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Expatriates – Homeschooling Abroad

Resources for internationally mobile families considering homeschooling.

My general advice is to contact the embassy of the country where you’ll be, and ask about their compulsory education code and the exemptions to it. Do they allow for private schools or tutors? How does one qualify as a private school or tutor? Could you apply? If not, ask if your children can homeschool through a distance learning program, as enrollees in a distant private school.


Expat Network
A comprehensive resource for expatriates living and working abroad.

Expat’s Manual
Many expats choose home schooling for their children in order to avoid disrupting their school education or in order to avoid the hefty fees associated with international schools. In this section we take a look at the practicalities of home schooling and how you can ensure that, in the event that you opt for this method of educating you children, you implement it in the most effective form possible.

Foreign Service
Let your children see the world! Consider homeschooling while posted at an embassy abroad.

Home Education Abroad
If you are living away from your home culture, you may want to teach your children at home while you settle in and visit the local schools, or you might decide that it’s a good opportunity to try out home education long-term.

Homeschooling Abroad
The advantages and challenges of homeschooling abroad.

Undiscovered Country
by Gillison, Samantha
Review from your Homeschooling Guide on this dark novel of an homeschooling family’s nightmare in New Guinea. 1999 Paperback from Amazon.com.

Foreign Service

American Foreign Service Association Scholarship Program
Provides financial aid and merit scholarships for Foreign Service youth to pursue their college education.

Education Allowance
274.12 Other Amounts … b. in lieu of the “school at post” rate, a separate allowance rate of up to $3,000 each school year for home study/private instruction in grades K-8 and up to $5,000 in grades 9-12; however, if the local school/grade is adequate, reimbursement is limited to the school at post rate if it is lower than the home study/private instruction rate.

Family Liaison Office
Because Foreign Service children face constantly changing cultures, uneven quality of schools abroad, and scarcity of educational facilities for special-needs children, a priority of the Family Liaison Office (FLO) is the educational and emotional development of children from mobile families.

Home Study/Private Instructions Questions and Answers
QUESTION: What is adequate home study/private instruction?
ANSWER: This is a complete academic course approved by a competent authority using correspondence course and other appropriate materials in the home or by private instruction.

Homeschooling and Online Education
Prepared by the US Department of State for their employees and families.

See also Distance Learning Programs

Missionary & Expatriate Kids

You Know You’re an MK When…
1. You can’t answer the question, “Where are you from?”


This list is for expatriates who homeschool their child or children.


International Schools Services
The ISS appears to be able to customize an education program for families stationed in even the most remote areas of the world.

Overseas Schools
This is a page so you can see what your alternatives are other than homeschooling. You can find contact and background information on worldwide American-sponsored elementary and secondary schools overseas and current fact sheets on the 180 American international schools.


AAFSW Playgroup
A group of stay-at-home Foreign Service parents in the Washington DC area. With the support of the American Association of Foreign Service Women, the playgroup has grown to include members from the State Department and other foreign affairs agencies.


Foreign Service Youth Foundation
Provides information, advocacy and outreach activities for the internationally mobile youth of all U.S. foreign affairs agencies. This support is extended to youth and their parents in the Washington, D.C. area as well as at Foreign Service posts abroad.

I.B. or Not I.B.? That is the question
With the virtues and value of A-levels in dispute as never before, more and more parents and students are considering the International Baccalaureate. But what is the IB? Where does it come from, and — crucially — is it any good?

Taking the ACT Outside the 50 United States
Students must register directly with the supervisor of the test center where they wish to test, not with ACT and not via the Web. The deadline date for contacting the test center is the Friday two weeks before the scheduled test date.

Third Culture Kids

Third Culture Kids (TCKs): Focus of Major Study
A research project on adult-TCKs who are between 25 and 90, who currently reside in the United States, and who spent at least one school-age year abroad as the minor dependent of an American parent.


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