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Homeschooling a Dyslexic Child

About Homeschooling a Dyslexic child

About Dyslexia & Reading Problems
The dyslexic child may have difficulty learning to read due to one or more information processing problems such as visual perceptual or auditory perceptual deficits.

Homeschooling with Dyslexia
If you are visiting this site today, chances are you either already are homeschooling or are considering homeschooling your dyslexic child or grandchild. Our school system is failing our kids, despite good intentions, and until that changes, parents are being faced with the responsibility of forging a new path for their struggling kids.

Understanding Dyslexia
A printable booklet by Brother Matthew Sasse a SpLD / Dyslexia Consultant and Tutor in the BDA Dyslexia Contact magazine. This booklet provides eminently practical advice for both dyslexics, their parents and their teachers.

What is Dyslexia?
Frequently Asked Questions about dyslexia from the International Dyslexia Association.

by Marianne Sunderland
Read Inside
Marianne Sunderland writes from the unique perspective of a homeschooling mother of 8 children, 7 of whom are dyslexic. She says, “Writing about dyslexia is a passion of mine because of our own experience raising and teaching our kids with dyslexia. I know how it feels to be utterly confused by an otherwise bright child who just doesn’t ‘get’ reading.

Why Homeschool a Dyslexic Child?
By: International Dyslexia Association and Michael Minsky. Dyslexic children require direct, systematic, and individualized instruction in reading and spelling. Public schools cannot always provide an adequate level of service. Indeed, some systems are woefully ill-prepared to deal with such children and may even deny, against all scientific evidence, that dyslexia exists. For many parents, an independent specialized boarding or day school is not an option.

Assessment of Dyslexia

Diagnose Dyslexia
Testing can be expensive and time consuming, so it is very important to seek out a qualified professional and for them to administer the most appropriate tests.

Does Your High-Schooler Have Dyslexia?
Is your teenager struggling in school? Perhaps he has a reading disability. Answer these questions to determine if you should have him evaluated.

Does Your Preschooler Have Dyslexia?
Does your little one have a problem learning? Perhaps she has a reading disability. Answer these questions to determine if you should have her evaluated.

Dyslexia Test – Does Your Child Have Dyslexia?
I wanted to share with you a some new dyslexia screening software available from Nessy.com (plus a discount especially for my readers!). You can now run an online test yourself to assess dyslexia symptoms or early signs of dyslexia in your child.

Associations for Dyslexia

AVKO Educational Research Foundation
Multisensory reading, spelling and writing materials to help teach dyslexic and dysgraphic children. Some free samples on the site to try first. Resources for homeschool families.

International Dyslexia Association
An international, non-profit organization dedicated to the study and treatment of the learning disability, dyslexia. They have a printable version of their Homeschooling Fact Sheet.

Font for Dyslexics

Dyslexie Font for Dyslexics
Free extension for Firefox, Safari and Chrome. Helps those with dyslexia read online. Also available as a system font for using with word processors, email, etc.

Homeschool Stories about Dyslexic Children

Dyslexia and Homeschooling
If you are going to teach your child yourself, don’t give up on finding a program that you can understand and teach.

Dyslexia – Our Journey
Our son was eloquent, having spoken in full sentences at 15 months of age. He had a huge vocabulary that stunned the casual observer. He was observant and often commented and questioned about things going on around him that we had assumed a 6-year old would not know or care about. Yet learning those phonics rules was like storing water in a paper bag. We poured the info in and somehow during the following afternoon and evening, the information leaked out.

Educate Your Dyslexic Child at Home
Susan Godsland has endeavoured to provide a comprehensive and up-to-date guide to teaching a dyslexic child at home. She also covers concerns of dyslexic parents who want to home educate.

Homeschooling Our Dyslexic Child
I had always thought of dyslexia as the reading disorder where a person transposes letters. In actuality, dyslexia is a comprehensive label that encompasses a wide number of reading/writing/spelling challenges with some similar characteristics. Time4Learning helped greatly.

Homeschooling Success: One Mother’s Story
We struggle with the difficulties, but homeschooling gives us the opportunity to soar in areas of his strengths. And his self-esteem is intact. By Mary Natwick.

Notes on Dyslexia
Left alone, a dyslexic child will learn things their way. Home schooling is great for them, because they can learn things the way it works for them, not the way a teacher presents things to a classroom. By Karen Pennebaker.

