled or who homeschool their children.

Scientists and Explorers Who Homeschool
Homeschoolers have become scientists who have won Nobel prizes and discovered amazing things. One astronaut family homeschooled their kids.

Singers Who Were Homeschooled
Being homeschooled can help a serious young singer more time to learn their art and to be able to go on tour.

Visual Artists Who Homeschool
Visual artists have often been homeschooled. These are some homeschoolers famous for their paintings, films, sculptures, and photography.

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