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Visual Artists Who Homeschool

Visual artists have often been homeschooled. These are some homeschoolers famous for their paintings, films, sculptures, and photography.

Andrew Wyeth
Worrying over Andy’s frail health, N. C. had taken him out of school to be tutored at home when he was only six. Andy loved to tell the story of receiving an honorary doctorate from Harvard in 1955, being asked by the university president what college he had attended, and surprising him with “Oh, I left school after the first grade!”

Chelsea Moore, Film Maker
The 17-year-old was honored in New York City as one of nine winners of an international filmmaking contest for 16- to 25-year-olds.

Lu Pinchang, Sculptor
In 1978, the government opened up the universities to all applicants and he entered the Jingdezhen Ceramics College having only a homeschooled education. His reason for choosing ceramics over any other artistic medium or any other lifestyle is remarkable in that-as far as he explained-there really wasn’t one.

Tippi Degre
It sounds like a fairy tale (or a great story to relay to grandkids), but it is exactly the type of life Tippi Degre, a young girl raised in the bush while her parents worked as wildlife photographers and filmmakers, experienced. You may order the book about Tippi Degre on Amazon.

by Tippi Degre
Read Inside

Tippi is no ordinary child. She believes that she has the gift of talking to animals and that they are like brothers to her. ‘I speak to them with my mind, or through my eyes, my heart or my soul, and I see that they understand and answer me.’

Tippi is the daughter of French filmmakers and wildlife photographers, Alain Degré and Sylvie Robert, who have captured her on film with some of Africa’s most beautiful and dangerous animals. Tippi shares her thoughts and wisdom on Africa, its people and the animals she has come to know and love. Often her wisdom is beyond her years, and her innocence and obvious rapport with the animals is both fascinating and charming.

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