Publications and Research into Dyslexia

Alan Lawson
Alan Lawson has done lots of research into dyslexia. He wants people to have access to this information in order to conquer their dyslexia and begin to realize their full potential.

Online Social Networks for Dyslexic Support

Dyslexia-Homeschool Support and Homework Help
This page was created to help parents of children with dyslexia improve their child’s learning experience as it relates to homeschooling and homework. It is intended to provide an avenue for parents to discuss tips, tricks, and programs that work for children with dyslexia.

Homeschooling With Dyslexia
A forum to share encouragement and resources for homeschooling parents, or parents considering homeschooling their kids with dyslexia. Site.

Homeschooling Dyslexic Kids
A support group for homeschool parents of dyslexic children. We are not experts on dyslexia — just other parents who are going through similar problems and have similar concerns.

Homeschooling Kids with Dyslexia & Other Special Needs
This group is open to those homeschooling children that have one or more diagnose(s) of Dyslexia, dysgraphia, Dyscalcula, FASD, FAS, ARND, Autism, asperger’s syndrome, PDD, auditory processing issues, low IQ,math disabilities, writing disabilities or difficulties and other types of special needs.

Homeschooling With Dyslexia
A forum to share encouragement and resources for homeschooling parents, or parents considering homeschooling their kids with dyslexia.

Regional Support Groups to Help You Homeschool Your Dyslexic Child

Decoding Dyslexia MS Homeschool Support
We offer support to homeschooling families. Decoding Dyslexia-MS does not endorse or recommend any program or product.

Decoding Dyslexia OH Homeschool Support
DD-OH Homeschool Support is an extension of DD-OH. This page is for homeschooling families to help provide support and resources. Site, Google+ Group.

Dyslexia Homeschool Australia
A group for parents of dyslexic children in Australia who are also homeschooling. A place to share ideas, resources and information and connect with others on a similar journey.

Resources for Dyslexia

Reading Instruction Materials – Sensory
Dyslexic children learn to read through sensory-based reading instruction. Here are some commercial sites with such materials available to purchase.

Barton Reading & Spelling System
Recommended by Laurie Bradshaw: “It is a great teaching tool. It is scripted, so a parent can just read the material. I have used 5 levels with my daughter. I would recommend that you buy the first two levels on Ebay and then re-sell. Purchase the 3rd level new.”

Burton Learning Systems
Location: Alamogordo, New Mexico 88310
Products: Intensive Dyslexia/Language Therapy, Tutorial Services, and Technology and Homeschool Training. Uses Orton Gillingham method.

Dyslexia- A Gift?
Lillian Jones writes a review of The Gift of Dyslexia, a book written by Ron Davis, who is himself a dyslexic.

Dyslexia Teacher
Dyslexia is not a “disease” to have and be cured of. It is a kind of mind, very often a gifted mind. Ann Bate offers assessment and support to dyslexics and parents of dyslexic children.

Happy Dyslexic
There is a lot of confusion and negativity about dyslexia. The result is a lot of frustration to all involved. Let’s try to turn that situation around. Let’s try to better understand dyslexia and see ways forward.

Masonic Learning Centers for Children
At 59 Learning Centers in 13 states, the Children’s Learning Centers tackle the challenge of dyslexia head-on, both by providing free tutoring for children with dyslexia and by training a growing cadre of highly skilled and dedicated tutors.

Recording for the Blind & Dyslexic
Educational titles available in every subject area and grade level from kindergarten through graduate studies, RFB&D’s digitally recorded textbooks are effective learning tools for students challenged by the printed page.

Stevenson Learning Skills
Our methods are unusual and innovative. We use established techniques like mnemonics (memory aids) and multisensory instruction in imaginative new ways. The materials accommodate common problems such as dyslexia, attention deficits, phonological processing difficulties, memory weakness and sequencing confusion.

Strategies for the Visual Spatial Learner
We need individuals with highly developed visual-spatial abilities for advancement in the arts, technology and business. These are the creative leaders of society. We need to protect their differences in childhood and enable them to develop their unique talents in supportive environments at home and at school.

Time Management for Dyslexic Children and their parents
A learning disability, such as dyslexia, is just that—a disability, not an impossibility. Staying with a task until it is done can be very hard for anyone who has trouble concentrating or reading. Knowing how to make the best use of your time can help you get more done and feel better about yourself.

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